Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacherSteven started writing for websites in 1994, putting him among the world's first website copywriters. He has been writing professionally as a journalist and direct response copywriter ever since.

His journalism has been featured in publications like the Financial Times and Esquire, and his copywriting clients include Rolex, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

He has lectured in PR and journalism, and his book on public relations has been taught at Sydney University and translated for international distribution.

Today, Steven's journalistic, research-based approach to copywriting services informs our unique process and popular online copywriting courses.

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How to increase your website conversion rate in 2021 — even if you have no web or design skills

If you tweak your website or landing page to follow the seven tips in this guide, you’ll improve your conversion rate. More than simply increasing your conversion rate, you’ll likely be in the top 5% of sites in your industry. That means you’ll be doing a better job for customers than 95% of the competition…
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What is copywriting

What is copywriting?

This is the shortest answer to the question what is copywriting: Copywriting is words that sell. Copywriting is what marketers and advertisers use when they want to sell their product or service. Copy is the words. Writing is arranging those words. And those words could be read on the page (or screen) or heard (like…
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How to write an About Us page for your website in 2021

Our copywriters reveal the secrets of talking about yourself in ways that have your target customers queuing for your services In this post on a critical section of your website, we: Explain why the About Me page is actually a lie. Give you our best writing tips for About pages Break down some great samples.…
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About Us examples for small business

Getting the About Us page right can make or break the conversion rate on a small business website. The smaller you are, the less likely your potential client is to know you. The less they know, the more they lean on your About page. They want the confidence to do business with you. Below, we…
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Should you put your prices on your website?

Pricing on websites — yes or no? Should I put my prices on my website?” I get asked it all the time. It’s not a yes/no question in a services business. It depends on your industry, your competitors and your business goals. The reality is that there is no “should” about whether your website should…
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How to choose the best copywriter for your website

How much should you pay a copywriter to write your website content? And how do you know if you've found the right copywriter for your website? Expert tips from a professional copywriter with 20 years' experience.

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