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You’ve probably been in this situation before…

You’re out for lunch and you see two restaurants — one packed with customers and one that is practically empty. Naturally, your instincts tell you to pick the restaurant with more customers. If everyone goes there, it must be good, right?

This “I’ll have what she’s having” reaction is called social proof — the most powerful of six hardwired mental shortcuts humans use to make quick decisions. The universal appeal of social proof makes it a highly effective tool when it comes to writing a persuasive website. Here’s how…

Social proof unlocks our natural biases

We humans are a skeptical lot. We’re also pretty unwilling to take a risk on anything new. It’s safer to stick with what we know. These biases to mistrust and inaction are bad news for businesses. Our potential clients are looking for an excuse to keep doing what they’re doing. They’re looking for an excuse not to believe we can deliver on our promises.

And they don’t trust us more when we throw around empty claims about being “passionate” or the “leading” or “fastest-growing” business in our area.

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How do you build the trust that leads to action?

Making magnificent promises is easy. The hard part is getting a cynical, ad-weary audience to believe that you can deliver on those promises. If you want to build trust and generate leads, you have to back up what you say. And social proof is one of the most potent forms of evidence you can use. Because we’re lazy about making decisions, we’re more likely to do something if we can piggy back on someone else’s decisions and experience. That’s social proof — someone has already tried something we haven’t. And they’ve lived to tell.

Isn’t social proof just testimonials?

Done right, social proof is a silent salesman that subtly nudges your prospects’ decision-making process and increases sales. But it takes more than just inserting a few positive reviews on your website and calling it a day.

First, there are more forms of social proof than testimonials and reviews — forms of social proof you can be weaving throughout your marketing to break down resistance and generate action.

Second, there’s more to using testimonials than throwing up a customers saying, “This team was fun to work with”. Those sorts of testimonial are sweet and they don’t hurt, but they’re not keys in locks. And that’s what we’ll show you in our masterclass — how to use a testimonial like a key turning in a lock.

What’s in our social proof masterclass?

Our masterclass breaks down different types of social proof and how they can affect the conversions on your website.

Discover how to create an effective copywriting strategy using social proof to amplify your message and deliver a killer conversion rate.

Invest in the masterclass and you’ll have instant access to our 60-minute video masterclass with downloadable slides. In no time at all, you’ll discover:

  • What it means for your website that people still forward chain letters
  • How to write your customer’s testimonial for them (without feeling “salesy” about it)
  • The greatest form of social proof — better even than testimonials

Here at Taleist, we’ve been copywriters for 27 years. That’s how we know that nothing pumps up the conversion rate on a website than social proof done right.

Invest in our masterclass and learn how to Jedi mind trick your way to a higher converting website.

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacher
Your copywriting teacher, Steven Lewis, has 25 years’ experience in direct response copywriting

Your copywriting guide

As a journalist, Steven Lewis has been published around the world — the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Esquire, GQ… As a direct response copywriter, Steven’s website copywriting has doubled, tripled and quadrupled conversion rates for clients in medical services, technology, SaaS, legal services, trades and countless other industries.

Today, after more than 20 years of content marketing, website and SEO experience, Steven leads the team of Sydney-based copywriters at Taleist. Taleist is an agency of direct response copywriters who use their writing to persuade readers to take action.


What you’ll discover in this masterclass has been tried and tested in hundreds of high-converting websites. That’s how we know our formula works. But you’re welcome to test it out yourself for 30 days. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, let us know for a full and friendly refund.

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