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Professional LinkedIn profile copywriting

When potential clients Google your name, your LinkedIn profile is probably the first thing they'll see. But LinkedIn is the website many people forget they have.

If LinkedIn is where your clients are going to find you, the copywriting of your profile needs to be pitch perfect and on brand.

“A prospective business partner actually quoted our LinkedIn profile back to us because the copywriting from Taleist was so impressive.”

— Jonathan Elcombe, LGen Solutions (Sydney)

What will Taleist do differently when copywriting your LinkedIn profile?


We understand LinkedIn

LinkedIn wants you to be found and wants you to look impressive, so it gives you options to create a fantastic first impression. We know how to use all of them, including the powerful features your competition ignores.


We're copywriters

Your LinkedIn profile is the same as any other website you control: it's critical to the impression you’re making. We’re copywriters specialising in websites. We know how to persuade a reader without appearing to “sell”.


We build a “today” profile

You've evolved over the years. Your skills have grown, along with your value to prospective clients. Most people don’t evolve their LinkedIn profile to match. We’ll make sure every layer of your profile reflects your current value.


We ask the right questions

Unless your ideal reader has the same expertise as you, it’s easy to accidentally baffle them with jargon. We’ll convey your expertise in language everyone will understanding — without diminishing the value of your knowledge and experience.

Need a LinkedIn profile that attracts more of the right attention? We’d love to hear more.