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An online course for beginners or the copywriting-curious

Are you a beginner who wants to be a successful copywriter, but you don’t know where to start? Have you made a start but you’d like some copywriting tips? Or maybe you want to improve your general writing with copywriting techniques...

It makes sense to take online copywriting and marketing training from an established copywriter, but there are so many copywriting courses, copywriting certifications and online tutorials out there. Everyone is promising you freedom and that six-figure copywriting business. They just need your money first.

It can be hard for a beginner at the start of their copywriting career to know where to start their copywriting education. That’s doubly true if you’re not 100% sure that writing copy is for you. Do you need copywriting classes? Should you go straight for a copywriting coach?

Over the years, Taleist has created dozens of videos, webinars, presentations and downloads about copywriting skills and techniques. And in this free online copywriting course, we’ve brought those videos and presentations together for the freelance writer at the start of their education.

For beginners, content marketers or the copywriting-curious, this copywriting mini-course is a chance to:

  • Explore what the craft of copywriting is
  • Discover what great copywriting involves
  • Learn some copywriting basics and what goes into winning copywriting formulas, picking up the odd copywriting secret on the way
  • Add proven copywriting skills and techniques to your repertoire

As well as copywriting tips, the course includes breakdowns of successful copy so you can see what goes on behind the scenes in a copywriting project — the many things happening beneath the surface of copy that wins conversions.

Whether you want to be a copywriter or not, this course will give you copywriting techniques to improve your writing skills and give you more confidence in your abilities as a writer.

What is copywriting?‎

Copywriting is writing that’s based on the specific purpose of selling. At its most basic, copywriting is writing to sell a product or service. However, “selling” could mean convincing someone to open an email or respond to you. Or it could mean “selling” a website reader on giving you their email address in exchange for a PDF download.

There is a difference between content marketing and copywriting. Where a content writer informs, educates or entertains, a copywriter takes the ball further down the field — converting readers into action-takers. It’s not uncommon for a successful copywriter to also do content writing.

And in the world of website copywriting and search engine optimisation, there is SEO copywriting — the art of persuading humans and Google to take action. 

What’s in this free beginner’s copywriting course?

This is a course mostly of bite-sized videos about copywriting along with some downloadable resources with more in-depth information about the craft.

Through the access to videos and downloadable resources, you’re getting a tasting plate of things that copywriting experts think about and the skills professional copywriters apply.

Most of the videos are short enough that you’ll get through three or four in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Some of the video tutorials include practical examples — real world examples of compelling sales copy.

You’ll find the additional resources are instantly actionable, helping you to avoid the biggest rookie mistakes people make — usually by missing the basics of sales in their copy.

So as soon as you’ve watched one of the videos or read one of the downloads, you’ll have something new to apply the next time you have content to write, whether that’s a blog post or a landing page.

Where can learning copywriting take you?

Too many businesses don’t know what copywriting is, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need a copywriter. Every business needs a copywriter if they have a website, social media posts, an email list or any kind of audience they need to persuade with words.

When you know how to write in a way that persuades people to take action, you’ll find a market for your services anywhere that words have the potential to turn into dollars. Where there are successful sales, there is usually a freelance copywriter or in-house copywriter somewhere in the process.

So maybe you don’t want to be a copywriter, but you want to know how to brief copy, review the drafts you receive or write better blog posts, emails and other content marketing material. After all, who isn’t in the business of content creation these days?

Learning these fundamental principles will help you whatever kind of content creator you hope to be.

How can a beginner start copywriting?

There are several ways a beginner can start copywriting, anything from starting your own business to apprenticing in-house for a business that needs content or for an established copywriting business. First, however, you need to grasp the fundamentals. Once you’ve mastered copywriting 101, you can move on to gaining copywriting experience. 

Where can you learn copywriting for free?

Copywriting is something you can learn free by reading great copy, but it helps to have someone who can unscrew the the back of the case to show you the machinery at work. You can get there through reverse engineering, but reinventing the wheel is a slow process. You’ll get there faster with an expert showing you the classic frameworks powering the machinery of all persuasive copy.

There’s a limit to how far you can expect a professional to take you for free, but we’re pleased to offer you a starting point with this free course on copywriting for beginners. There’s nothing we like better than opening the door for a brand-new copywriter to the best job in the world. That’s why we’ve collected tips, tricks and techniques in one place to get you started.

A copywriting course that grows

As we shoot new videos, create new downloadable resources and create real-world examples, we’ll be adding them to the free course. And we’ll let you know when we add new material.

Once you join the global community of freelance copywriters, you’ll quickly discover that successful copywriters never stop learning from practical examples of converting sales with words.

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacher
Your copywriting teacher, Steven Lewis, has 25 years’ experience as a professional direct response copywriter

Who teaches this free copywriting course?

Steven Lewis has been a professional copywriter since the last millennium. He’s written high-converting copy for household names and successful businesses you won’t have heard of.

Today, Steven runs Sydney copywriting agency Taleist, which is known for writing attention-grabbing and persuasive content in multiple niches, with particular expertise in writing websites.