How to write a great contact us page for your website

Sample of a great Contact Us page
This is a great sample of a Contact Us page. It reminds the reader of two of the site’s key points. (1) Kicking Pixels are experts in conversion rate optimisation (CRO), and (2) not every web developer is expert in CRO. It also builds the reader’s confidence about getting in touch by assuring them that Kicking Pixels welcomes their call whether they’re a sophisticated buyer or not.

Clients often ask us why the Contact Us page is in our standard website copywriting package. Surely, they say, it’s “just” a place for their phone number and email address. This is so wrong…

Your Contact Us page is the point at which your prospect can take action or disappear at the last minute. That makes the page critical to your conversion rate.

This page includes samples of two Contact Us pages with copywriting by us and one example pulled at random from the internet. Why? Because I’m often asked why the lowly Contact Us page is included in our critical website copywriting package

Why is your Contact Us page so important?

“But it’s just for our phone number and email address. What would you write?”

That’s like Amazon saying its checkout page is “just” for credit card numbers so why would Amazon’s designers spend any time working on it when in fact…

… The checkout page is the whole point of Amazon’s business. What business would Amazon have if people didn’t checkout?

Isn’t your Contact Us page the same? Isn’t visitors contacting you pretty much the whole point of your website?

So do you just shove a contact form in their face? Or do you remind your website visitors of what you offer— a recap that will nudge more of them into making contact?

Random sample Contact Us page
This sample Contact Us page is not great. This Contact Us page makes clear how you contact this GP but not why you would want to. And this isn’t the only GP in the area. There are at least two other practices in walking distance of this one.

So if getting visitors to contact you is the whole point of your website, why take your foot off the accelerator when they reach your Contact Us page?

The Contact Us page marks a crucial point in your conversions — will the reader contact you or not?

Your Contact Us page has work to do in order to make sure the answer to that question is yes.

So don’t let yourself think stuff it, my prospects know what a contact form does; let’s just leave them to it.

Your website visitor has reached your Contact Us page. They’re so nearly where you want them. Keep going…

And here’s an example of how one excellent Contact Us page does just that…

5 copywriting secrets of a great Contact Us page

Contact Us page example annotated
A sample of a great Contact Us page. This one is working from the top to the bottom of the page to give visitors the extra nudge they might need.

How to write a great Contact Us page

  1. Remind them what you offer

    Contact Us page headline

    The headline of a great Contact Us page reminds the visitor why they’re on this website. In this sample, it’s to find ways to maintain their independence. And what exactly do they need to do next to stay independent? Contact us.

  2. Recap of what you can be contacted about

    Why Contact Us

    Just because you’re certain you want your website visitors to call you doesn’t mean they’re going to be certain you want to hear from them. This paragraph builds confidence by assuring the visitor that their call on any of the listed topics is welcome. And a more confident reader is more likely to make that call or fill in that contact form.

  3. Tell them what will happen after they make contact

    What happens after they make contact

    People are more confident about taking a step when they know what happens next. Just like a shop does better with big windows, website visitors like to know what they’ll encounter if they step into your business.

  4. Multiple ways to make contact

    Multiple ways to make contact

    Not everyone wants to use a Contact Us form. Some people like to phone. Some like to email directly. Cater for everyone.

  5. Keep on proving you can deliver

    Proof on a Contact Us page

    Your prospect is teetering on the brink of contacting you or walking away without ever telling you they were there. This is not the time to take your foot off the accelerator. Keep proving you can deliver. Think facts about your performance, social proof like testimonials, stamps, seals, industry association memberships. Whatever you’ve got.

So which of the three Contact Us pages discussed on this page is most like your site?

If it’s the one with nothing but contact details, you’re looking at a major opportunity to improve your conversion rate on the lowly Contact Us page.

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