Website copywriting example in AWS managed services

Website copywriting example for an IT business

This website copywriting example is about persuading the reader that they won’t regret picking up the phone. (Because our clients know that they outshine the competition once they have the client in conversation.)

There are currently over one million Amazon Web Services (AWS) users in the world. Many of them are app and IT companies running their infrastructure on AWS. And many of those need a highly skilled and reliable AWS managed service provider to help run their AWS infrastructure.

The problem is that most AWS managed service providers sound the same. So how does a great provider stand out from the average (or bad)?

UK-based Logicata came to our Sydney-based website copywriters keenly aware of their company’s value proposition. They are true authorities in the industry, not least because of the founders’ backgrounds. Because of those backgrounds, one conversation with a potential client is often all they need to convince their clients that they’re the real deal.


Persuasive website copywriting starts with research

Before writing the content for Logicata’s website, Taleist ran its website copywriting research process.

First, we spoke to Logicata’s co-founders, Karl Robinson and Marc Gadson.

Next, we arranged to speak to a couple of their clients. Our copywriters asked about their pain points, objections and experiences working with our client and their competitors.

Our research allowed us to validate what Logicata claimed as their point of difference. In the view of clients, the team at Logicata are indeed genuine experts. As former developers, they understand their clients’ businesses and know how to speak their clients’ language. And they care deeply about resolving their clients’ issues quickly and effectively.

The research affirmed that the purpose of the website copywriting would be to persuade Logicata’s ideal clients to pick up the phone and have that initial conversation with the team. We want prospects to hear the depth of the company’s expertise for themselves. This goal was firmly at the forefront of our copywriters’ minds when they set out writing the website’s copy.

1. Establishing what the company does and its point of difference

Website copywriting example for an IT company
An example of opening a website with both what the company does and its value proposition

The headline copy tells readers that they’re at the website of an AWS managed services provider. There’s no need to scroll down the website to be certain you’re in the right place.

The headline also introduces the value proposition:

When it comes to AWS managed services, we’re not just all talk.

Unlike all the other IT managed services companies who sound the same, you’re on the site of genuine experts. And the seed is planted that you’ll know this for yourself as soon as they talk to them.

2. Website copy that highlights the value proposition

This value proposition is reinforced by the paragraph above the fold. Here, the web copy is already hard at work convincing prospects that they should get on the phone.

There’s no way to fake AWS experience once you get down to the business of talking through requirements, challenges, options and solutions.

That’s why our clients say they knew we were the real deal once they got us in the room to talk about their business.

Here’s the benefit of picking up the phone: you’ll cut through the bullshit you might be hearing from other providers

3. A call to action above the fold

Despite what many web developers say, we don’t always recommend having a call to action above the fold. This is because the site hasn’t yet built value. Without enough value build-up, it’s unlikely prospects will take action. And asking for action too soon can come across as abrupt.

However, this website copywriting example warrants an early call to action. Taleist’s copywriters are building the argument that it’s fastest and best for the potential client to speak directly to the company. If it’s faster to get the result the reader wants on the phone, let’s get to it.

4. Website imagery that delivers a brand message

An illustration of well-chosen website imagery

Tech companies tend to use technology-related imagery without any people. However, for this web copy, the aim is to establish the company as relationship-oriented. Logicata’s website moves closer to that goal by taking technology-related imagery and overlaying the business owners, Karl and Marc.

The technological elements in the background speak to the company’s technology services. And at the same time, having pictures of real people shows that this is a company that values authenticity.

5. A consistent call to action

The homepage concludes with another call to action. Calls to action on the homepage are for the convenience of referrals. We’re thinking of prospective clients who were directed to the website by word-of-mouth recommendations.

These prospects might stop at the website’s homepage to ensure the business provides the service they’re looking for. Once the website’s homepage tells prospects what they need to know, they don’t need to visit other web pages. Having a call to action on the homepage allows these prospects to take action without having to navigate to other pages, possibly getting distracted.

The calls to action remain consistent throughout the website. Taleist website copywriters are not trying to push the company’s services to prospective clients yet. Instead, we’re encouraging prospects to take up Logicata’s offer for a free chat to prove they are the real deal.

Let’s start with a conversation.

Your lasting relationship with your AWS managed service provider starts with talk.

Not selling services yet, just a call.

6. An About Us page with a sense of humour

An About Us page example for an IT business
An About Us page that adds a little humour

The introduction to the About Us page references the famous speech delivered by Liam Neeson in the film Taken starring Liam Neeson. It’s a simple way to demonstrate a bit of fun and charm. And it’s a way to reinforce that these are people-people, good to talk to, not IT robots.

7. Website copywriting that conveys in-depth expertise

Copywriting demonstrating expertise
What’s the benefit of all this expertise?

This web copy example highlights the fact that our clients used to work in the same jobs and industries as their prospects. This means compared to their competitors, the team has a deeper knowledge of the industries their clients operate in. This knowledge and experience allows the team to be far more involved in every aspect of their client’s issues than their competitors could pull off.

8. The features and benefits of an IT managed services provider

The subheading in this Why Us page explains the features and benefits of working with the company. This subheading convinces readers to continue reading the next paragraph.

Expertise that minimises your risk and your cost at the same time.

The feature clients are receiving from is expertise. The benefit associated with that feature is the reduced risk and cost taken on by the client.

9. TL;DR for website visitors who prefer shorter copy

Using a tl;dr on a website
Long copy converts, but not every reader of a long web page needs all of it

Long web copy (almost) always converts better than short web copy. That’s because website copywriting is the business’ salesperson in print. And like a salesperson, web copy needs to answer all the questions prospective clients have.

Unlike salespeople however, a website copy is unable to answer a specific prospect’s only questions in real-time. So longer copy is needed to so as to address every potential concern of every potential client.

However, there are probably some prospects who are nearly sold on the service at this point. So it’s not necessary for them to read the rest of the web page. That’s why a summary is provided for them at the top of the website.

But if the list is tl;dr, we can narrow it down to this.

tl;dr is internet speak for too long, didn’t read, so it might resonate with many of the potential readers of this page

10. An example of website copy that addresses client objections

Using website copywriting to counter objections
Your website copywriting needs to get in front of your client’s objections

What our copywriters discovered through their research is that AWS managed services companies often dole out automated reports. Aspects of these reports are unhelpful because they don’t reflect the clients’ goals and the amount of risk they’re willing to take to achieve those goals. There’s no insight in a load of red lights flashing when the client has expressly said those are limits it’s happy to push.

This web copy example tackles this client objection directly. The copy assures prospects that they’ll always get context with their reports.

Our clients value our analysis because it always comes with context, not just red and green lights against lists of averages.

11. Website copywriting that reinforces expertise

This copywriting reinforces the company's expertise
This copywriting reinforces the company’s expertise

This web copy is an example of how our copywriters build up the client’s expertise. The copy describes common issues faced by app and software developers. Only a company with experience in website and software development would understand the symptoms being raised. The ability to name these concerns further substantiates the company’s capacity to address them.

Development work begins to flow in certain ways because that’s how it’s “always” been done.

Infrastructure becomes orphaned from operations (but not from your bills). 

Security gates swing open due to pressure, or because risks, mitigations and configurations in AWS are evolving faster than your team can keep up.

This is the voice of an insider, someone who knows how things are

The copywriting also reinforces the company’s image as a relationship-oriented business. The web copy emphasises that their main interest is in developing long-term relationships with their clients.

And you’ll know that someone extra is always watching for those S3 buckets that shouldn’t be public!

Insider language used to build a relationship

12. Agitating the problem in website copywriting

Agitating the problem with website copywriting
Agitating the problem with website copywriting

Amazon can be deaf to smaller businesses that use their web hosting. So if a client’s app or software crashes, these businesses often have no one to turn to. This is a pain point that prospective clients are all too familiar with. Now, Logicata can’t be seen to criticise Amazon heavily, but this web copy is an example of how our copywriters agitated this problem.

You’re running a serious business and you’re reliant on AWS infrastructure, but you might not always feel that Amazon is supporting your technical challenges at the right level. 

If prospects choose to work with Logicata, they’ll always have a direct line to an AWS expert. One who understands their business and knows how to solve their problems.

When you have a relationship with us, you have a direct line to our expertise on all things AWS.

That direct line means you can pick up the phone to someone who doesn’t just understand AWS, they also already understand your business.

State the problem, agitate it then offer the solution. You.

13. Website copywriting that resolves client objections

Example of addressing an objection on a website

There are many companies that charge clients based on the amount of AWS work they carry out. Those companies don’t have an incentive to turn down work even if they know it won’t bring benefit to the client. This is another pain point many clients face.

This is where our copywriters address those fears. The web copy reassures prospects that our client is not in the business of upselling their clients. Instead, our client focuses on building long-term relationships. So making short term profits is not in their best interests. That’s why clients get:

A long-term view that includes saying no when no is the right answer.

14. Proof of expertise in a website copy

Sometimes the words are all the proof you need in copywriting
Sometimes the words are all the proof you need in copywriting

This example of website copywriting provides yet another example of the company’s expertise and why it should matter to their clients.

Ideal clients are managers who lead teams of app or software developers. These managers will likely be dealing with staff members who are easily enamoured by shiny new approaches. These employees will often push to use whatever glisters.

Because many of the potential decision-makers are not developers themselves, it’s hard for them to determine what’s a (potentially expensive) distraction and what’s something the company needs. By being developers themselves, the team at Logicata is able to offer a neutral insight.

But working on the cutting edge isn’t always in the best interests of your business.

Just because “everyone” is shifting to containers or the new-new concept doesn’t mean the shiny thing is right for you.

More insider language and insight proves expertise

15. A Contact Us page that persuades

Your copywriter should never overlook the Contact Us page
Your copywriter should never overlook the Contact Us page

The Contact Us page is an often overlooked web page. For many businesses, it’s seen as a placeholder to include the company’s contact details. But as copywriters, we see the Contact Us page as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to remind clients why they want to make contact. (We have a whole post on writing an effective Contact Us page.)

The website copy in this Contact Us page is meant to reignite client pain points. Clients need someone they can rely on, especially when things get critical. The web copy also provides clients a soft guarantee that having that initial conversation with Logicata will be time well spent:

Our guarantee is that if you get us in the room to talk about your environment and your needs, you’ll leave in no doubt that we have exactly the expertise you can rely on.

16. Testimonials as social proof on a website

Smart websites copywriting use testimonials for more than feeling good
Smart websites copywriting use testimonials for more than feeling good

Many testimonials consist of a vague compliment like “They were fun to work with”. Reviews like these are nice but don’t offer much to back the credibility of a company.

That’s why testimonials like these are valuable. They reinforce the value proposition presented by the website copywriting: the team at here are genuine experts. They’re experienced enough to offer a customised service for their clients, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. And they can prove their expertise once you get in a room with them.

When I started to explain our vision, Logicata got it quickly.

They’ll go back and forth with you instead of trying to fit you into something one-size-fits-all.”

An effective website testimonial

The testimonial from Steve Fleming addresses a client pain point: there are a lot of cowboys in the AWS managed services industry. That is why this client grilled the team to make sure they knew what they were doing. The fact that they passed the client’s test with flying colours gives prospects additional peace of mind.

These are also testimonials given by individuals whom prospects will recognise as proxies for them: senior executives who work in software or technology companies.

The results

Thanks to their new purpose-driven web copy, Logicata now has a way to express their value proposition convincingly. Visitors are encouraged to take action on the website, offered a free chat with AWS experts (as proven by the site).

Speaking of the power of a testimonial, as we were above:

“Working with Taleist has resulted in tight, targeted and eloquent website copy which we would never have conceived ourselves.

They understood the essence of what we needed to say to our target audience and portrayed it perfectly, without resorting to jargon even though our world is infused with it…

What impressed me most during this copywriting project was the amount of research and face-to-face interviews they conducted to really understand us, our customers and their drivers before writing content.

Taleist’s copy is now the foundation for all our internet marketing projects going forward.

Marc Gadson, Logicata

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