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How to write an email newsletter that connects and converts

Email newsletters have a magic ingredient that social media can’t match. Email newsletters are personal. An email drops into the subscriber’s inbox, with the subscriber’s name on it — Dear…

Pair that connection with solid content and you have an email newsletter with the potential to build a lasting relationship with the reader — a relationship that will grow into trust and the confidence to buy from you.

Andrew Kavanagh

Great presentation Steven. Always look forward to your emails. (Probs the only commercial one I'm happy arriving in my "Focused" folder).

Most email newsletters are limp and ineffective

However, most email newsletters are limp and ineffective. Most email newsletters don’t capitalise on the opportunity to create a connection, let alone convert. That opportunity evaporates because business owners and marketers tie themselves in knots. They worry about “sounding professional”. They fret about maintaining their “brand tone of voice”.

This paralysis leads to bland emails. Bland emails make subscribers feel sold to, unvalued, anonymous or, worse, spammed. Over time, hard-won subscribers stop opening their emails, they unsubscribe or — disastrously — they hit “report spam”.

Your email newsletter doesn’t have to be like that, even if you don’t think of yourself as a “writer”.

You don’t need to be a natural writer to put out emails that connect and convert

Your email newsletter can connect and convert with your audience even if you’re not a natural writer.

There are simple formulas anyone can follow to write interesting emails, emails that spark a relationship with the reader.

What you’ll discover in this email newsletter masterclass

In this 60-minute masterclass, we’ll show you how to write email newsletters that connect and convert — all without compromising your professionalism. Writing the way we show you, you’ll convert readers without sounding “salesy”.

You — yes, you — can write an email newsletter that subscribers see as a personal conversation. You’ll discover how to make the subscriber feel valued, interested and excited about what you have to say and what you have to offer.

Writing emails that build rapport and a personal connection is entirely possible, whatever your business. And you could start right after the webinar because we’re going to show you:

— How to write a “human” newsletter even when you work for a big company, even when you’re tied up by brand guidelines and even when you think you can’t possibly be “casual” in your business communications. (I’ve rewritten a lawyer’s newsletter to show you exactly how possible it is.)

— How to use your email newsletter to develop products and services your customers want

— Examples of bland corporate emails rewritten to be human, engaging and more likely to be opened, read and acted on

— The tiny finishing touch that makes all the difference to whether your emails get read

— An unbelievably simple formatting secret that will make your emails stand out. (And it’s definitely not putting emojis in your subject line.)

— The secret to making sales while phoning in your copywriting — no more sweating every detail and still floundering

— The totally stealable structure for your email newsletters — proven to deliver huge open rates and engagement

— How to tap into your readers’ imagination so they have no choice but to read on

— What “The New York Times”, “The Guardian” and other prestigious newspapers do to keep readers hooked. (It’s easy to do, has nothing to do with great writing, and you can copy it immediately.)

Cat Martindale-Vale

Steven provides valuable insights and training to small businesses looking to up their email game. Nothing but praise for his talents from my POV.

Email newsletter workbook
Packed with ideas for newsletter topics

When is the masterclass?

The masterclass is available instantly.

Your investment includes a 60-minute video and a workbook packed with ideas for newsletter topics.

— 18 places you can look for ideas for your “human” newsletters

— An 8-point checklist for your email newsletters so you can be sure you’re never missing a vital step

Free yourself from the deadweight of bad advice

Set yourself free from the deadweight — all the untruths you’ve been told about business writing. Give yourself the confidence to follow your instincts. Start writing like a human again — the kind that people want to get to know. (You’ll feel liberated, and the results will speak for themselves.)

Who’s running the email newsletter masterclass

Your instructor is Steven Lewis. Steven is the director of copywriting at Taleist, and he’s been doing this long enough that his first newsletter went out in print then by fax. Long story short, Steven has been writing email newsletters that people want to read since 1994.

Today, he writes the Taleist newsletter, which has an average open rate of 42.56% and an average click rate of 5.02% — a newsletter with 89.38% of subscribers rating 5-stars on ConvertKit.

How the masterclass works

  1. After you’ve registered, you’ll receive instant access to the masterclass and the workbook
  2. The recording will remain in your account on the Taleist website, so you can watch it as often as you want, whenever you want