Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacherSteven started writing for websites in 1994, putting him among the world's first website copywriters. He has been writing professionally as a journalist and direct response copywriter ever since.

His journalism has been featured in publications like the Financial Times and Esquire, and his copywriting clients include Rolex, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

He has lectured in PR and journalism, and his book on public relations has been taught at Sydney University and translated for international distribution.

Today, Steven's journalistic, research-based approach to copywriting services informs our unique process and popular online copywriting courses. In addition, Steven is a sought-after Australian expert and speaker on AI copywriting.

Courses, training and coaching in AI copywriting

In addition, to speaking at events and designing tailored AI copywriting training for corporate teams, Steven runs Taleist's popular AI copywriting courses, including the 60-minute masterclass Robot Marketing and the comprehensive ChatGPT Mastery.


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Direct response copywriting critique

Why this sexy postcard flops

I’m taking Biscuit for his dawn walk yesterday when one of those leaflet boxes outside a shop caught my eye. This isn’t a shop on the main road; it’s a shop I don’t know on a backstreet in our suburb. The box catches my eye because it holds postcards with the headline “Oats & Libido”.…
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Using ChatGPT for SEO

9 ways to use ChatGPT to improve your SEO

Taking charge of your SEO sometimes feels like starting a jigsaw with a million pieces. Just when you think you’ve found the edges of search engine optimisation, the rules change. Finally, there might be an SEO tool that catapults you ahead — improved rankings without turning SEO into your second full-time job. Enter ChatGPT, an…
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How to use custom instructions in ChatGPT

ChatGPT has launched custom instructions. Custom instructions in ChatGPT allow you to: Examples of using custom instructions in ChatGPT If you write for yourself, you could tell ChatGPT what sort of things you write about. For example: I am a travel journalist writing for a magazine audience about exciting destinations. or I am an intellectual…
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ChatGPT reviews marketing copywriting

Using ChatGPT to review what YOU write

Did you know that ChatGPT does more than write copy? You can have ChatGPT review your copy, too. The example in the video shows what happens when I asked ChatGPT to demonstrate by reviewing a poster written by my children for their school-holiday nail salon. After priming ChatGPT (priming is a crucial step that we…
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How to use ChatGPT to write website content

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) copywriter. As a copywriter (albeit a robot version), it can certainly speed up the website copywriting process. First, it helps to understand… What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a natural language processing model developed by OpenAI. Imagine it as a library of books that learned to talk in human-like text…
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How to increase your website conversion rate in 2024 — even if you have no web or design skills

If you tweak your website or landing page to follow the seven tips in this guide, you’ll improve your conversion rate. More than simply increasing your conversion rate, you’ll likely be in the top 5% of sites in your industry. That means you’ll be doing a better job for customers than 95% of the competition…
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