Is a copywriter truly objective or subjective?

A good copywriter is truly objective at the beginning of the engagement. That’s because it’s your copywriter’s job to stand in for your most skeptical prospect.

When your copywriting project starts, a good copywriter will ask you difficult questions. Many of those questions will start with “why”.

It might feel like your copywriter is challenging the quality of your business, but a copywriter who knows where your weaknesses are can counter them in your direct response marketing.

Your copywriter needs to be truly objective about your competition, too. What are they good at? What are they bad at? In what ways might they be better than you?

The more your copywriter knows about your strengths and your weaknesses, the better they can craft persuasive copywriting. It’s why research is the most important principle of copywriting.

When does your copywriter stop being objective?

Once your copywriter has absorbed all the research, all the good and all the bad, that’s when they become much less objective.

Your copywriter will become evangelical about your product or service. Your copywriter will believe fervently that you are better than the competition.

That’s because any doubt will creep into the copy. And you need your copywriter to have no doubt that you are the obvious best answer for your prospects.

How can Taleist help as objective copywriters?

One of our clients gave us the phrase “an unreasonable friend”. An unreasonable friend is someone who asks the tough questions and holds you accountable.

We help our clients to see exactly where they are better than the competition — often in ways our clients hadn’t realised.

Not only do we give our clients persuasive websites and high-converting landing pages, we give them an articulation of their unique selling proposition — the thing that makes them the obvious answer for their ideal clients.

Our clients take the language we shape for them everywhere from their sales meetings to the copywriting on their LinkedIn profiles. (Clients also take our online course on writing winning LinkedIn profiles and posts.)

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