Robot Marketing: How marketers can survive (and thrive) with the rise of AI

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Taleist AI copywriting training

Robot marketers are here, and they can’t be avoided.

Bing has Chat. Bard is coming to Google. And by the time you read this, Office 365 (Word, Outlook, etc.) might already include AI copywriting options. If not, those features are imminent.

The marketers who’ll thrive in the revolution will be the ones who embrace the productivity gains and learn to form an unstoppable team with AI assistants.

This masterclass concentrates on showcasing how smart marketers can use the AI tools most in the spotlight — AI copywriters like ChatGPT.

Not only does AI copywriting make it possible to do more in less time, but also AI copywriters can make your writing more influential.

This is a fast-paced session so practical you can’t afford to miss it.

In this online training, we cover:

  • How AI writers like ChatGPT work — insight you can use to get the best from the tools (and avoid their limitations)
  • How and where you can use AI writers to get more done — to a high standard; in less time
  • How can you position yourself with the AI so you’re not replaced by the AI
AI copywriting masterclass testimonial from Nicole Miller

I enjoyed the level of detail in the prompts and activity plus the wrap-around info you provided. This is far further than I had gone in my ‘dabble’.

Just the right amount of info as I play and learn.

Nicole Miller, Communications and marketing specialist

Real-world example

See how we took a doomed project and transformed it into high-impact marketing in just eight ChatGPT prompts.

PLUS you keep the prompts to sharpen your own copy.

On-demand masterclass

You are investing in an on-demand 60-minute video masterclass. The video will be available immediately for you to watch at your convenience.

Testimonial email for this AI copywriting course

AI copywriting masterclass presenter

Steven Lewis, direct response copywriter
Steven Lewis is a Sydney-based expert in AI copywriting for marketing and communications professionals.

Steven Lewis has been incorporating AI into the work of his marketing agency, Taleist, since February 2021.

Steven is a copywriter and marketer with 26 years of experience and a background in training communicators to pack a punch.

In this masterclass, he’ll show you how his team works with AI copywriting tools to create effective marketing materials. These are marketing materials that the AI couldn’t create on its own and that the marketer couldn’t create so quickly without the AI.

This is a session about working in partnership with AI, not for AI.

AI copywriting online course testimonial

I got a lot out of the session after struggling in the past with phrasing what I asked chat GPT to do. After your expert insight into AI copywriting skills, I’m a lot clearer in getting the best answer. That’s a huge help in cutting down even more time by spending less time editing ChatGPT responses.

Chelsea Goudge, Bentley’s Chartered Accountants

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