Supercharge Your Team's Writing Skills for the ChatGPT Age

courses and training in chatgpt and other ai copywriters — for teams that want to close the digital divide and write more productively

Your organisation is packed with people writing emails, reports, papers, webpages, updates, marketing material, recruitment ads...

They're leaders communicating with their teams. They work in marketing and communications, project management, HR, and all throughout your organisation.

Every one of them could make HUGE productivity leaps, saving the organisation time, money and resources —

IF they had the training to use tools like ChatGPT to become more productive, more confident and better writers.

The answer is tailored training from an expert in effective writing AND in AI copywriting.

Training clients
Just some of Taleist's training clients

The future isn't waiting: Give your people ChatGPT and AI copywriting skills they need now

AI copywriting training by Zoom

Training a Hong Kong entrepreneur's network by Zoom

Taleist's AI copywriting (ChatGPT and other tools) training is accessible, practical and (attendees often say) highly entertaining.

We're human copywriters who've worked inside, consulted with and trained companies like Westpac, IAG, AMP, Allen & Overy, Clayton Utz and other Australian and global companies. That's how we know what you need to write and the pressures your people are under.

For years, we've trained leaders and communicators to write confidently and with influence. And we've been folding AI copywriting tools into our copywriting agency since February 2021.

Our AI copywriting training brings these vital elements together. Our training catalyses gains in productivity and quality because of:

  1. Our years of experience using the principles of persuasive writing
  2. Our advanced knowledge of AI copywriting tools like ChatGPT
  3. Our track record of running high-quality training that has clients rebooking again and again

Armed with proven writing principles and confidence in the new tools, your people will be confident to write better, faster and with greater effect. We go so far as to guarantee that 100%.  (Details of our 100% guarantee are below.)

Ready to instil confidence and boost productivity in your team? Let's talk

AI copywriting training testimonial

Mark Barrett

Managing Director at CIMarketing

"Funny and insightful."

Anna AI training testimonial

Anna McMurtrie

Australia BD & Marketing Team Lead, Allen & Overy

"Very accessible and really enjoyable."

More details below

AI copywriting training options in 2024

Presenting on copywriting at Darling Harbour, Sydney

Training for independent schools marketers at Darling Harbour

Shift your team's writing confidence and productivity with our tailored and engaging training sessions on AI-powered copywriting tools like ChatGPT.

Whether your team is in the office or working remotely, we've got you covered with our flexible, Zoom-based training sessions.

In just a single training session, your team will be equipped with practical AI copywriting knowledge — knowledge you can apply the same day to real-world tasks.

No one who takes this training will ever find themselves stuck in front of a blank page again.

Key features of our AI copywriting training for teams


1. Flexible training options: You can choose from:

  1. A sharp and entertaining one-hour 'lunch-and-learn' presentation that covers:
    • how AI copywriters work (so you know how to get the best from them)
    • practical live examples — watch as your trainer shows you in real-time how to use an AI copywriter to write high-quality first drafts (or even finished copy)
  2. An immersive two-hour session that includes:
    • all of the above
    • cementing the learning by getting hands-on with the tools in a workshop

2. Examples from your world: Your people need more than theory. That's why we recommend using real examples from your business. Then it's easy for your team to see the immediate applicability and impact of AI copywriting on their real-world tasks.

3. Tailored training: We know how to tailor workshops to your team's specific needs and goals, ensuring relevance and maximum impact.

4. Engaging learning experience: Our interactive workshops pack it all — practical information, meaningful real-world examples and engaging discussions that will motivate your team and excite them about the possibilities for their development.

5. Ongoing support: Learning doesn't have to stop when the session ends. We offer the option of after-workshop support as your team embeds their new skills. This maximises the benefits of the training.

6. Results you'll be able to see: We guarantee you'll see a transformation as your team's writing productivity skyrockets, enhancing communication and efficiency across your organisation. (See below for details.)

7. Empowerment: Equip your team with cutting-edge digital skills, underlining your culture of innovation and ensuring your organisation and your people feel competitive in the AI age.

8. Training by an expert copywriter: Your trainer is a professional copywriter with 26 years of experience in writing for businesses just like yours. He brings decades of expertise in writing what you need to write AND expertise in the AI copywriting techniques that will help you do it faster and better.

Learning outcomes

  • Increased writing efficiency and productivity
  • Streamlined content creation process
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration across teams
  • Empowered employees with state-of-the-art digital skills
  • Competitive edge in the digital landscape
  • Enduring feeling of relevance and readiness to adapt

High-performance guarantee

Copywriting course guaranteeIf your team don't feel more confident and productive after the session, we'll issue you a full refund. No questions asked, no hoops to jump through.

We've been doing this for a long time (even if the AI component is new). That's how we know we can deliver and make your choice a risk-free investment in your team's growth and development.

Trainer details below

Your AI copywriting trainer

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacher

Steven Lewis, copywriter and AI copywriting expert

Steven Lewis  has taught AI copywriting to audiences across Australia, Europe, the USA and Asia.

Steven's highly practical, from-the-trenches training is backed by three decades of professional experience as a journalist, copywriter and early adopter of communication technology.

Taleist, Steven's agency, has been using an AI copywriter in its processes since early 2021. However, Steven's track record as an early adopter of communications technology goes back decades.

In 1994, Steven built some of the first websites in the world, including an ezine (what would later be called a blog). Soon after, he was running an email newsletter before most people had email.

What followed was a decades-long pattern of discovering, learning and then teaching.

From the ezine, Steven became one of the first journalists to go from digital to print instead of the other way around. As a journalist, he covered the internet widely, writing for publications as diverse as GQ and the Financial Times.

In 2004, Steven started producing podcasts for his own business, as well as clients like Tourism Tasmania and Virgin. (It would be another year before Apple included podcasts in iTunes and a full decade before Serial shoved podcasts into the mainstream.)

In 2011, Steven gained a worldwide reputation for training authors to use Amazon’s technology to publish on the Kindle. Research that he co-authored was featured in publications like The Guardian, The New Yorker and The Bookseller.

As a speaker and trainer in AI copywriting, Steven draws on his track record of spotting ground shifts early and Taleist's real-world experience with using AI to enhance the productivity and confidence of writers.

Let's talk about your organisation's training needs

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