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39 Types of Proof

No one will click, call or inquire if they don’t believe you can deliver. If you want your website to work for you, you have to know how to prove you can do what you promise. These 39 types of proof are powerful conversion optimisation tools that you can start using immediately. We give you…

7 things anyone can do to increase conversions

7 Things Anyone Can Do To Increase Website Conversions

If your website is doing just the seven things in this guide, you’ll increase your conversion rate. More than simply increasing your conversion rate, you’ll likely be in the top 5% of websites in your industry. That means you’ll be doing a better job than 95% of the competition. Register or login for instant access…


Better. Stronger. Faster.

Marketing ideas that are working right now for gaining clients, retaining clients and pivoting — even in the time of coronavirus Register or login to download the PDF immediately.

PDF guide to writing case studies

Case Studies That Sell

Every month, a local real estate agent drops a flyer into the office mailbox. The flyer comprises a list of addresses and sale prices. The real estate agent calls this a list of “case studies”. They’re not case studies. What she’s printed is a list of facts. The list isn’t even the case study’s cousin-once-removed,…


How to Write Perfect Press Releases

Today’s journalists are struggling to cover more with fewer resources, which means there are great opportunities for those who can make a timely pitch in the right way. In this guide for first-time press release writers and PR professionals alike, Steven Lewis breaks down the press release transaction, showing you how to write a press…


Simple LinkedIn Mistakes

Are you making these simple LinkedIn mistakes? If you are, we’ll show you how to fix them because getting the basics right on LinkedIn can mean the difference between a new client getting in touch or a new employer or recruiter adding you to their shortlist. Login or register for instant access to the PDF


The Landing Page Checklist

Doing just one of these things could triple your conversion rate… Stop watching expensive leads from Facebook and Google slip through your fingers. Register now or login to get immediate access to the same 11-point landing page checklist that our own copywriters use. Landing page copywriting tips Every day, Taleist’s copywriters hand our clients landing…

Guide to writing a perfect About Us page

Write A Perfect About Us Page

A great About Us page is critical to your prospects’ buying decision. Once people have decided they want what you sell, they want to be sure they like the sound of the business that is selling it. Can they trust you to deliver quality? Can they trust you to deliver at all? In this guide,…

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AI copywriting masterclass from a professional copywriter

AI Copywriting Training: The No-Hype Guide To Supercharging Your Website, Landing Pages, Emails, Social Media and Everything Else

A 60-minute online masterclass in AI copywriting, delivered by a professional copywriter Every business owner and marketer knows the time-sucking pain of staring at a blank page. What will be smart enough and fresh enough to make clients and customers take notice? The moment you conquer one blank page, another appears. Blogs, email newsletters and…

Being Human - The Email Newsletter Formula

Being Human — The Email Newsletter Formula

How to write an email newsletter that connects and converts Email newsletters have a magic ingredient that social media can’t match. Email newsletters are personal. An email drops into the subscriber’s inbox, with the subscriber’s name on it — Dear… Pair that connection with solid content and you have an email newsletter with the potential…

Hosting a webinar

Hosting and Moderating Webinars

Learn how to run a webinar flawlessly “The MBA of webinar training…” Described by one attendee as “like an MBA for webinar training”, Taleist’s webinar training is a three-part online course delivered in video modules with workbooks. Originally developed as an in-house training for global law firms running free legal webinars, this course is now…

Landing page copywriting course

Landing Page Copywriting Course

Fix your clients’ underperforming landing pages (and your own) FAST

Write a perfect About Us page

Make them want you with a perfect about us page

Why is an About Us page important? If you ever wondered why an About Us page matters, you’re not alone. The About Us page is an often neglected page on a website. Many businesses cringe at the thought of bragging about themselves online. And bragging is what the About Us page seems to require. That’s…

Online USP course

Make Your Business Irresistible

Nail your unique selling proposition (USP) and use it to win new business AVAILABLE UNTIL 17 MARCH 2023 Leveraging your USP is the easy way to make more sales without spending an extra dollar on marketing Whether you’re writing your own ad copy or it’s your job to bring in leads for your clients, you’ll…

SEO content marketing online course

SEO Content Marketing

Sharpen your content marketing, SEO and writing skills Have you asked yourself how you can climb to the first page of Google for free? No need to buy ads, instead capture a daily flow of website visitors interested in what you have to offer. If you’re ready to claim your share of potential clients using…

Email marketing masterclass

The Cheat’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing

60 minutes of email marketing tips that get you clicks Social media is all the rage these days. But the numbers are in, and guess what? Email reigns supreme. With a well-thought out email marketing strategy, you can expect an average clickthrough rate of 3.57%. On the other hand, Facebook will earn you a measly clickthrough average…

Write a high converting webpage

Turn website visitors into customers

Here’s the inconvenient truth… It’s not enough to have an awesome product or service. You also need a website that draws in prospects; a website that gives them a compelling reason why they should buy from you instead of your competitors. On average, users spend between 10 to 20 seconds on a website. That’s how…

The power of social proof

Win Business and Influence Prospects With Social Proof

You’ve probably been in this situation before… You’re out for lunch and you see two restaurants — one packed with customers and one that is practically empty. Naturally, your instincts tell you to pick the restaurant with more customers. If everyone goes there, it must be good, right? This “I’ll have what she’s having” reaction…