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copywriting and coaching for Email newsletters and edms that grow businesses

Is this the sort of feedback you'd like for your email newsletters and EDMs?

"I cannot resist reading your emails as soon as they hit my inbox."


"We like the style of your newsletters - the storytelling style is great. I find it very hard not to read until the end 🙂

"Anyway - just thought I'd get in touch to see if there is anything you feel you could help with, and how your fees work, etc?"

What about getting a reply like this from one of your biggest clients?

"This is awesome. I'm going to talk to my director and get my whole team working with you."

Well-written email newsletters grow businesses because...

Email newsletters build a relationship. When you have that relationship with your readers:

  1. There's NO need for any hard sell because your subscribers know, like and trust you.
  2. You can step off the social media treadmill. With email, YOU own the list you've worked hard to build. No one can lock you out. No stressing and guessing about how to please a shifting algorithm.

Our copywriters write email newsletters and EDMs that WORK hard

Taleist's Sydney-based copywriters are led by a copywriter who wrote his first email direct mail (EDM) in 1994.

Our own email newsletter is read by marketers and business owners looking for an edge, with open rates of up to 51% and massive engagement rates sustained over hundreds of thousands of sends.

Email newsletter engagement rates

89.16% of subscribers have engaged with an email in the last 30 days.

Email newsletter turnaround

Writing an email newsletter that gets clicks is part art, part science.

Our email copywriters recently took over an established newsletter with these results in the first eight weeks:

Open rate: 43% increase
Click rate: 23% increase
Replies: 100% increase

How can we help you with email marketing?

Do it for me

I want you to write my newsletter and EDMs.

Do it with me

I want you to coach me or run a workshop.

Done-for-you email marketing

Our copywriters will take over your weekly email newsletter.

First, we immerse ourselves in your business, your customers, the competition and what you've sent out before.

Then we write weekly emails that your clients want to read — emails that inform, entertain, sound like they come from you and persuade readers to act.

Investment in done-for-you email marketing

$3,500 ex GST establishment fee (covers the deep research time we need to immerse ourselves so we can write as if we've been working in your business for years) and  $500 ex GST per weekly email newsletter.

Minimum commitment of 12 weeks.

Do it with me: Email marketing coaching and workshops

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacher

Steven Lewis will work with you to build your confidence and effectiveness as an email copywriter.

Would you like to be a more confident, more effective and more productive email newsletter writer? What would it mean to your business if you unlocked your potential to write emails that get opened, read, clicked and replied to?

Option 1: Email marketing workshops (corporate booking)

Are you starting an email newsletter or do you have an email newsletter that's off-course (or a course was never set)?

We can workshop with you to set the direction for your email newsletter and lay out the steps that will get your email newsletter working hard for your business.

We'll take your brief on your business objectives for your mailing list and then review your mailing list and the emails you send.

At the workshop, we’ll report back on our analysis — the gaps and the opportunities — what’s working, what’s not working, and why.

In the workshop, we’ll show you how to get better results — more opens and more engagement — more clicks, sales, downloads, enquiries and referrals.

We’ll finish with a roadmap to turn your email newsletter from filler to killer using the results of our analysis and the results of the workshop.

Investment: email marketing workshop

$3,500 ex GST, which includes pre-work (taking your brief, and analysing your existing newsletter to look for gaps and opportunities, as well as writing up the roadmap after the workshop.)

Workshops can be held online or in person. (Our workshop facilitator flies out of Sydney.)

Option 2: Email copywriting one-on-one coaching

Our director of copywriting, Steven Lewis, wrote his first email newsletters in 1994. Today, he brings those decades of experience to bringing out the strengths of other writers.

Steven has lectured at the University of Technology, Sydney, and has been a popular trainer for the Australian Writers' Centre, the Australian Society of Authors and The Walkley Foundation, the peak body for Australian journalists.

Work one-on-one with Steven in weekly 60-minute coaching sessions to develop your skills in writing email newsletters that grow your business.

Together, we'll:

  • Work out where your newsletter is and where you need it to go
  • Sharpen your avatar description to be crystal clear
  • Work on avatar problems and topics
  • Workshop what you need your email newsletter to do — how to move your reader from what they believe today to what they believe to take action with you
  • Work on your writing to ensure your emails are fluent, persuasive and something your readers look forward to receiving.

Investment: email copywriting coaching

$350 ex GST per week for one hour of coaching tailored to where you (and your newsletter) are today and where you want to get to.

Minimum commitment of 12 weeks.

Option 3: Email marketing workshops (public)

Do you have an email newsletter that you want to use to:

  1. Warm your relationship with potential clients?
  2. Keep you front-of-mind with current and past clients?

Or are you interested in starting an email newsletter that grows your business in those ways?

Taleist runs one-day public workshops that will show you how to write email newsletters that your audience:

  • Open
  • Read
  • Share
  • Act on

Join other business owners and marketers in a hands-on workshop to develop the skills you need to turn your email newsletter into an asset that your readers value as much as you do.

Ready to take the next step?

The next step is a conversation to find out if we're the right fit for you. If you're able to tell us a bit about yourself, we'll get back to you asap.


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