Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacherSteven started writing for websites in 1994, putting him among the world's first website copywriters. He has been writing professionally as a journalist and direct response copywriter ever since.

His journalism has been featured in publications like the Financial Times and Esquire, and his copywriting clients include Rolex, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

He has lectured in PR and journalism, and his book on public relations has been taught at Sydney University and translated for international distribution.

Today, Steven's journalistic, research-based approach to copywriting services informs our unique process and popular online copywriting courses. In addition, Steven is a sought-after Australian expert and speaker on AI copywriting.

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Why you must PRIME your AI copywriter

AI copywriting effectively means working side-by-side with your AI copywriter. That means knowing how to prime the tool properly. In this video, Steven Lewis, a professional copywriter and AI copywriting expert, breaks down two emails side-by-side. Version A: Written by ChatGPT without proper priming. Version B: Written by ChatGPT with proper priming. The difference in…
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Why webinars work for (some) lawyers

Law firms are running webinars when they can’t do business development face-to-face. The switch from face-to-face seems as natural as restaurants switching from dine-in to takeout in a lockdown. However, many law firms are finding they’re not getting the client work they hoped for from the transition to webinars for law firms. If your firm…
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Dark web copywriting tips

Castration for $30,000 too expensive? How about a beating for just $2,000? These sites on the dark web belie the surprisingly beige truth about hiring a hitman from the dark web… The New York Times recently featured two images from hitman-for-hire websites on the dark net… Naturally, I reviewed the copywriting from the point of…
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law firm keyword rankings for SEO content writing

SEO copywriting case study for a law firm

SEO is an important part of law firm marketing. Here we give you an example of how we ranked one practice area of a law firm on Page One of Google for 60 target keywords. We’re a no-bullshit copywriting agency, so as you’d expect, we aren’t coy when we write our website copywriting examples. In…
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SEO X-ray vision

SEO tip: X-ray goggles to see through your competition

One thing is certain once you decide you want to rank higher in Google: you need to start SEO copywriting. SEO copywriting is the art (and science) of writing content that Google recognises as a strong answer to a search query. But when it comes to writing content for SEO, it can be hard to…
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How to write an About Us page for your website in 2022

Our copywriters reveal the latest secrets of talking about yourself in ways that will have your target customers queuing for your services In this top post for 2022, we take on a critical section of your website. We cover: [toc] If it’s samples you’re after, you should also see our companion post for a closer…
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