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Copywriting for High-Converting Landing Pages

High-converting landing pages happen when the right traffic is met by copywriting precisely calibrated to persuade them.

Copywriting is the secret to delivering the highest return on investment from AdWords, Facebook and other paid traffic.

“The client is seeing an insane increase in leads and performance since you re-wrote their website.”

— Blake Horton, AdWords and SEO expert, QuantumLinx (Sydney)

What will Taleist do differently on your landing page?


We get to know you

Copywriting is writing designed to achieve a goal. We’ll get in depth into your business, your product or your service to make sure the copywriting on your landing page achieves your most ambitious conversion goals.


We research your clients

Your clients take action on logical and emotional levels. We’ll immerse ourselves in your target market until we've unlocked the powerful but hidden reasons they buy.


We study the competition

Your clients are resolving messages from multiple sources. By analysing those sources, we’ll know what messages our copywriting has to reinforce, which messages we have to counter and where your competition has left you a clear path to conversions.


We work on multiple levels

Copywriting considers not just what’s on the surface, but the design and the medium, the conscious and the unconscious, the progression from emotion to logic. Great copywriting makes the reader feel that you’re the inevitable choice.

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Download 7 simple things anyone can use to increase conversions

(We guarantee your current website won't have all of them.)


Download 7 things your website must have to maximise conversions

(We guarantee your current website won't have all of them.)