Newsletter Magic: The 3-Step Formula for Turning Emails into Presence and Profit.

Give Me Just 35 Days and I’ll Turn Your Email Newsletter from Cold to Gold. Guaranteed.

Who else wants an email list that feels like a circle of close friends?

Every day, business owners, coaches and consultants clamber back onto the mechanical bull of social media. They hope today will be the day their “content” pleases the algorithm long enough for it to squeeze out some “impressions” for their efforts.

Most days, the social media bull throws them off to collect their bruises in obscurity.

On social media, the rules are shuffled to the owner’s secret whim. Today’s crowd-pleasing “content creator” is as likely to be tomorrow’s nobody. And no one will be able to say why.

Meanwhile, some of us look on, quietly growing healthy businesses.

  • We know exactly who’ll see what we write — everyone we send it to.
  • We know our emails will be a welcome presence in those inboxes because we’ve built deep, meaningful connections with those readers.

We get to say what we want and sell what we want without paying an extra dollar to anyone for the privilege of reaching the audience we built. And we don’t worry about algorithm changes because there is no email algorithm.

What if the greatest innovation you could introduce to your business was not to chase fleeting “impressions” but to apply your capacity for continuous learning to double down on the medium that’s quietly delivered extraordinary results and deep relationships for decades?

Imagine what it would be like if you could see your engagement rates soar because every email you write is received and appreciated by everyone on a list you own and you control.

Hear what Newsletter Magic did for Carla Egan

"I just feel different, like I've grown to a new level within me. Since the course I've had eight coaches wanting to sign up for the Coaching Directory... And I've just hit a 45% open rate to a coldish audience."

— Carla Egan, Founder of The Coaching Directory and graduate of Newsletter Magic: The 3-Step Formula for Turning Emails into Presence and Profit.

Challenge Accepted: Escape algorithm obscurity to become an influential powerhouse

Newsletter Magic: The 3-Step Formula for Turning Emails into Presence and Profit is a small-group course for consultants, coaches and small business owners who want to install an email newsletter as a marketing engine in their business.

This transformational five-week course isn't about bombarding inboxes with sales pitches. You’ll learn how to write a personality-driven email that people ask to receive and eagerly open. Each email will be a building block in a real relationship with your readers, a relationship that you own with no gatekeeper between you.

Readers who want to buy your offers

Your readers will seize on your emails in even the most crowded inboxes because they’ve come to trust your insight and advice. Because of that trust, your readers will welcome your offers of paid products and services because those offers are the natural next steps in a genuine relationship.

No more putting your best ideas into “content” that might never be seen because the robot said no. You know email, and you know that’s not how it works. Every email newsletter you write goes directly to every person in the audience you’ve worked to build, not just to whatever slice LinkedIn decided you deserve today.

No longer invisible

You’ll see the results in increased open rates, higher engagement, and more conversions. Beyond that, you’ll feel the shift in your relationship with your audience—more personal replies, more shares, and a growing community you know are eager for your next email.

When your marketing transforms from hoping to be seen to your thoughts being welcomed by a community that feels like friends, how will that change the way you view your business?

Carla Egan's testimonial for our course on writing email newsletters

From the moment I signed up, I knew I was in the right place. Newsletter Magic equipped me with valuable skills that not only enhanced my writing but also enabled me to deliver greater value to my audience. My email newsletter even inspired one of my clients to engage in the same personality-driven email marketing. Highly recommended.

Carla Egan

Founder of The Coaching Directory

What is a personality-driven email newsletter?

Imagine an email newsletter that's more than just another marketing tool — it's a vibrant extension of you. A personality-driven newsletter pumps colour into email marketing, which is why it’s such a welcome diversion for your readers.

Your personality-driven email newsletter is written in your unique voice, amplifying your values and approach. Your email newsletter isn’t just about sharing “content”; it's about opening a window into your world, allowing your subscribers to connect with you on a deeply personal level. The level at which real trust is born.

By weaving your personal stories, insights, and experiences into your newsletters, you invite your audience into a space that feels intimate and exclusive.

Renewed relevance

The world is awash with “digital marketers” whose business requires us to believe we’re obsolete if we’re not Instatoking all day. What if all that’s just smoke and the perfect medium has been here the whole time? You just needed to use it better.

By regularly and frequently writing from your unique perspective and expertise, you deepen your relevance. This act of connection doesn’t just strengthen your connection with your readers; you’ll find it helps you crystalise your intellectual property in ways you never have before.

Connections, not transactions

Writing a personality-driven newsletter raises you above the beige flood of AI-generated drivel. You’re the rescue boat carrying supplies of authenticity and warmth to the people sorely missing out on integrity, quality, and genuine connection in their inboxes.

Transcending marketing

A personality-driven email newsletter is a time-tested tactic for building trust, but your newsletter is more than simply marketing. It reflects all you’ve achieved and learned; it’s a platform from which you can use your expertise to make a lasting impact and to give back.

The perfect balance

With social media, you’re constantly having to bob and weave to keep up with the latest demands of the algorithm. This week, it’s polls. Next week, it’s selfies. Or videos. Or carousels. Or PDFs. You’re exhausted keeping up with the formats before you’ve even thought of what to say.

You already know email. With a structure and a direction, writing emails becomes easier and your marketing becomes more manageable with fewer moving parts.

A person can feel incredibly empowered when they realise their marketing is no longer at the mercy of unpredictable algorithms and their emails are instead a direct line to people who care what they have to say.

How Newsletter Magic worked for Liz Mackevicius, coach and facilitator

Liz Mackevicius is an urban planner and public policy expert, recently turned “thought organiser”. Liz helps ambitious people and teams working in the built-environment sector to organise their thoughts. After their thoughts are organised, they can make clear and confident decisions and do the important work they’re capable of. “Our cities and communities need that,” says Liz.

Email newsletter course testimonial from Liz Mackevicius

"Newsletter Magic showed me how to better share useful, entertaining and compelling information about the services that put food on my table."

“I joined Newsletter Magic when it was first launched to learn how to share some of the things I think will help people in a way that encourages them to take action,” says Liz. “I wanted to be able to nurture my audience in a strategic way, not just rely on them seeing my social media posts!”

As someone with a professional interest in what makes professional development stick, Liz recently posted on LinkedIn about the three elements that make news skills stick:

  • Motivation (to do the thing),
  • Knowledge (of how to do it) and,
  • Support (to help you put it into practice).

Liz wrote about how Newsletter Magic brings in all three elements.

“The biggest thing is that I'm supported to do the slightly uncomfortable things that I know will help me change my habits. I'm writing more regularly cause I can see other people doing the same (if they can do it so can I). There's immediate feedback (I get constructive advice in a low-risk environment). I see some of the cool stuff others are writing (I learn from those around me). There are other people who want the same thing I do (we've created our own network).”

What you'll discover in Newsletter Magic

Newsletter Magic is a five-week small-group program that will show you how to write a personality-driven email newsletter that your subscribers will look for in their inboxes.
The course comprises written material, videos and weekly live sessions.

Most importantly, feedback is central to accelerating your skills and embedding everything you’re learning. Your course is run by Steven Lewis, an expert in writing email newsletters with sky-high open rates and a track record of selling. (You might even be reading this page because of Steven’s newsletter for Taleist.)

Over the five weeks of the course, Steven will give you feedback on your drafts, answer all your questions and host live sessions for the whole group.

Who should take this course

This course is perfect for you if:

  1. You already have a newsletter, but you want better results — more opens, more clicks, more replies, more word of mouth, and more business.
  2. You are planning to start a newsletter, and you want to make sure you don’t invest in attracting subscribers before you can be sure your emails will keep, entertain and engage those readers.

Who should NOT take this course

Personality-driven email newsletters build real and personal relationships with a community of readers. You can build that kind of relationship only if your newsletter comes from a person — an individual sharing their experiences and signing each edition.

The reason personality-driven newsletters are so effective is that they’re an antidote to the faceless emails sent out by companies or the teams within them. So this course is definitely not for you if you’re not ready to put a name, a face and a signature to your email newsletters.

The structure of Newsletter Magic

The course breaks down into three weeks of new material and exercise and two weeks of solid writing practice with detailed video feedback from an expert. In just 35 days, you'll have mastered the art of writing a personality-driven email newsletter to connect with your audience and grow your business.

Week 1: The three-step formula to magic newsletters and finding your voice

In the first week, you meet the simple three-step formula for writing an email newsletter that connects, inspires and sells. You’ll see samples of simple email newsletters that feel like they come from a friend, even though those friends are running million-dollar businesses from those newsletters.

Then, you’ll work through exercises to find your voice. You’ll see that you don’t have to bring a big-P personality to your newsletter if you don’t want to. Newsletter Magic is about finding the authentic version of yourself that will lead your audience to trust you and buy from you.

Week 2: It's time to write

This week is all about practising your writing. Every day, you’ll write for 30 minutes and upload your draft for feedback from Steven. Feedback comes in a detailed video in which Steven will talk through every email line by line. Your feedback is shared in a supportive group environment so everyone learns from everyone else, and you get to choose whether you like your feedback hard, medium or soft.

(So far, every participant has said the depth of the attention and insight in their individual feedback is the most valuable part of the course.)

Week 3: Bottomless targeted topics

Your email newsletter is a tactic. We work through your business and marketing strategy to make sure your email newsletter delivers as a tactic. Then, we’ll show you how to turn what you’ve learned into multiple bottomless wells of topics for your email newsletters.

You’ll never again be wondering what to write about in your email newsletter (or on social media). Instead, you’ll have a simple, repeatable process for:

  • Knowing exactly what to write
  • Knowing exactly how to write it
  • Knowing exactly why you’re writing it
  • How to know if you were successful

Week 4: Selling

One of the towering strengths of an effective personality-driven email newsletter is that it makes selling easy. Your readers trust you. They believe you have their best interests at heart. They know you make only quality offers. You are not cold-calling strangers; you’re positioning valuable offers in front of people who want to hear about them.

Even with this, the warmest of audiences, you need to know how to shape your offers and position them to be irresistible. That’s what you’ll learn this week. You’ll be exposed to proven formulas and ways to place your offers in ways your readers thank you for.

Week 5: Writing using the whole package

This week is another chance to practise writing every day. This time, you’ll be bringing the whole three-step formula together, using every new skill you’ve learned. Every day’s email will receive detailed video feedback from Steven, so you can use the day’s feedback to improve the next day’s email.

At the end of the week, you’ll be a better writer with an email newsletter that fits into your business strategy perfectly and that’s ready to deliver leads and sales.

Weekly live sessions

You can ask questions in the course at any time. In addition, every Friday at 11 am (Sydney), we get together for a live session where you can talk through the course material, raise your challenges and ask questions.

Every live session is recorded in case you can’t make it. (Many people prefer to send questions in advance and watch the recording of the live session at their convenience.)

BONUS 1: 3 x monthly check-ins (value $525)

Maintain your momentum and hold yourself accountable to growing your email newsletter as a marketing engine in your business. A monthly power-hour of coaching, accountability and sharing your wins to keep you on the fast track.

BONUS 2: Double Your Business In 60 Minutes Using ChatGPT (Even If You Never Write A Word With ChatGPT) (value $550)

Double Your Business In 60 Minutes Using ChatGPT (Even If You Never Write A Word With ChatGPT) taps the extraordinary knowledge of ChatGPT to tailor business-growth insights and expertise tailored to your business.

This is NOT a guide to writing with ChatGPT. This is a powerful set of prompts that accesses ChatGPT’s understanding of every possible business model and growth hack.

The prompts force ChatGPT to apply all its knowledge and computing power to thinking about how to double your business. Not to double any business. Not to double your type of business. You will get advice tailored to doubling _your_ actual business.

You won’t believe what’s possible, even if you think you already know how to use ChatGPT.

BONUS 3: Three months membership of The Obvious Choice (value $450)

Your membership in Newsletter Magic comes with a special bonus — three months of membership in The Obvious Choice.* The Obvious Choice is Taleist’s private membership community. The community includes:

  • A growing library of marketing resources
  • Monthly training on a variety of topics
  • Popular weekly virtual co-working sessions
  • The chance to ask questions on any aspect of your marketing
  • Networking with other members

* This bonus is open only to first-time members.

BONUS 4: Pitch-Perfect About Us Pages (value $150)

Your About Us page is likely the second most popular page on your website. Why? Because once someone decides they want what you offer they need to believe you're the person who can deliver it.

In this 90-minute masterclass, a professional website copywriter shows you exactly how to write the perfect About Us page for your business.

The masterclass includes the same template that Taleist uses to create high-converting About Us pages for our clients.

$4325 of training and bonuses for just $1800

Newsletter Magic Small-group coaching program over five weeks, including video lessons, written lessons, weekly Q&As and individual feedback $2500
BONUS: 3 x monthly check-ins Follow-up sessions to talk through how you’re implementing Newsletter Mastery in your business. $525
BONUS: Double Your Business In 60 Minutes Using ChatGPT (Even If You Never Write A Word With ChatGPT) Professionally written power prompts that turn ChatGPT into a high-powered growth hacker $550
BONUS: 3 months membership in The Obvious Choice Monthly training, networking, Q&As and virtual co-working $450
Pitch-Perfect About Us Pages A masterclass in writing the second most important page of your website. $150

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The Taleist 100% money-back guarantee

Copywriting course guaranteeWe know our courses work, and so do all the people out there growing their businesses with what they’ve learned in a Taleist course. However, if you’re reading this, you probably haven’t taken a Taleist course before.

We respect that you’re making a commitment, and we want to make a commitment in return so that it’s as easy as possible for you to take the next step to get the benefits waiting for you. So here’s our commitment to you…

If you take this course, including submitting your work for feedback (because that’s how you’ll accelerate and lock-in your progress), and you don’t feel that we’ve given you everything you need to write a personality-driven email newsletter with confidence, we will refund 100% of your course fee

That’s a full, friendly refund of what you paid. And it means you can take all five weeks of the course before you decide — you can take every lesson, ask questions, come to every live session and only make your decision then.


How much time will I need to take the course?

We recommend setting aside an average of half an hour a day, not including the one-hour live sessions. (The live sessions are recorded, and many people prefer to send questions in advance and watch the sessions at their convenience.)

Do I need a big personality to write a personality-driven email?

No, you don’t. This isn’t about being Hannah Gadsby or Ricky Gervais breaking out. All you need is a willingness to be yourself and to make a real connection with your audience instead of hiding behind an anonymous format that keeps the reader at arm’s length.

Do I need to have an email newsletter already?

Even if you don’t have an email newsletter, this course will help you think through why you would have a newsletter, what you’ll write in your newsletter, and how you can be sure it will engage your ideal readers and sell to them. These are all things you should know before you start your email newsletter. Otherwise, you risk investing time, effort and money into attracting subscribers then losing them because your email newsletters don’t have what it takes to keep them.

Do I need to have a big mailing list to make this worthwhile?

Many people run very successful businesses from small mailing lists. You only need a large mailing list to make money if you sell low-ticket items. Most of our participants are business owners, coaches and consultants for whom the lifetime value of a subscriber is thousands of dollars. When that’s the case, a mailing list in the hundreds can be plenty — and you’re more likely to grow a larger lists when your email newsletters are high quality.

Will you tell me what tools to use, like what email software?

This is a course about the content of your email newsletters. We don’t cover tools or the features of tools.

Will this cover building my list?

This course covers writing your emails and the strategy, tactics, topic selection and writing techniques that go into writing compelling personality-driven newsletters. Building the list to which you send those emails is beyond the scope of the course.