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Uwe Böhm

Through Steve I understand finally how I can start to market to my customers strategically in a way that is both fun for me and them. He walks what he talks and nails right to the point the most important things to keep in mind as well as giving specific ideas on what to do on both your website and places like FB and google in order to develop an online marketing, that you will like because potential customers will enjoy it and be persuaded by it to do business with you.

Glenn Tranter

I recently attended the Landing Page Template virtual course delivered by Steven from Taleist Agency. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn a methodical approach to creating copy that cuts through to your ideal customer. Steven has a great ability to communicate his deep knowledge of copyrighting in a way non copyrighting folk like me understand and are able to implement.

Brian Donovan

When I heard that Steven Lewis was offering a course on how to create a persuasive landing page I was interested because I wanted to create a landing page for my upcoming book, The Gentle Art of Leadership.I was also interested because I enjoy his way with words.But I hesitated because I thought it can’t be that hard to write some copy for a website.But I think the thing that attracted me to Steven’s course was that he was offering to help write persuasive copy.I thought it’s probably going to help save me a lot of time researching best practice.I was glad I put myself into Steven’s webinars.Steven has a depth of understanding of persuasive copy that I have not experienced before.He has given me all the building blocks to assemble the copy for a landing page that will jump out at potential readers of my book.I like the fact that Steven’s course has practical exercises in it that will help you build your landing page.I recommend this program to anyone who wants to take some of the mystery out of reaching your intended audience to take up your offer, whatever that is.Brian Donovan, Executive Coach, Speaker and Author