What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting, more accurately called SEO content writing, is the art of writing webpages that convince Google:

  • That your website should rank well for particular search terms
  • That a particular page on your website should rank well for a particular search or group of searches

The “SEO” in SEO copywriting stands for “search engine optimisation”. The search engine might be Bing, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo, but when people talk about an SEO copywriter, they’re usually most concerned with impressing Google.

Local search can be particularly powerful — e.g. “copywriter Sydney” — if location is important to your prospects.

Are copywriting and SEO copywriting the same thing?

Copywriting and SEO copywriting aren’t the same thing in the way they terms are normally used.

Copywriting: Is writing with the aim of persuading a person to do something.

SEO copywriting: Is writing with the aim of persuading Google or another search engine that your website or specific webpage is worth of ranking on the first page of a particular Google search.

Many companies advertising SEO services for copywriting know little about direct response copywriting. They might persuade Google to rank you, but you should check wether they have the skills to write copy that will persuade the humans Google will send to the page.

Is SEO copywriting enough on its own to rank in Google?

Google considers hundreds of factors before rolling out the top results for a search. The words on a particular page are one of them — an important consideration. So are the words on the rest of your site. (If your site is about pizza, you’re unlikely to be able to get a page on your site to rank for searches for burgers, however hard you work your SEO.)

On its own, copywriting with SEO in mind is unlikely to make a big difference to your rankings in Google and other search engines, especially if you’re in a competitive market. You need an SEO strategy that covers more than your copywriting.

If you’re fighting for Google rankings, chances are your competition is fighting back, and SEO is a zero-sum game.

How are SEO copywriting services important?

You should write every page of your website as if someone will read it, someone who matters to you. If your copywriter has SEO skills, they can use those skills to inform how they structure your webpage and the arguments on that page.

When you know, for instance, that prospects are prefacing searches with “local” or “trustworthy”, you know it’s important to prove on the page that you’re local or trustworthy.

Search engine analysis is one step in Taleist’s copywriting research process not for SEO reasons. We use pro-grade search engine analysis tools to understand your prospects’ thinking. However, when we use that information, we naturally improve the the search engine optimisation of the pages on your website: Because we’re using the language your prospects use.

Should my copywriter know SEO copywriting?

We have a whole article on how much SEO your web copywriter should know. But in short: it depends on the goals of your website and, more generally, your marketing strategy.

What company provides the best SEO copywriting service?

The company that provides the best copywriting for SEO will be the one that:

  • Understands your overarching SEO and marketing strategies
  • Understands your business and what will move your prospects to action — because, ultimately, a human might read the page, not just the Googlebot.

How can Taleist help?

We can provide you with SEO-influenced copywriting. And if you need an SEO strategy, we can give you the names we give our clients when they need an SEO agency they can trust.

Our copywriting process includes search engine analysis when writing copy for websites and copywriting landing pages.

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