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Sydney copywriters make you stand out like the Opera House
Copywriters who can make you as magnetic as the Sydney Opera House lit up at festival time

You've got a great product or service. There are thousands of potential clients or customers who would be thrilled by what you have. Yet for some reason, they can't see that. They pass through your marketing funnel like they were never there.

You've invested in a website that doesn't make the phone ring.

You're dropping a fortune on Facebook and Google ads without getting anywhere.

Your product descriptions aren't moving stock.

Your blog posts aren't keeping readers engaged.

Copywriter Sydney — Our content strategist at work in Sydney, NSW

Meeting clients in Sydney's Shangri-La Hotel

Our Sydney copywriters have seen it all before...

We've seen brands trying every marketing tactic imaginable without making headway with prospective customers.

We've met businesses that have seen fortunes slip through their fingers, all because they don't have website copy that convinces. (And that's if they have the right SEO copywriting to get their site found in the first place.)

Beautiful Sydney, NSW, not a bad place to be an SEO copywriter

Beautiful Sydney, not a bad place to be a writer.

Fixing these problems is why our copywriting services exist:

Taleist is a Sydney-based copywriting agency with clients around the globe, not just in Australia. Our reach comes from word of mouth about our track record of creating the content strategy behind high-converting websites and landing pages that sell.

Our Sydney team includes some of the best business copywriters in Australia. We have the experience to create content — from blog posts to landing pages — that will get you calls, clicks, downloads, sales and enquiries in no time at all.

Call us to talk about your copywriting needs

Are you a business owner or a marketing manager looking for a web copywriter, SEO copywriter or content creation specialist to increase your conversion rate? If you have an audience you need to convince or you want search engines to pay more attention, let's talk about how we can help.

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Are you looking to learn copywriting?

Do you want to be a copywriter or upskill to take charge of your own conversions? Are you a digital marketer who wants to turn around clients' campaigns by improving their copy?

Our online copywriting courses cover everything from keyword research to managing a whole copywriting project from research to the last full stop.

Sydney is home to the only copywriters you’ll ever need, wherever you are

Your website is your online shop window. And if you want to sell more or your services or products, it's not enough to just have a pretty site. You need copy that will convince your audience to take action and buy from you.

After over two decades, we’ve gotten pretty good at producing effective web content and other copy pieces that will get your phone ringing.

Our team of copywriters have been helping businesses just like yours improve their marketing copy for years. Based in Sydney, we’ve served thousands of happy customers from Australia, the United States and all around the world, creating lead-converting content for their websites and marketing campaigns.

Website copywriting services

An SEO copywriter can help you get noticed by Google. A copywriter will persuade human readers.

An SEO copywriter can help you get noticed by Google. A copywriter will persuade human readers.

Our Sydney team of copywriters and content writers have honed our website copywriting process into an art form. We’re the best at what we do and we can prove it with data-driven results from customers like you. Our seven-step research and writing process is guaranteed to increase your website traffic and drive up sales.

Landing page copywriting

You’ve spent a lot of money sending traffic your way. So why not make sure that it's worth every penny? Our direct response website copywriting is designed for people who are serious about making positive ROI from their marketing efforts. If you’re looking for copywriting services that can skyrocket your conversion rates, look no further.

Online copywriting courses

Business owners and freelance copywriters in Sydney and far beyond take our online copywriting courses

Business owners and freelance copywriters in Sydney and far beyond take our online copywriting courses

Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach. But here at Taleist, we say why not do both?

Upskill as a marketer or set up as a copywriter with Taleist’s online training. Our masterclasses and workshops will equip you with the copywriting and marketing tools you need to create persuasive web copy.

Email marketing copy

Social media makes the most noise, but when it comes to converting leads, nothing beats an effective email marketing campaign. And the right copywriting could turn your mailing list into a lead machine.

Don’t leave your subscribers hanging. Turn your followers into customers with snappy subject lines, engaging copy and clear calls to action.

LinkedIn profile writing

LinkedIn is the website many people forget they have. But it's also where your prospects are most likely to find you.

Don’t get caught off guard. We know all the LinkedIn tips and tricks that will make your profile the centre of attention for your target audience. Create an impression that lasts on LinkedIn with our expert help. Or learn how to write a winning LinkedIn profile yourself.

Blog post writing

You’re a busy company. You want to get your brand out, but writing high-quality blog posts takes time and effort that you don’t have That’s what Taleist is here for.

Our team of talented writers will help you grow your audience by writing engaging, SEO-optimised blog posts. Establish yourself as an expert in your field with long-form SEO content that will captivate your target audience, drive traffic to your website and convert leads.

Website review

You might think you did a good job on your website copywriting, but then again, the phone isn't ringing. An experienced website copywriter can give you feedback on your website.

30 minutes. That’s how long our copywriters need to show you areas pinpointed for improvement. We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to see your conversion rates explode.

Some of our copywriting clients from Sydney

These are just some of our copywriting project clients in beautiful NSW, many of them based in Sydney...

What our clients in Sydney and farther afield say about our copywriting projects

Great value!

Mat Baker"Awesome masterclasses Steven... like all of your copywriting teaching, I found these classes to be well explained, well organised, and jam-packed with real examples of what makes copy work... or not!

"I would highly recommend to anyone interested in knowing what's "really" important when writing copy to make a sale, to check them out. They're great value!" — Mat Baker, Power Plumbing, Newcastle

Highly recommend Steven and his team

"I have worked with Steven and his team at Taleist over the last 12 months were they took my website from confusing to clear. Steven research my ideal clients and spoke to them in a way they understood.

"I also did his online copywriting course which helped me to improve my copy.

"I highly recommend Steven and his team of Sydney copywriters." — Paul Higgins, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Fantastic communicator and an exceptional copywriter here in Sydney

Lee Wallis"I’ve now completed a selection of different copywriting courses with Steven and I've found them to be excellent! He's a fantastic communicator and an exceptional copywriter down in Sydney. I'd highly recommend both his courses and his services." — Lee Wallis, Excite Media, Brisbane, Queensland

Taleist is responsive, professional and really easy to get along with

"Steven and his team were outstanding from start to finish - they really took the time to get to know our business inside out. They interviewed out clients and our team to get a real gist of who we are as a business.

"Taleist is responsive, professional and really easy to get along with. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great Sydney copywriter to bring their company's website to life. Thank you Steven!" — Kim Campbell, Montara Wealth, Sydney CBD, NSW

A speedy, professional and effective copywriter

Daniel Vasin"If you're serious about connecting with the reader, this copywriter is your man. I particularly appreciated that Taleist interviewed our clients before scripting our website content. Speedy, professional and effective." — Daniel Vasin, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Get your message across

Elias MaamariWant to get your message across?
Steven is your man! In addition to the professional copywriting services, Steven is courteous, respectful and a pleasure to deal with. I will definitely use the Taleist again!" — Elias Maamari, Cornerstone Civil, Seven Hills, Sydney, NSW

Great copywriters in Sydney

juliana-maruliana"What an amazing agency. Steven is able to look at your copy and really figure out what you are trying to say and take out everything that you are not. He helps makes messages that are direct for your ideal customer and convert for your marketing. Great copywriters in Sydney!" — Juliana Marulanda, New York, USA

Takes copywriting well into the strategic arena

Melissa Donnelly"The team at Taleist promised a process that would distil my business offer into compelling website content. And, without question, they delivered. I anticipate the end result will play a vital role in attracting prospective clients, which is the primary objective of my website redevelopment.

"The team of Sydney copywriters are challenging, stimulating and thought-provoking. A refreshing approach that takes copywriting well into the strategic arena." — Melissa Donnelly, Affinity Communications, Brisbane, Queensland

Not just content writers

"I have used Taleist on 3 of my businesses. Steven and Fleur take the time to really get to know and understand your business. They are not just writers but are “copywriters”. Their work is original and highly impactful. Very professional and keep you informed every step of the way." — Ben Nguyen, Cabramatta Dental Care, Sydney, NSW

Steven is the copywriting king

Linh PodettiEvery time I consume Steven's content I'm in awe. He has an amazing way of articulating stories and use marketing/business knowledge to write content that converts sales." — Linh Podetti, Outsourcing Angel, Connells Point, Sydney, NSW

Converting high-quality traffic

Nick Dogulin copywriting testimonialAs a direct result of our customers working with Taleist, we are then able to deliver high-quality traffic to our customers' websites and are confident that their conversion rate is exceedingly better than had they not worked with Taleist first. Taleist is an integral part of our delivery process." — Nicholas Dogulin, Dogulin Digital


"The team's copywriting ability is second to none"

Dear Taleist

Blake Riley of Blakes of SydneyI would like to say a huge thanks to Steven, Fleur and the entire Taleist team. I am so happy that we engaged your services.

I got a really strong connection with you from the start, and Steven really took the time to understand my business. He put himself in the shoes of my client, and then wrote copy that was persuasive and told the story of my business exceptionally well.

Steven noticed things about my business where my model helped clients, I actually wasn't even aware that we helped clients in this way. After Steven was done, I feel like he understood my business better than I did. This is when I knew I had chosen the right company.

The professionalism of the team, the weekly updates letting me know where my project was and the next steps involved, was an unusual surprise. In business I find way too many companies promise the world and never deliver, but Taleist stuck by their word and were amazing to work with.

The teams copywriting ability is second to none. They explained what we do as a business in a special way that captivates readers and really makes them feel that we understand them, and that we are the perfect company for their needs.

Overall, I would highly recommend Taleist, I was so happy with the process, the team are organised and super easy to talk to, and they deliver what they promise with their copy.

Have a read of my site You can read things for yourself, they wrote all of it. If you can understand what my unique renovation broker model does, and you realise the need for our model, then give all the credit to Taleist.

If you want to get your website copy to its greatest potential, and therefore get more leads and converting clients, then get in touch with this team of Sydney copywriters.

Thanks again Steven, Fleur and the entire team. Legends.


Blake Riley
Blakes Of Sydney
Zetland, NSW

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Copy that will make your conversion rates soar

If you're looking for a professional copywriter who can create compelling content that turns your website visitors into customers, then get in touch with us today.

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"The client is seeing an insane increase in leads/performance..."

— Blake Horton, SEO/AdWords expert, QuantumLinx