Do I need a professional copywriter for my business?

As copywriters, you’d expect us to shout YES, you DO need a professional copywriter for your business but…

Some businesses definitely need a copywriter. Others don’t. So a better answer is that it depends on what your business is looking to achieve and where it is along the road.

When do you need a professional copywriter for your business?

A copywriter has one job: to persuade your ideal client to do something. For instance, you might want to persuade someone to buy from you.

However, website copywriting for a services business is more likely to be geared to getting a prospect to make contact with you than to buy from you at that stage. You’re not unlikely to buy legal services from a lawyer’s website, but you do need to be persuaded to call them to enquire about buying those services.

So doesn’t every business need a professional copywriter, then?

Not if they don’t have traffic.

A copywriter can only persuade prospects who exist. If your website, landing page or other marketing material isn’t getting any visitors, there’s no one for the copywriter to persuade.

Distribution could be SEO, Google Ads, Facebook advertising, direct mail, email, LinkedIn or any number of channels. But if your business doesn’t have any plan to distribute the copywriting, you don’t need a professional copywriter because you won’t have an audience for what they write.

How do I find a professional copywriter

It’s true that anyone can call themselves a copywriter, but there are insiders’ ways to know if a copywriter is right for you. You can read all about them in our free guide to choosing the right copywriter for your website or other project.

How can Taleist help?

We are professional copywriters who can turn your audience into clients with our copywriting expertise. Or we offer online courses in writing landing pages and LinkedIn profiles and posts.

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Also, Taleist has more Copywriting FAQs, as well as a guide to hiring the perfect copywriter and 7 Things Anyone Can Do To Increase Their Conversion Rate.

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