AI Copywriting Training: The No-Hype Guide To Supercharging Your Website, Landing Pages, Emails, Social Media and Everything Else

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A 60-minute online masterclass in AI copywriting, delivered by a professional copywriter

Every business owner and marketer knows the time-sucking pain of staring at a blank page. What will be smart enough and fresh enough to make clients and customers take notice?

The moment you conquer one blank page, another appears. Blogs, email newsletters and social media are like wood chippers. They devour every angle you can think of. Then they demand even more from you.

If you stop publishing, you’ll sink below the surface. If you keep publishing, you’re left with less and less time for anything else.

What if an AI copywriter could write all your marketing for you?

What if I told you I wrote the first draft of this page in two minutes flat?

SPOILER: AI copywriters can’t write marketing material by themselves, whatever the hype says. BUT…

Good news: What AI copywriting can do is make anyone a BETTER, MORE CONFIDENT WRITER. And AI copywriting makes that transformation almost effortless.

With an AI writing assistant, you can become a better, more confident writer WITHOUT long years studying human psychology and learning copyrighting frameworks.

Once you’re initiated into the secrets of working with an AI copywriting tool, your transformation into a content production powerhouse will be AMAZING, INSTANT and FOREVER.

With the right AI tool, you’ll write in minutes what used to take you hours.

All you have to do is steer clear of the time-wasting marketing hype about AI copywriters…

AI copywriting: myth vs reality

AI copywriting needs human intelligence to direct and shape the copy

Expecting an AI copywriter to write your marketing on its own is like throwing clay at a potter’s wheel and expecting a Ming vase.

When you throw clay at a spinning wheel, all you’ll get is shit on the walls.

AI is just the tool. YOU are the CRAFTSPERSON,

And as the craftsperson…

You MUST know how to work the tool to shape the result you want.

In short, you must know exactly what this masterclass will show you:

  1. How to craft the inputs that result in INCREDIBLE and CONVINCING marketing — the kind that raises your profile, sharpens your persuasion game and hooks leads.
  2. How to use AI in game-changing ways (you won’t have read about these game-changers in the papers or see them on Sunrise — because they’re too advanced).

We can show you all this because we’re doing it ourselves every day…

So professional copywriters use AI copywriters?

If the technology exists to make you more effective, you owe it to yourself (and your clients) to use it.

AI has you, us and everyone else in its sights, so it makes sense to meet the tool that says it wants to do your job.

Instead of losing your job to AI, you might find you’re introducing yourself to the best partner you could have imagined.

That’s what engineers, lawyers, doctors and other experts have proven. They’re already combining their human expertise with AI to do 10x more than even the best of them can achieve alone.

At Taleist, we’ve been testing AI copywriting tools since before they were useful.


  1. We use AI copywriting in our own work (including writing this page)
  2. We train our clients in AI copywriting, showing them how to leap years ahead of the curve, whether they’re one-person businesses or Global Elite Law Firms

Will AI copywriters replace human copywriters?

Do we think AI copywriters will replace the strategic insight, interviewing skills and creative alchemy of professional copywriters? Not anytime soon.

If you think we’re just saying that because we’re professional copywriters, come to the masterclass to see for yourself what AI copywriters can do and what they can’t do.

You’ll see it all, including the limitations.

Most importantly, we’ll take you behind the hype to show you how AI copywriting tools genuinely level up writers of all abilities, even those who’ve struggled to write persuasively before.

Your AI sidekick never gets tired. AI always has another idea.

Sidekicks your business won’t be able to afford NOT to use

Used cleverly, an AI copywriting tool is an invaluable creative sidekick.

Your AI copywriter ALWAYS:

  • Has another idea
  • Can go even deeper (if you know how to ask)
  • Elevates your own thinking and ideas

Your creative sidekick NEVER:

  • Tires
  • Feels embarrassed
  • Sighs when you ask it try again

Why you should take this quick online course in AI copywriting NOW, not “sometime soon”

The robots are coming. Will you be ready?

Now is the best time to master AI copywriting — when your knowledge will catapult you ahead of the curve. Don’t wait to play catch-up with competitors who saw the wave coming before you did.

Our clients have paid thousands of dollars for AI copywriting training specific to their business. As soon as they see how an AI copywriter would elevate their game, everyone in the room wants one immediately.

And if their employer won’t pay, they invest in their own.

Fortunately, even the highest-grade AI marketing copywriter can be by your side in minutes, and for only a couple of dollars a day. (Imagine how that’s going to level the marketing playing field.)

This online course is a true masterclass — 60 minutes packed with AI copywriting information, tips and tricks that you can USE IMMEDIATELY

Please use the form below if you’d like to book this masterclass for your team, industry association or other group. Alternatively, use the form to join our mailing list to be notified when the course is publicly available. You can also contact us to talk about custom training in AI copywriting online or in-person.

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Your online course is:

Steven Lewis, professional copywriter and AI copywriting instructor
Your presenter Steven Lewis, has 25 years’ experience in direct response copywriting. Today, he incorporates AI copywriting into his daily work for clients ranging from local businesses to multinationals.
  • At noon, Sydney time on 1 February
  • 60 minutes
  • Packed with information you’ll be able to use immediately (even during the masterclass)
  • Delivered on Zoom (and you get the recording, so don’t worry if you can’t make it on the day)
  • Followed by bonuses

Online AI copywriting course presenter

This online course in AI copywriting is presented by Steven Lewis, an AI copywriting speaker and trainer with 25 years’ experience.

Watch over Steven’s shoulder as he shows you how an AI copywriter can:

  1. Come up with winning marketing angles in seconds (including angles you’d never think of on your own, even if you had all the time in the world)
  2. Deliver direction-setting insights into what motivates your clients to buy (and what holds them back)
  3. Produce idea after idea for on-target content for social media, blog posts, lead magnets and white papers AND:
    • Outline that content
    • Write the first draft so all you have to do is polish (and add a dash of flair)

We’ll even show you how to use AI copywriting to IMPROVE marketing material you already have.

Accessing the masterclass and your bonus materials

The minute you book your place in the masterclass you’ll receive your email invitation to the front row of this live masterclass on Zoom.

Special bonuses to set you up right

You’re going to be excited to apply what you learn immediately, so we want to help you take action right away.

DURING the masterclass, you’ll receive

A special free trial of AI copywriting software designed for marketing. This is the same AI that our professional copywriters use. You’ll get no-cost access so you can immediately test out what you learn in the masterclass on your own marketing material.

IN THE DAYS AFTER the masterclass, you’ll receive…

Daily emails, each sharing one of the same prompts professional copywriters use at Taleist, including:

  • Multiple prompts that will reliably generate fresh topics for newsletters and social media — topics designed by the AI to appeal to your specific audience
  • Two ways to tap into the AI’s massive dataset, so you can read the minds of your clients, uncovering what makes them buy (or not buy) from you
  • The formula for writing compelling copy about what you truly sell. (What you truly sell is NOT your product or service; it’s the transformation you make possible for clients.)
  • 12 prompts to write clickable headlines effortlessly
  • A single prompt that can EXPLODE YOUR CONVERSIONS by shifting your reader from hesitant browser to action-taking buyer.

What if you’ve already tried an AI copywriter?

If you’ve already tried an AI copywriting tool, you might have found the same thing as many of our clients.

They opened up an AI copywriter only to be presented with a different kind of blank page — a command prompt, flashing without context.

Without context about what AI can do PLUS a framework to make it work, you’re basically typing “testing, testing” into the software — with predictably underwhelming results.

Once they have that springboard, our clients don’t look back. Writing copy with AI is like hiring an enthusiastic junior copywriter and sounding board rolled into one. It’s available 24/7, never gets precious when you ask for changes, and never charges extra.

Our clients use their AI sidekick not just to write, but to hone their thinking, and the results are incredible.