Website copywriting example for a very different law firm

Top of the homepage in this website copywriting example for a very different law firm

This is an example of website copywriting for a law firm that claims to be different — and can prove those differences.

It’s easy to say you’re different. But you know what they say – If everyone is special, then no one is. In an industry where everyone claims to be different, how do you prove you’re the real deal? Especially when many potential clients have been promised different before then let down.

That is the challenge our client found itself facing. Our client is a law firm that specialises in business law, but to their clients, they’re more than lawyers; they’re all-around advisors. Our clients know they’re different, but how to communicate that to potential clients and be believed. That’s when they decided to approach Taleist’s website copywriters in Sydney.

After speaking to the law firm and a few of their clients, our copywriters reached the same conclusion — this law firm is genuinely different. What we also confirmed in our copywriting research is the value they deliver is far greater than prospective clients could possibly imagine.

So when marketing a law firm, how do you make a reader believe that the impossible is possible?


A headline with a purpose

Example of a website tagline with a purpose

Law is our business

The second colour has a purpose

The headline on the law firm’s homepage clearly states what this client does: law, business law.

“Business” is in a different colour to emphasise that this is a law firm that specialises in commercial law.

Website copywriting that knows what a client wants

New clients rely on us for the legal and commercial thinking to keep their businesses moving over, around or through obstacles.

This is an example of copywriting that recognises a client’s hidden desires. Prospects don’t wake up in the morning wanting a lawyer. What prospects are really looking for is a way to shift an obstacle. And that’s what they’ll get with this law firm.

Building a value proposition

Longstanding clients trust us to make sure obstacles don’t appear in the first place.

This is an example of website copywriting that speaks to the law firm’s value proposition. One of our client’s unique value propositions is that they aren’t just who you call when you have a problem. If you keep them in the loop always, they will foresee problems and make sure they never come to be problems.

A different kind of call to action

What makes us different

Although web designers love it, our Sydney copywriters don’t usually recommend a call to action above the fold of a website. You may have the best heading and introduction in the world. That doesn’t mean it’s enough to turn first-time visitors into believers of your product or service. You’re still on the first date, so don’t ask them to marry you.

However, this call to action is different. Our copywriters don’t try to persuade visitors to convert right away; we know most visitors won’t be ready yet. Instead, the call to action invites readers to click and find out more about our client before making their decision.

Prove it – Website copywriting that shows, not tells

Copywriting that proves difference

You expect lawyers to tell you they’re different.
You expect them to say they practise law differently.
So, we won’t tell you we’re different. Our clients will.

Our client claims to be different. This is an example of website copywriting that proves it.

First, we address the elephant: How many law firm websites acknowledge that they’re just one of a thousand firms claiming to be different? So instead of telling prospects that this firm is different like the other law firms do, our client is starting to prove it by actually doing something different.

Secondly, they’re letting their clients do the talking. These are long testimonials that cover many of the objections a potential client might have. In particular, these testimonials talk to how these lawyers are more to these clients than the clients imagined possible. This is an example of how powerful social proof can be in copywriting.

Website copywriting that gets straight to the point

Website copywriting that gets straight to the point

There is no shortage of technical legal expertise in Australia. There are, however, profound gaps between what businesses need and the way legal services are offered. We fill those gaps.

Here is an example of website copywriting that says it like it is because here’s another difference: this is a law firm that doesn’t beat around the bush. That’s how prospects know they really are different from the rest.

The website copywriting admits there are plenty of lawyers in Australia who have the technical expertise to deliver legal advice, i.e there are lots of lawyers just as good — technically — as our clients. But what our client’s competitors lack is the business acumen to tailor their technical knowledge to prospects’ unique business challenges.

Although our client has exceptional technical knowledge, they’re prepared to acknowledge there are other experts in Australia who know how to handle legal challenges equally as well. But our clients aren’t threatened because that isn’t real competition. They’re confident that their commercial sense gives them a competitive edge. This commercial sense allows our client to tailor their legal advice to what their clients need for their businesses.

A client relationship in the making

Before they found us, many of our clients had given up looking for a law firm that practised law the way businesses need it to be practised.

The copywriting on this website continues to build trust by saying what prospects are thinking. This works because persuasive copywriting is a conversation between two people. The more a copywriter can demonstrate they understand their target audience, the easier it is to build trust in prospects. The you-get-me effect is compelling.

Our client’s prospects are people who built their business from the ground up. They have instructed countless commercial lawyers and been disappointed every time. The web copy lets prospects know that this is a law firm that understands what they’re going through. Prospects see themselves in the web copy. This helps our client build an emotional connection with prospects. How can a law firm be disappointing when it know this much about how disappointing lawyers can be?

Law firm content marketing is another way to build relationships with potential clients through a website.

Understanding a client’s pain points

Technical legal advice vs commercial acumen
There is the gap between technical legal advice and commercial acumen.

In copywriting, relationships are built through pain — understanding the client’s pain, showing them how bad it is and offering a solution.

In this case, the client’s pain is that lawyers all have the necessary technical legal knowledge, but few of them have the commercial savvy necessary to truly understand how a legal problem fits in with a client’s business challenges.

Prospects don’t want a lawyer who only understands the law as it’s written. They want a lawyer who also understands their business needs and goals; a lawyer who can synthesise it all and give strategic commercial advice with a legal angle.

Triggering the subconscious – deliberately selected copywriting language

The role of legal advice in business is to lay tracks to the best commercial outcome.

This is an example of website copywriting language that was deliberately chosen to paint a picture in the prospects’ subconscious. Tracks are designed to get someone from one point to the next. That means prospects can’t go wrong when they’re on a track. Just as clients can’t go wrong with this law firm.

Overcoming objections with persuasive copy

“Winning” a dispute might be a distraction from the main game.
An inflexible approach to agreements might mis-manage risk and deprive a business of opportunities.

This is another example of website copywriting that addresses an objection clients face. Potential clients think lawyers are too focused on “winning” the case, rather than what’s good for their client’s businesses.

Our target audience wants opportunities for their business. They don’t want to spend years tied up in a legal dispute just so they can win the argument. And they want a lawyer who can ensure a favourable commercial outcome for them, regardless of whether or not they “win” the dispute.

Confronting the competition

Business decisions and legal matters don’t happen inside a computer. They are always multi-dimensional.
They always involve different personalities with degrees of capacity that vary between interactions.
Blindly shovelling academic legal advice into the mix will not deliver the best commercial outcome.

Here, the website copywriting takes a subtle jab at our client’s competitors. Our client’s competitors don’t always see that commercial disputes are more complicated than how they fit into the law Commercial disputes are commercial.

Approaching a commercial dispute without fully understanding its multidimensional facets is like trying to play chess while looking at only half the board.

A law firm’s point of difference

We recruit lawyers on the dimensions of attitude, communication and knowledge. In that order.
Without those three qualities int he right proportions, the best advice can neither be given nor heard. And unheard advice cannot be acted on to reach the best commercial outcome.

This website copywriting pushes hard on the law firm’s point of difference. Their competitors might recruit new lawyers according to their experience and technical knowledge. But this law firm selects candidates based on three criteria — Attitude. Communication. And knowledge.

The web copy also explains the reason behind the law firm’s hiring practice. Technical knowledge is meaningless without the ability to communicate that knowledge. Lawyers need to have the skills to extract important information from their clients. And they need to be able to communicate legal advice effectively to their clients. Compare this to the law firm websites that simply bang on about years of experience in accumulating legal knowledge.

Reinforcing the point of difference

Our lawyesr listen on every frequency. Then communicate information to add to the knowledge, powering smart decisions.

The law firm’s point of difference is communicated consistently throughout the website. These lawyers don’t just approach a problem from a legal perspective. They listen and analyse the challenge from every angle. And they know how to deliver valuable information in a language their clients understand.

Our vision is that our lawyers will be appreciated for more than applying legal knowledge to prevent or minimise loss.
Our lawyers will be trusted to apply business and legal knowledge to create value for the client.

When prospects decide to engage with this law firm, they can expect to gain much more than a favourable outcome from the dispute. And they’ll come to value their lawyer for more than just their technical legal knowledge.

Making a bold claim – website copywriting that doesn’t hold back

The first people you’ll call.
It’s a bold claim – that you’ll have us programmed in your phone, that we’ll be among the first people you call in the face of obstacle or opportunity.
We know that sounds unlikely. More than that – if you’ve instructed lawyers before, it sounds incredible.

Good copy has one purpose and one purpose only: to get readers to keep reading until you ask them to do something. The purpose of a website headline is to persuade readers to read the next sentence. The purpose of the first sentence of a copy is to persuade readers to read the second sentence. And so on. Because the longer a reader’s eyeballs are glued to the copy, the more likely they are to convert.

This is what the web copy is doing. The copy does not begin with a service description. Instead, the copy grabs the reader by making a bold claim. And it’s admitting it’s making a bold claim. Like the rest of the website, the web copy is saying it like it is. Readers will likely be sceptical. They might even be rolling their eyes in disbelief. But at the same time, they won’t be able to tear their gaze away. Not until they find out why they need this law firm’s number saved in their phones. Just listen to how the copy is talking directly to the ideal reader.

Copywriting words designed to persuade

But try us and you’ll see why our clients pick up the phone whether it’s a matter of law or business.

“Try” sounds simple. “Try” is low effort and doesn’t ask much of prospects. Prospects simply have to pick up the phone and give it a go. If they change their mind, then no harm done

Once again, this is an example of a word that doesn’t appear in the copy accidentally; it was carefully selected to evoke the desired response. The tone our copywriters use is conversational and casual. But at the same time, it asserts confidence.

Features and benefits in website copywriting

We don’t just do the contracts. We develop the idea, design the architecture and work out the machinery.
Our structures turn good deals into great deals, yielding more profit down the line than they would otherwise

This website copywriting illustrates what any copywriter will tell you about features and benefits. Whenever you mention a feature, spell out the benefit, as we do here.

The service feature offered by the law firm is that they don’t just write the contract. They brainstorm ideas and consult on the contract framework. The benefit for the clients is that the law firm can improve upon already good business deals and maximise client profits.

Understanding the client

In every matter, we use the instincts and processes unique to us to prioritise. Because no business ever has only one move to play.
There is always a question of allocating resources like time, attention and capital.

The web copy demonstrates to readers once again that this is a law firm that understands business. These are lawyers who understand their clients’ obligations extend beyond the legal matters at hand.

Finite resources demand attention and sequencing, not an advisor noisily claiming that an issue should be first priority simply because it’s their issue.

Our client understands business owners have limited time, energy and money. And that it’s a constant struggle to allocate these resources effectively. This is a law firm that also understands the last thing business owners need is a lawyer telling them what issues they should be prioritising.

The point of spelling all that out in the copy is this: How could this law firm have known about these business problems unless they faced and overcame problems like these before?

The results

We’re the leading company in the industry.
We have the best customer service.
We’re different from the rest.

How many times have you heard these hollow claims echo through your industry? This is a golden opportunity. Saying anything is easy. But being able to show your value to prospects speaks volumes in a world where trust means everything. By having a website that’s not like the others — in what it acknowledges and how it says it — our client proves to prospects that they are cut from a different cloth. Then it reinforces that with frank and interesting testimonials from clients, testimonials that go beyond “I recommend…”, “Nice to work with…”

Is your law firm different from all the rest?

If you find yourself struggling to communicate your difference to prospective clients, give us a call. Here at Taleist, different is what we do best.

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