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Direct Response Website Copywriting

Picture this... Your website finally produces the phone calls, enquiries and sales that it should....

We can make that happen.

Our web copywriting process converts expensive traffic from Facebook and Google. That's why our copy is relied on by every kind of business. Lawyers, dentists, real estate agents, digital marketers, consultants...

Taleist is a Sydney website copywriting agency. However, our clients are everywhere. Melbourne, LA, Chicago, Singapore... Anywhere that words have the potential to turn into dollars

Are you buying website traffic you need to convert into leads?


“The client is seeing an insane increase in leads/performance since you re-wrote their website.”

— Blake Horton, AdWords and SEO copy expert, QuantumLinx (Sydney)




Never again will you choke when someone asks what you do.

You’ll have an answer about your product or service that makes a prospect’s eyes light up. More importantly, your target audience will know exactly why you're the right choice.



You'll never have felt so understood.

Our process is thorough and collaborative. We're business copywriters, so we don't write content until we're sure we understand your business. We need to know your clients' triggers and your competitors' weaknesses.



Your project deserves a full team.

Your Taleist website copywriter rides with a team. Other writers to bounce off. Researchers to pan for gold. Editors to tune the engine. A project manager to keep the train on the rails.


WE Are strictly no bullshit

You get it all straight.

There's a lot of crap talked in marketing. But not by us. We know what works today. In marketing copy, SEO copy, social media, Google Ads, video and all aspects of digital marketing. And we can help you in all those areas.


Websites need two things to grow a business.


The right visitors

First, your website needs the right visitors. A target audience that will benefit from your service offerings (and who can pay you for it).

Most websites already get the right visitors. Then they watch helplessly as perfect potential clients slip through their fingers...

Because they’re missing the second golden element...



The best salesperson in your business intimately understands your clients. The salesperson anticipates questions and pre-empts objections. 

A Taleist website is like having your best salesperson suit on, shoes shined and ready to go days, nights and weekends.

How do you know when you've got that right?

You've got those things right when you're not wondering when your phone is going to ring. Because it's already ringing.

How do we get up to 433% more conversions for our clients?

70% of copywriting a high-converting website is research. It’s about knowing the right questions to ask.

Our Sydney website content writers and copywriters have tuned a proven process for big and small businesses. Two workshops and five levels of research. All to drive website copywriting that triggers the deepest motivations of your ideal clients.



Our collaboration begins with a 90-minute workshop. We get to the heart of your business, your goals, your ideal clients and your competition.



We’ll interview your clients for insight to convert even more ideal clients.



Somewhere, your competitors are leaving a door open for you. We'll find it. We'll report on the strengths and weaknesses in competitors' websites. You'll seize that advantage.



Digging into search engine data, we can see what your visitors are asking. Your website will deliver the answers. That's what an SEO copywriter does.



Your ideal clients are talking about their problems online. We mine those conversations to position you as the right choice.



In our second workshop, we’ll present our research and agree on the strategy for your website copywriting.



Your web copywriter will write your website based on a deep understanding of your business. We know your goals. We know your target audience.

website copywriting clients say...

Blake Riley

Dear Taleist I would like to say a huge thanks to Steven, Fleur and the entire Taleist team. I am so happy that we engaged your services. I got a really strong connection with you from the start, and Steven really took the time to understand my business. He put himself in the shoes of my client, and then wrote copy that was persuasive and told the story of my business exceptionally well. Steven noticed things about my business where my model helped clients, I actually wasn't even aware that we helped clients in this way. After Steven was done, I feel like he understood my business better than I did. This is when I knew I had chosen the right company. The professionalism of the team, the weekly updates letting me know where my project was and the next steps involved, was an unusual surprise. In business I find way too many companies promise the world and never deliver, but Taleist stuck by their word and were amazing to work with. The teams copywriting ability is second to none. They explained what we do as a business in a special way that captivates readers and really makes them feel that we understand them, and that we are the perfect company for their needs. Overall, I would highly recommend Taleist, I was so happy with the process, the team are organised and super easy to talk to, and they deliver what they promise with their copy. Have a read of my site www.blakesofsydney.com.au You can read things for yourself, they wrote all of it. If you can understand what my unique renovation broker model does, and you realise the need for our model, then give all the credit to Taleist. If you want to get your website copy to its greatest potential, and therefore get more leads and converting clients, then get in touch with the team. Thanks again Steven, Fleur and the entire team. Legends. Cheers Blake Riley Blakes Of Sydney

Ayna Davies

What a fantastic team to work with! Steven and Fleur, and their team in the Taleist, really took the time to understand not only our products and services, but our values as a company. They took a deep look into the market and our competitors, and really flashed out our point of differences. They embraced us to the max, to the point to listen to Cuban music to get them into the mood when creating copy for us, what more can you ask? We got outstanding reports and website content copy, as you would expect from a team that really takes the time to understand you as a business and your ideal customers. We cannot wait to show the final product to the world. Thank you the Taleist, this is not "Adios" (goodbye) but rather a "Hasta luego" (see you soon), since i am sure we will be using your services again!Highly recommended!

Perry Henderson

I couldn't be happier with the outcome of engaging Taleist Agency. From the first email, to my final website copywriting being delivered, the experience was second to none. I'm so proud of the copywriting and cannot wait to implement it in my new website once completed. I'm confident it will not take long at all for the investment to pay itself off and be a strong marketing asset for my company for many years to come. Thank you so much, Taleist!

Ben Nguyen

I have used Taleist on 3 of my businesses.Steven and Fleur take the time to really get to know and understand your business. They are not just writers but are “copywriters”. Their work is original and highly impactful. Very professional and keep you informed every step of the way.

Karl Robinson

Working with Steven and the team at Taleist was thoroughly enjoyable. Taleist took time to speak with our clients and understand why they buy from us. Our clients even enjoyed the interview process, and Steven asked questions which generated some fantastic testimonials for our website. We'll definitely be working with the Taleist team again for future projects.

Daniel @ vasin.com.au

If you're serious about connecting with the reader, the Taleist is your man. I particularly appreciated that the Taleist interviewed our clients before scripting our website. Speedy, professional and effective.

Melissa Donnelly

The team at Taleist promised a process that would distil my business offer into compelling website content. And, without question, theydelivered. I anticipate the end result will play a vital role in attracting prospective clients, which is the primary objective of my website redevelopment. They team is challenging, stimulating and thought-provoking. A refreshing approach that takes copywriting well into the strategic arena.

Philip Owens

Many thanks to the team at Taleist for a great experience. They took the time to understand our business, our customers and our product, and then produced a Copy that was exactly what we needed. We are looking forward to getting our site up soon.

Theodore English

The attention to detail, research, quality and professionalism from the team at Taleist is absolutely amazing. They really go the extra mile in understanding your business and what you're trying to achieve. They ask the right questions and take the time to get it right. I was extremely happy with the copywriting done on my Linkedin profile and would highly recommend to anyone needing copywriting for their business or personal page. Thanks guys!

Paul Higgins

I have worked with Steven and his team at Taleist over the last 12 months were they took my website from confusing to clear. Steven research my ideal clients and spoke to them in a way they understood.I also did his online course which helped me to improve my copy.I highly recommend Steven and his team.ps if you want great examples of how to write, check out his Linkedin posts

CobdenHayson TV

The Taleist team of Steven & Fleur are wonderful to work with. They invest their time to deeply understand your business and your customer. If you’re looking for words that deliver what you really want to say and how you feel about your industry, the Taleist team will deliver a fresh perspective.

Marc Gadsdon

Working with Taleist has resulted in tight, targeted and eloquent copy which we would never have conceived ourselves.They understood the essence of what we needed to say and portrayed it perfectly, without resorting to jargon even though our world is infused with it...What impressed me most was the amount of research and face-to-face interviews they conducted to really understand us, our customers and their drivers before writing any words.The proof will be in the results, but we're very happy with the outcome so far and Taleist's copy is now the foundation for all our marketing projects going forward.

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"I have used Taleist on 3 of my businesses."
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