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Fix your clients’ underperforming landing pages (and your own) FAST

Jeremy Yang

Took Steven's landing page copywriting course in May. Very valuable, will definitely reap the rewards for years to come.For anyone thinking about taking the course, you don't need to be a talented writer. There's a formula to writing great landing pages and Steven's been around long enough to give you all the valuable insights.Highly recommend

Elisabeth Williams

I recently completed 'The Landing Page Template' online course with Steven at Taleist Agency and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve or start writing their landing page(s) for their website.Initially, I was unsure if this was a good investment of my time and money, especially given the fact that I have not yet launched my business. Furthermore, I had read through numerous pdfs and guides on how to write copy for websites and thought I was probably in an OK position to just start somewhere.Turns out I shouldn't have been concerned at all and I would say this course is a 'must do' for everyone who may not be that experienced with writing copy for websites, but also isn't quite ready to spend more money on hiring a professional agency. It doesn't matter if you already have your basics down for your page and are just looking to improve it, or if you are starting from scratch. Completing this course will equip you with very useful templates, tools and guides, and most importantly, it will give you the ability to start assembling your copy for the landing page and you will never again be sitting in front of a blank page, not knowing where to start.Again, I would highly recommend 'The Landing Page Template' to anyone who is either wondering if their page could be improved or who might not even know where to start.

Discover landing page copywriting techniques that turn quality traffic into sales. No previous copywriting experience necessary. Retain your clients longer. Earn extra revenue.

As a digital marketer, you know how to deliver warm traffic to a client’s landing page. But sometimes, even hot traffic fizzles when it hits a cold landing page. When that happens, even the best-qualified visitors aren’t signing up, calling, emailing or buying from your client.

So, you’ve delivered excited visitors, but the client is unhappy because “the campaign” isn’t working. You know the problem is the client’s landing page, but the client is threatening to take their business to another agency…

What if you could turn that client around — happy client, longer relationship plus an extra revenue stream?

Why doesn’t the copy on some landing pages work?

Has your client written the page themselves? Or have they underinvested when it comes to finding someone to write their copy? Filling a page with nice-sounding but ineffective words is the number one reason landing pages fail to lift off — even pages with great traffic.

Your client might be an expert in their product or service. The client might be able to write nicely. But if you’re sending good traffic and the page is not converting, the diagnosis is clear: the client’s landing page might sound nice, but it isn’t persuasive.

That leaves you in a tricky situation. Your client holds you responsible for the results of an underperforming campaign, but you’re only responsible for the traffic. The client can’t see that it’s their copy that’s drilled a hole in the bucket. So, you need to show them.

A good copywriter can make thousands of dollars from writing a landing page, but maybe you don’t want to write landing pages. So, what if you could keep your client happy without re-writing a whole page? All you need is the copywriting skills to call out the problems with a client’s copy with authority.

Using your copywriting skills, you could even make some fast fixes to the biggest problems with a landing page then put up an A/B test. You could quickly prove to the client that the conversion rate is suffering because of the landing page, not the traffic.

Your fast fix might be enough to put the conversion rate where it should be. Alternatively, you could persuade a grateful client to invest in a complete re-write. That could be something you do for additional revenue. Or you can instruct a copywriter confidently because you know how to give them a good brief and evaluate their work.

Give your clients what they need — all-around expertise

Clients don’t always understand what makes up their conversion rate. You can tell them that it’s traffic + landing page, but it’s going to be better for long-term relationships, referrals from happy clients and steady revenue if you can show them.

If you want more enquiries and sales for your clients (and to grow your own agency), you need to learn copywriting. You need to know at least enough to make fast fixes to the bad copy provided by clients who don’t know the difference — but their target customer will.

Copywriting is persuasive writing that convinces people to take action. The techniques are timeless, and you can learn them.

When you understand copywriting techniques, the problems with landing pages flash like warning lights. You won’t have to spend hours guessing what words should go where and writing several new versions to test. And you’ll have the language and the confidence to point the problems out to clients — it’s all easy when you know how.

Kicking Pixels

I recently completed the Taleist 'Landing Page Writing' course, and thoroughly enjoyed the process and depth of knowledge I gained from the course. Steven combined knowhow and fun, and i now have a clear roadmap and method to write content.If you're looking to increase conversion from any kind of landing page you write, this course is a must-do! You don't need to be an experienced writer either, the course walked me through a logic process of assembling persuasive copy.Highly recommended!

But I’m too busy already, and writing just isn’t my thing…

You don’t need to have a degree in English, have perfect grammar or be an experienced writer to learn how to diagnose the problems with landing pages or how to write high-converting landing pages yourself. And it’s not going to take you years to learn either.

How do we know this?

We’re Taleist, a copywriting agency in Sydney. We write landing pages every day for clients in all types of businesses and industries, and we work with many of our clients’ digital marketing agencies. Often digital agencies call us in because their client is threatening to leave. The client thinks the problem “must” be with the Facebook ads, the Google ads, the SEO or anything except where the problem really is. The agency knows the problem isn’t the ads or the SEO, and we’re the agency’s secret retention weapon.

That’s why we’ve created The Landing Page Copywriting Course to teach digital marketers how to use the same copywriting techniques we do. We want you to be able to turn around underperforming campaigns quickly and easily.

How quickly? In just 4 hours and 47 minutes, you’ll learn all about what it takes to write landing page copy that converts visitors into customers. And the best bit? Our course is written for everyone — no previous copywriting experience. It doesn’t matter what your English teacher said about your writing. You will be able to diagnose the weaknesses in existing pages and, if you want to, write replacements quickly.

Through the course, you’ll be guided through a system that ends writer’s block and uncertainty — no more staring at a blank page. In fact, we’ve structured the process you learn so that you’re never even in front of a blank page.

Even if you don’t want to write landing pages from scratch, you’ll have the skills to turn underperforming landing pages into winners.

Learn copywriting to unlock new opportunities for your clients and your agency

Learning copywriting means:

  • Adding a complementary skill to your marketing, SEO or PPC specialist skills
  • Unlocking a revenue stream for your agency — you’ll be able to advise on or write better-converting landing pages for your clients, either as part of their package or a separate service
  • Transforming underperforming campaigns by writing the copy for the client or guiding them or their copywriter with authority
  • Better results for your own marketing and landing pages (paid and organic)
  • Retaining clients who are looking for a better conversion rate
  • Being able to talent-spot the “real deal” when you’re looking for a copywriter for yourself or your clients

You’ll not only be able to write persuasive landing pages, but you can also use the same techniques across all your marketing. That means stronger:

  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • Website pages
  • Lead magnets
  • Headlines
  • Video scripts
  • Team bios
  • Webinars
  • Presentations

What’s in this Taleist copywriting course?

This is an ONLINE COURSE delivered in PUNCHY VIDEOS (4 hours and 47 minutes) with DOWNLOADS, WORKSHEETS, EXAMPLES and BREAKDOWNS.

You can watch the videos and follow the downloads AT YOUR OWN PACE.

Your investment includes LIFETIME to everything — videos, downloads, worksheets and examples — for a single one-off investment today.

Not only that, but you’ll also get ALL FUTURE UPDATES at no additional investment.

You can take the course at your own pace, and our expert copywriters are always available to answer your questions in our exclusive Facebook group.

PLUS, you’re covered by our MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

Are you ready to start turning landing pages around?

Discover landing page copywriting in seven in-depth modules

Seven easy to follow modules will teach you everything you need to know to write persuasive landing pages. Each module is full of practical tips that you can apply every day to turn around underperforming campaigns or accelerate a good campaign to the next level.

Here’s what you’ll get


26 videos

4 hours and 47 minutes of practical training

Downloadable worksheets, templates, infographics and tools

MODULE 1 The landing page

We’ll start by running through the basics of a landing page and outlining the ingredients for a perfect landing page. Understanding the key ingredients means assembling the copy faster, no more staring at a blank page.

MODULE 2 Making a product or service irresistible

Get crystal clear on the ideal client who is going to be reading the landing page. We’ll show you how to uncover what will make a product or service irresistible to that ideal client.

Often clients try unsuccessfully to sell and talk to what they think their client’s problems are. Instead, we’ll show you how to research to make sure you’re saying the right things to the right people. Sell to the problems potential clients believe that they have while you solve the problems they really have.

This module will show you how to define the USP for any product or service. Clients LOVE it when you do this for them.

MODULE 3 Objections

An objection is anything that might prevent you from making the sale (or to take the next action like to email you). Knowing all the things that will stop someone buying is essential to writing a persuasive landing page. You only convert the people you convince to drop their objections, so you have to know what’s stopping them.

This module will guide you to identify every objection, including the terrible excuses people give themselves.

MODULE 4 Countering the objections

Now you have a list of all the big, small and terrible objections that are holding back your conversion rate. So how are you going to counter each and every one of those things? You want to counter each objection to give a potential client the confidence to take the next step whether that’s to buy or get in touch. This module will show you how.

MODULE 5 Proof

Proof is essential to good copywriting, to persuasion and to overcoming objections. Using proof elements is central to the method we’re teaching you to writing a landing page.

Proof is anything that nudges a potential client into believing you. And proof comes in many forms — testimonials, case studies etc We’ll cover how to use proof on a landing page — we’ll show examples of where proof is done well and not so well.


Here we’ll give you a chance to put the techniques you’ve learnt in a quick and easy writing exercise. If you’d like to, you can share your work with us and one of our team will give you feedback.

MODULE 7 Putting it all together

Here, you’ll start to write your landing page. Running from the top of the page (above the fold) to the bottom, we’ll cover exactly what needs to go where. You’ll feel confident to get started because our downloadable landing page template means you won’t be stressed and staring at a blank page.

Who teaches the copywriting course?

Steven Lewis, copywriting instructorYour copywriting teacher, Steven Lewis, has 27 years’ experience in direct response copywriting. Today, he runs the direct response copywriting agency Taleist.

Steven was a journalist for many years, writing for publications as diverse as Esquire and The Financial Times.

Soon after he began writing for newspapers and magazines, Steven was approached by multinationals looking for a new take on their copywriting. He has written for clients in a multitude of businesses, from lawyers to mobile beauticians. Better-known client names include Microsoft, Intel, Philips, Rolex, Coca-Cola and United Airlines.

Whoever he’s writing for, Steven is not happy with something that sounds nice. He’s looking for results, which is why his professional interest is in the intersection of writing and psychology. As you’ll find in the course, Steven’s enthusiasm for the topic is contagious.

Steven has lectured at the University of Technology, Sydney, run workshops for the Australian Society of Authors and the Australian Writers’ Centre, and his book on communications is taught as part of the Master of Strategic Public Relations at the University of Sydney.


Copywriting course guarantee

Everything in our landing page copywriting course has been tested over the creation of countless high-converting landing pages. As a result, this landing page copywriting course lays out the same formula that our copywriters use every day for our clients — copywriting that frequently results in triple-digit improvements in conversion rates.

That’s why we’re 100% confident you’ll find the course invaluable. However, take 30 days to see for yourself. If you don’t think the course delivers, drop us an email and we’ll give you a full and friendly refund immediately.

What people loved about The Landing Page Copywriting Course

We’ve poured our 25 years of copywriting experience into an online course anyone can follow to write persuasive website sales pages. You’ll never stare at a blank page again. Whatever you’re writing, it’ll feel like you’re following a template.

You’re right to think that’s a big claim. Can it be true that anyone can write a high-converting landing page with this formula, even if they’ve never written anything persuasive before?

Some of these business owners felt the same way before they took the course…

“Rich knowledge and understanding of persuasive copywriting”

Brian Donovan, executive coach

“You don’t have to be a talented writer”

Jeremy Yang, Digital Goliath

No more staring at a blank page, not knowing where to start”

Elisabeth Williams, My Heimat

Advice non-copywriting folk can implement”

Glenn Tranter, productivity coach

Get instant access today

In an increasingly crowded online world, it’s essential to stand out with effective messaging. Using the right words will make sure your client campaigns thrive and help you to grow your own agency with stronger marketing and a unlock a new revenue stream.

Frequently asked questions

What is a landing page?

The money-making pages on your website are your landing pages and sales pages.

SALES PAGES are the web pages where your website visitors will slip away unless you succeed in “selling” them on engaging with you — convincing them to download, call, email or buy.

A sales page is called a LANDING PAGE when it’s the webpage on which a visitor arrives (“lands”) on your website.

Whether you call them landing pages or sales pages, these are MAKE-OR-BREAK pages on your website. That’s why businesses queue to invest in specialist copywriters like the ones who work here at Taleist.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is PERSUASIVE WRITING that CONVINCES people to TAKE ACTION — download, call, email and buy.

Copywriting is NOT puffery about a company’s “leading” status, its “passion” for customer service or the team’s combined decades of experience. That sort of writing makes Mum proud but it doesn’t get the phone ringing hot.

Copywriting MAKES MILLIONS for those who know how to deploy it, but COPYWRITING IS NOT A MYSTICAL ART.

In fact, there’s an open secret about assembling your own cost-to-profit conveyor belt…

If you want more sales, you need to learn copywriting.

Copywriting (with a “w”) is basically sales in text.

Instead of cold calling or interacting in person…

You write simple sentences (like this).

However, very few know how to write copy that gets to the heart of what a reader really wants.

Which means this is a great opportunity for you.

Can get a team account?

The content in this course covers 27 years of valuable experience distilled into training that works for everyone of any level of experience, and the course is offered on the basis of one user per login. Sharing of user accounts will result in termination of account access.

How do I access my course?

Instantly after payment, you’ll be able to access the course 24/7 from the My Account page on the Taleist website.

What payment methods do you accept?

We take PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

What do I do if I have a question or technical issue?

Our support team is available during business hours (Sydney time) Monday through Friday. You can request help though our Support page.

I’m ready to buy. Where do I go?

You can get instant access here.