Who needs a content writing course?

content writing course

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a content writer. Or maybe you want to start a business, and you think having a blog would be a great way to drive traffic.

But when it comes down to actually writing content, you find yourself putting it off.

Maybe it’s because of the doubts in your head.

How can you write in a way that resonates with your audience?

How do you come up with good ideas for articles?

What should your writing style be?

“Writing skills? Me?”

Almost every aspiring content writer dreams of writing better. All of them wish they were constantly bubbling with new content ideas. Luckily, there is a multitude of courses you can take to get better at content writing. In fact, taking a content writing course may be just what you need to take your career to the next level.

At first glance, it may seem silly or even laughable that you need a course in order to write. After all, writing is one of those “basic skills” we all have and use on a daily basis. However, taking a content writing course can:

  • Help you learn new techniques.
  • Help you avoid common mistakes made by other content writers

This article will be looking at what a content writing course entails and how to find one that is right for you.

Thinking about a content writing course? Here’s what we cover in this article

You may be new to the industry. Or you may have been writing for years. Regardless, there are always ways to improve your content writing knowledge and skills.

What is content writing?

Content writing generally means creating digital content. The goal is to achieve a digital marketing objective. The goal, most likely, is moving a prospect down the marketing funnel. There is a difference between copywriting and content writing.

For content marketing online, people often think of blog posts. But content creation can also mean many other things. They could be emails, reviews or social media posts. No matter the medium, content creation is about generating or nurturing leads.

More than two-thirds of marketers use content to move prospects along the sales funnel. Marketers use different content formats. What makes interesting content depends on where prospects are in the journey. You’ll need something different to build brand awareness from what you need if the prospect is almost ready to buy.

Content creation is a competitive business. Countless businesses vie for attention. That’s why you need a targeted content strategy that will cut through the noise.

What skills should a content writer have?

Excellent writing skills are part and parcel of what makes a good content writer. But it’s by no means the only skill required for this craft. Content writers may also be required to be proficient in other skills. That may include SEO, social media, brand strategy and marketing.

But not all content writers are made equal, and not every one of them knows everything. Some content writers may choose to specialise in niche areas, according to the skills they possess.

Here are some of the essential skills a content writer should have…

SEO writing skills

A well-written piece of content is only as good as its reach. That means web content writers need to be well-versed in SEO.

Search engines are major players in determining whether your content gets seen by the right people. So it’s crucial to use keywords effectively. That includes knowing how to create SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions.

Social media can help your content take off
Social media can help your content take off

Social media savvy

Social media aren’t just platforms for griping about your neighbours or letting everyone know you’re on holiday. Social media marketing opens doors to myriad opportunities.

Content marketing means keeping up with trends in social media. You have the opportunity to stay connected with customers and gain new ones. Seeing how your prospects engage with the posts you upload may give you insight into future writing projects.

Writing skills

It should go without saying. Many content writers are savvy in multiple areas. However, being a good writer is fundamental. Your job is to inform, educate and entertain. In the written word.

Editing skills

Research is key to writing good content
Research skills are the secret to great content writing

Being a freelance content writer is not for the faint of heart. First, you have to bring ideas into reality with words. Second, you’ll often find yourself proofreading and editing your own work.

That means you have to be able to critically analyse your own work. Few content writers or copywriters ever publish their first draft. So it’s important to recognise if your work is not up to standard and not get too discouraged.

Proofreading and editing your own work can be tedious and time-consuming. However, it’s a necessary component in writing content. Especially if you want to produce high-quality pieces to be read and enjoyed by your audience.

Plus, Google cares about spelling and grammar. So if you’re writing to rank in search, you need to get it right.


Clients need you to develop expertise fast. You don’t need to know everything from the outset. You’re the expert in crafting words, not the expert in every subject. However, you do need to be able to do is research.

The Internet is a great source of information. But it’s easy to get caught up in misinformation and fake news. Having good research skills means being able to separate great sources from shit.

And clients will appreciate it if you can cite sources more original than “Wikipedia says…”

You’ll be a more efficient writer once you figure out the ways to research a website and other media that work best for you.

Content writing is about understanding your audience
Rule #1: Know your audience

Can anyone be a content writer?

Content writing is all about getting the needs of your audience. Then you create information that meets those needs. Knowing what sort of information will work will positively impact how your content performs online.

Guessing what will work rarely scores. Writing excellent content is about making a connection with the audience. Then you give them what they need when they need it.

So yes, anyone can be a content writer without ever studying content writing. But you need to have certain skills for writing content. And like any other skill, you get better at it with constant practice and refinement.

How do I learn content writing?

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into content writing, but where do you start? Most content writers are self-taught. But there are faster ways to become an effective content writer.

This is unlikely to include going to university. (Unless you want to write on a specific niche and a degree in that area will help.) Studying content writing is more likely to involve buying books and attending workshops, seminars and online courses.

Not all of these methods offer the same quality or credibility. So it’s important to do your research and pick what will best deliver against your goals.

And you should have goals. What do you want to write about? For whom? What do you want to be paid? How fast do you want to get there? And how much time do you have available for learning?

The answers to these questions will help you to set your budget. And they’ll help you choose the right ways to learn.

Are content writing courses necessary?

Some professional copywriters and content writers think writing content can’t be improved by classroom learning. That’s rubbish. Sure, formal education is unnecessary to become a content writer. But you should always be looking for help brushing up your writing skills.

If you’re looking to get ahead of the game, a content writing course may be just what you need. A great content writing course will help you write better. And it’ll give you tips on what goes into an engaging blog post or website.

Check out these content writing courses that will help you strengthen your content writing skills…

Ahrefs – Blogging for Business

This comprehensive course teaches you how to write effective website content and blog posts. The ten tutorials included in this free workshop cover every aspect of growing your website. This includes how to get thousands more visitors each month.

You’ll learn how to build article links, content ideas and how to perform an SEO audit. By the end of this course, you’ll be confident creating high-quality content. You’ll also understand how to distribute content effectively.

Hubspot — Content Marketing Course

Google Analytics can guide your content efforts
Google Analytics can guide your content efforts

The HubSpot Academy’s Content Marketing Course is over six hours of teaching. Every minute will expand your knowledge of content marketing.

This course is designed for marketing professionals and content creators looking to hone their skills. You’ll learn how to incorporate your unique voice into your articles and blog posts.

This course also covers how to use Google Analytics to track what works. Understanding Google Analytics contributes to informed content strategies.

Lynda — Advanced Content Marketing

The Advanced Content Marketing course by Lynda is under two hours. But it packs a punch. You’ll be learning from a master: former Mailchimp VP Colleen Jones.

Learn how to create and implement a content marketing strategy to grow your audience. Topics include:

  • Managing your own content marketing team
  • Creating thought leadership
  • Developing a resonant message.

Skillshare — Introduction to Content Writing course

Courses can help you write better content
Whatever course you choose, keep learning

You want this course if you have little experience. This online course covers all the basics of effective content writing.

You’ll create an avatar to stand in for your ideal client. This avatar will act as a focal point in your approach to writing content.

Udemy — Writing Tools & Hacks: Copywriting/Blogging/Content Writing

This Udemy course breaks down the technical aspects of writing articles and blogs.

The Writing Tools & Hacks course teaches tools and techniques to write engaging content in any topic or niche. Topics include:

  • How to write great headlines
  • How to write lead-generating marketing copy
  • How to use your blog to drive traffic to your website
Advanced content and tactics
Learn to create content that connects

Coursera — Content Strategy for Professionals Specialisation

In this course, you’ll learn how to create engaging content across different platforms. This is for content writers looking for new ways to tell their stories.

This course will help you reach your audience better by using proven strategies to pique their interest. You’ll also develop best practices to grow your target audiences and expand the reach of your material.

What is SEO content writing?

SEO content writing is creating web content around targeted keywords. The goal is to bring more visitors from organic search. That is, more visitors from Google, Bing and other search engines.

Businesses looking to hire content writers for their websites are often interested in keyword usage. That’s because it helps them rank higher on search engine lists.

SEO writing includes placing keywords to nudge search engine ranking. But it’s important that content is written with a human audience in mind. It’s no good ranking in search engines if your words put off the visitors they send.=

So the most important thing about your content is that it’s useful and entertaining to your target audience. Search engine optimization is just one part of creating great content.

How do I learn SEO?

Many digital marketers take training courses to better their SEO skills. You don’t need formal certification to do SEO-related work. However, training can give you a leg up with potential clients.

There are many great courses available. They’ll all teach you the fundamentals of search engine optimisation and take your skills to the next level. Here are a few that we recommend…

Recommended SEO writing courses

Taleist — SEO Content Marketing Course

Copywriting meets content writing in this course
As copywriters, we include persuasion techniques in Taleist’s SEO content marketing course

Taleist’s very own online course for SEO-friendly content marketing features live mentoring from Steven Lewis. Steven Lewis is a copywriting guru with more than two decades of online writing experience.

Our course will lift the veil behind:

  • What your target audience really want to know
  • How to write informative content in a way that really impresses Google
  • How to embed persuasive writing throughout your content marketing to give your conversion rate the ultimate boost

Udemy — How To Write Great Web Content-Better Search Rankings!

This course is perfect for anyone looking to improve their website’s search engine rankings. Also useful for anyone who just wants more insight into how Google works.

You’ll learn about the type of content that search engines consistently rank in their top ten. As with the Taleist course, you’ll discover how to mine for content ideas that will generate traffic.

Coursera — Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals

This course is for beginners looking for an introduction to the world of search.

You’ll learn how search engine algorithms work their magic and what it takes to craft an effective SEO strategy.

This course also covers other elements that can affect your ranking. These elements include consumer psychology, user behaviour and keyword research.

Content marketing involves planning
Planning is essential to content marketing

Coursera — Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimise SEO

Knowing how social media channels affect search results is vital for your writing success. In this online class, you’d learn how social media can be used to improve a site’s ranking.

You’ll also be taking a closer look at influence marketing. You’ll discover how influencers can establish your website’s credibility. Learn how to use influencers to build trust with your target audience.

Take your content writing up a notch

Content writing is rich with opportunities for writers who put effort into improving their skills. If you have a passion for words, enjoy being creative or want an exciting career in content marketing, then it’s worth considering taking some online courses. The better you are as a content writer, the further you can go.

There are several available online courses that will teach you the skills needed to succeed as a content writer. If you’re serious about becoming an expert at writing compelling content for even the most challenging topics, then these courses could make all the difference.

And of course, we’d be honoured to teach you SEO content writing.