Website copywriting example for a healthcare business

Website copywriting example for a healthcare business

Healthcare providers always need to build trust through their marketing. Trust, however, is doubly important to this website copywriting example for a healthcare provider.

Our Melbourne client faced two major hurdles when it came to earning their ideal customers’ trust.

Website copywriting challenge #1: No one in the target market has heard of this service

Our client’s service is the first of its kind in Australia. And people are naturally wary when it comes to marketing about products or services they’ve never heard of, especially in healthcare.

The service in this case could be life-changing for the ideal customer. Our client’s pharmacy packs prescription pills into single easy-tear sachets then delivers them to the customer. This might not sound life-changing to you if you don’t take five to 20 pills during the day or have arthritic hands. In that case, you’re not the target customer.

This pharmacy’s target customers are people with multiple health conditions. They’re mostly over 60 and they take different pills in different combinations throughout the day. Sorting those pills from different boxes and bottles is a chore. It’s also a source of stress to remember which pill to take at what time. Maybe your fifth pill of the day isn’t really your fifth. Maybe you missed the fourth or the third. And missing pills or taking two instead of one can be catastrophic.

Through our copywriting research process, our Sydney website copywriters learned that many of the customers suffered from some form of mental impairment, such as dementia. For them in particular, the task of sorting out their medication could take hours every week.

Website copywriting challenge #2: A sceptical customer group

This pharmacy’s easy solution is to provide strips of pill sachets. Each sachet contains the pills to be taken together at a particular time of day, a time that is stamped on the sachet. It’s an elegant, foolproof solution, but the target demographic can be slow to embrace new ways of doing things.

Our Sydney copywriters had to write a website that breaks down this resistance, persuading this audience that:

  • Our client’s pharmaceutical service is trustworthy and certified
  • Our client isn’t so different from the pharmacist the customer sees now
  • This service doesn’t take away control from the customer; in fact, it gives them more control over their health


Value proposition above the fold of the website

Illustration of having your value proposition above the fold
Illustration of the power of having your value proposition above the fold

Prescriptions made simple

In three words, the copywriting covers what the customer wants and what our client offers.

The headline of the website speaks directly to the principal pain the target audience suffers — the struggle with their complicated prescriptions. The headline also lays out the value proposition of our client’s service — simplicity.

Identifying an ideal client’s pain in the copywriting

Your pills synchronised, sorted and delivered to your door

Whether you’re on 3 pills a day or 20, our pharmacists will group exactly what your doctor has prescribed into single, easy-tear sachets.

If you’re the ideal customer for this service, you’ll recognise yourself and your problems immediately in this copy. And when someone talks immediately to your problems (and so fluently), it’s easier to believe they have a solution, too. This and the simplicity of the language build trust.

This is an example of website copywriting that calls out the problems prospective clients are facing. Prospects have to try to remember what their doctor has prescribed. It becomes a daily battle to remember which pill to take when, especially when they’re required to take different combinations at different times of the day. Our client takes care of that problem by synchronising and sorting client prescriptions into simple, clear sachets:

No more fiddling with bottles and blister pack; no more counting out pills; no more worrying that you missed a dose.

There’s no need to get cute with your writing when you’re spelling out the benefit of a service. To the ideal customer, this is poetry.

Once again, these are all customer pain points that we discovered from our copywriting research. Arthritis-afflicted prospects may have a difficult time opening childproof bottles and blister packs. Our target audience also suffers from unreliable memory. Because of this, they have a hard time keeping track of their pills. So they may be forced to re-sort pills over and again. This pharmacy’s simple solution eliminates all these problems.

Going hard on an obvious objection

And best of all, our packing service is FREE!

Once ideal customer believes you can solve their problem, they’re going to worry whether they can afford it.

Our client’s free packing service is a valuable feature. The target audience may be wary of paying an additional fee for the packing and sorting services. But the web copy assures them that this service won’t cost more than the average trip to the pharmacy. In fact, it will cost them less — less time, less petrol, less taxi fare…

Copywriting that highlights and solves customer problems

Copywriting that highlights problems then offers solutions
The technology behind the service is complicated, but simple explanations are most trustworthy

We’ve got your prescriptions sorted

Copywriters choose every word carefully. We could have said “organised”, but “sorted” works harder.

“Sorted” is deliberately chosen. One of the main problems this pharmacy solves for their customers is the difficulty of sorting out their confusing array of prescription pills. “Sorting” is the word the customer would use, not “organising” or “arranging”.

Your roll of easypill sachets follows your doctor’s orders about timing and doses.

The web copy speaks to a pain point. The target audience needs and wants to comply with their doctor’s orders. Their health depends on their compliance with orders they might find confusing, so they can find it hard to comply (or to be sure they have). The web copy offers our client’s service as a solution to that pain.

We can even include half or quarter pills.

Not only is this a valuable part of the service to some customers, our knowing that it’s important builds trust.

This is yet another problem that affects this pharmacy’s ideal customers. Sometimes prospects will be required to take their prescriptions in half or quarter pills. It’s difficult for prospects to chop up their pills to make up the necessary dosage. Maybe their hands don’t work as well as they might, or their eyes. Maybe the pills are small or the knife is not sharp enough. Whatever the reason, the consequence is the same: people who accidentally destroy their pills in the process of halving or quartering them lose part of their prescribed dosage. Don’t take the right dosage and you’re not following doctor’s orders.

With this service, they don’t have to worry about this issue at all.

Timely reminders — so there’s no more calling the doctor for a last-minute repeat

Another problem this audience has: running out of pills.

This web copy lets prospects know our client’s service will remind them in time to refill their prescriptions. That’s a big deal when running out of a pill can be very bad indeed.

Travelling? Simply tear off the sachets you need for the days you’ll be away

As we keep hitting on pain points, we reinforce how well we know this audience, building more trust.

Travelling is an additional hassle for the target audience. Prescriptions come in boxes and bottles of all shapes and sizes. So prospects may be resigned to bringing a big bag of prescriptions with them on vacation. They would also have to go through the same agony of sorting their pills and remembering to take them.

With this service, customers only have to bring the number of sachets required for the days they’re away.

Overcoming customer resistance, one objection at a time

Web copy that overcomes customer resistance
Another objection customers have in this market is that they’re not getting qualified assistance

We’re a Victorian community pharmacy offering certainty, control and online convenience to those who need it most.

Your prescription is checked in-store by our Australia-registered pharmacists every time.

This audience would be wary of their prescriptions coming from overseas.

This pharmacy delivers its customers’ prescriptions through the post. Because of this, prospects might imagine a faceless, unlicensed e-commerce corporation posting pill sachets to them from who-knows-where in the world. This is an example of website copywriting that addresses this concern by assuring the target audience that this is a pharmacy based in Australia, held to the standards the audience expects.

And we’ll give you the same pills your doctor prescribed — They’ll just be packaged in our labelled easy pill sachets.

Rather than receiving your prescription from an unknown entity abroad, prospects will receive the same quality advice and care as they would with their regular pharmacist or doctor. All that changes is the packaging. Simple. Nothing to worry about. Convenient, not frightening.

Or, you can come in and talk to us in person in Inverloch.

To back up the claim that our client is an Australian regulated pharmacy, the web copy invites prospects to come to their physical store to pick up their prescription if they want. That’s trustworthy.

Copywriting that conveys the brand message

Copywriting that conveys the brand message
Some audiences benefit from having the key points repeated more often than others

… like having a pharmacist in your home to dispense every dose.

Metaphors and similies make unfamiliar concepts seem familiar and easier to understand

“Community” is another carefully selected word. It’s common for our target audience to have a close relationship with their pharmacist, having gone to them for years. The web copy lets prospects know they can have the same bond with our client.

Beyond that, this is the brand message our client wants to present to their customers. This pharmacy feels a deep sense of responsibility to its community. And through this service, they hope to make a bigger impact on the community they care about.

Community pharmacy — Call your pharmacist in Inverloch any time

People with multiple health conditions may want to pick up the phone to have a conversation with their pharmacist. This ties back to the idea of the ideal customer wanting a bond with their pharmacist. The target audience may have questions for their pharmacist, or simply want to make sure the people on the other end know what they’re doing. The web copywriting assures them that they can get in touch with their pharmacist any time they want.

Your Victoria-wide community

The website copywriting makes clear that it doesn’t matter where the customer is living. As long as they live in Victoria, they have a community pharmacist they can turn to.

Testimonials that break down resistance

I was a little bit apprehensive initially, but Rebecca was very user-friendly and going into easy pill was the best thing I’ve ever done, because I pull out the sachet, it’s clearly dated with my name and everything’s packed brilliantly.

Before, I’d have to work out what tablets I needed for that day and then put them in little bags or wrap them up in Glad wrap for the day. Whereas now, I just go to the container, roll out what I need and cut it off, and then just go for the day.

These are examples of customer testimonials taken from our copywriting research. These testimonials deal directly with the objections discussed above. They are powerful weapons against objections because they use the voice of the pharmacy’s customers. Prospects are able to see that their peers might have been sceptical at first but came to love the service. And if someone just like you loves a service, why wouldn’t you?

Copywriting that speaks to hidden desires

The best copywriting speaks to what the client really wants
This service makes life easy, but it could also make the target customer feel like a child

Take back control

Manage your prescription instead of your prescription managing you.

Even if you believe this service could work for you, you still might not want it because you feel it takes away your control.

Our copywriters embed the word “control” in the copywriting throughout the website. Through our copywriting research, we discovered a common theme with our target demographic — their fear of losing control. They worry about being patronised by well-meaning younger people, including sons and daughters. They worry about losing their independence.

Patients who feel this way might not respond positively to an outsider muscling in to take over daily tasks, implying that the patient is no longer competent. That’s why our copywriters emphasise that the customers are the ones who are going to be in more control. Control of their health, their time and their lives.

Addressing objections ahead of time

By ordering your pills in individual easy-tear sachets, you’ll ensure your pills aren’t degraded by exposure to light, air or handling before it’s time to take them.

Many customers might wonder if the original pill box or bottle might be important.

What if that tinted bottle or blister pack is essential to keeping a pill safe or fresh? If you believe that, you’re not going to order from our client. So we get ahead of it.

Visual copywriting language

You can shut the drawer forever on awkward bottles and blister packs.

These words were chosen deliberately to paint a visual picture for our audience. Our ideal customers usually have a drawer filled with bottles and pillboxes. That draw is a drag. They don’t like opening it. Good news, with this service, they never have to avoid that drawer again because there will be no mess, just a roll of pills ready to go.

The photograph below is an example of website imagery that works to create trust in the target audience. The photograph shows prospects exactly what their lives would look like if they choose this service. Customers will receive their prescriptions in the exact same boxes shown in the image, which they can take over their mealtimes.

Example of using website images to build trust

The photograph below introduces customers to the machine that does the work. It looks clean, professional, expensive… a machine you can trust.

Image of a unique mechanism
Got a unique mechanism? Don’t be afraid to show it.

The website imagery also supports the idea that our client isn’t a technology company, or that the customers’ prescriptions is being packed in an offshore warehouse. This team photograph presents a real pharmacy with rows of pills and medication. The picture also shows sharp-looking people in lab coats who look like friendly healthcare professionals.

Use the faces in your business to build trust
Use the faces in your business to build trust in a way that stock images can’t.

Repetition in persuasive copywriting

An illustration of persuasive website copy

Repetition is an effective copywriting technique used to drive home an idea and persuade readers to embrace your way of thinking. The more readers are exposed to a particular message, the more likely they are to accept it.

In this example of writing an effective About Us page, the website copywriting repeats the client’s key messages.

Taking three, ten, twenty more pills every day is a lot to manage, especially when your health isn’t great.

Our copywriters agitate the customer pain points we learned through our copywriting research.

They invest in specialist equipment, which is installed in their Iverloch pharmacy and supervised by Australia-registered pharmacists.

The web copy reinforces the idea that our client is an Australian-registered pharmacy. And the pharmacists working in the company are Australian-certified professionals.

When your pills come pre-sorted into ear-tear sachets, you always know you’re following your doctor’s instructions.

This is an example of website copywriting that repeats and resolves a common fear that prospects have — with our client’s service, prospects are doing exactly what their doctor told them.

As Victorian pharmacists, Phil Lo and Will Khoo saw a way to make technology work for customers who wanted to take back control.

And with your doctor reassured you are taking the correct pills, you and your doctor can make the best decisions about your health together.

Again and again, our copywriters call attention to the idea of prospects regaining control of their lives. This pharmacy gives customers the ability to take control over their prescriptions rather than the pharmacy taking charge of the customer like he or she is a child.

Breaking down resistance with frequently asked questions

The FAQ page deals directly with any lingering resistance prospects might have about the service. If a reader misses the information they were looking for elsewhere on the site, they can find that information collected in one convenient page. And just in case prospects still can’t find the answers they’re looking for, the FAQ page offers a quick and easy call to action that allows them to contact the pharmacy directly.

The service process summarised

Copywriting should make the process clear
Your copywriting should make your process clear, especially when your process is unfamiliar.

You’ll get your prescriptions delivered to your door in a discreet box. Inside the box is a roll of sachets. Each sachet is stamped with the date and time you should take your pills. When it’s time to take your pills, simply tear your next sachet off the roll.

It’s not “clever” copy, but it gets the message across, removing confusion, which is important because confused prospects don’t buy.

This web copy offers a straightforward explanation of how our client’s service works. The web copy also assures prospects that this is a discreet service. Nobody but the customer and their family will know that they are receiving prescription pills.

Breaking down resistance in persuasive copywriting

Businesses are embroiled in an endless tug-of-war with their customers. Businesses do what they can to pull prospects to their products or services, while prospects push back with all their might. People don’t want to be sold. People don’t want to abandon the status quo they know — what hasn’t killed them might not be that bad.

People are afraid to leave the comfort of what they know. They’re afraid of regretting a purchase. Or they’re afraid that whatever you have to offer is “just too hard”.

Persuasive copywriting is the secret tool that pulls customers across the centre line. And it does so by banishing the lingering doubts in your prospects’ minds. Once you’ve broken down these barriers of resistance, it gives you more opportunity to provide a persuasive argument for why they should say yes. This is how we successfully turned this website into a sales machine.

If you need help crafting persuasive website content that will overcome even the most stubborn customer resistance, give us a call. Let us know how our team of Sydney copywriters can help you design a marketing message that will bring leads through your door.

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