Website copywriting example for a digital marketing agency

Website copywriting example for a digital marketing agency

This website copywriting example for a digital marketing agency shows what a difference it can make when a company’s USP is on display throughout its website.

Digital Spotlight is a digital advertising and marketing agency with offices in Sydney and LA. The agency started out very differently from its competition. It thinks differently too. And its website copywriting reflects that.

“I wanted our different perspective to show in the website copywriting. Potential clients could speak to five SEO agencies. The constant feedback we’d get was, ‘You’re not like any of these other guys’. We wanted website copywriting that reflected that.”

Ash Aryal, co-founder, Digital Spotlight


What an SEO agency’s website copywriting has to do

The SEO and digital marketing industry suffers from a lack of buyer confidence. Prospects are wary of the constant bombardment of cold calls from SEO and pay-per-click agencies. Cold callers promise soaring conversion rates without delivering results. Digital Spotlight sought to set itself apart from those agencies.

“Ninety-nine per cent of agencies got into SEO and PPC for bullshit reasons. They did it to make some extra cash because they read some blog posts about SEO or Google Ads.”

Ash Aryal, co-founder, Digital Spotlight

Researching the website copy

Our website copywriters in Sydney began our copywriting research process by speaking with Digital Spotlight. Also, we interviewed their clients. The difference from the other SEO and PPC agencies was clear.

The two brothers who founded Digital Spotlight were actuaries. Most SEO agencies are founded and staffed by people with a digital marketing background. But Digital Spotlight hires mathematicians who use statistical modelling in their campaigns.

Unearthing the client’s USP

Nowhere in their previous website was this unique value proposition (USP) mentioned. But the maths foundation of Digital Spotlight made all the difference. (Check out this course if want to learn our process for discovering your USP.)

These were people who understood advanced statistics, the beating heart of search engine algorithms. Google and all the other platforms were ultimately numbers-driven companies.

How Google decides which page to rank first is by using maths. How Google decides what ad should display and how it should work is also maths.

Here was the argument for the copy to make on the website. Why not choose a digital marketing agency that speaks the same language as Google and Facebook?

Our copywriters used this point of difference as the foundation for building Digital Spotlight’s persuasive website content.

1. A headline that grab readers’ attention

The area above the fold on a digital marketing agency's website
Copywriting example of using a website headline and a subheading

As copywriting legend Joe Sugarman once said, the primary goal of a headline is to get readers to read the next sentence. And in this aspect, the headline delivers.

Google and Facebook beat the competition by working with mathematicians. So can you.

Headline copywriting example for a digital marketing agency

We know the typical client will visit several websites while researching. In this case, they’ll read many headlines about earning clicks and leads. Digital Spotlight’s website stands out for saying something different. As Sugarman wants, the intrigued reader is surely sold by the headline on reading further.

2. The unique mechanism in copywriting

We’re A Digital Agency Whose Clients Win Because We Speak The Same Language As Google and Facebook.

Website sub-heading example for SEO agency Digital Spotlight

The subheading draws prospects in by telling them what they want to hear. They hear that this agency can help them win in SEO and digital marketing.

Additionally, the subheading communicates what is known in copywriting as the unique mechanism. A unique mechanism is a marketing and copywriting term that describes the manner or method in which a product or service delivers its benefits to the client.

Digital Spotlight’s unique mechanism is the use of maths rather than advertising knowledge.

Having a unique mechanism helps to disarm some of the scepticism readers might be nursing when they first arrived at the website. (A unique mechanism is one of the 39 types of proof gathered in our free guide to disarming sales objections with copywriting.)

3. Call to action

Contact us for a no-pitch consult.

Example of a call to action on the website of a digital marketing agency

SEO agencies are associated with pushy salespeople cold-calling prospects to pitch their services. This call-to-action counters that perception here. You’re not going to get a hard sell. They guarantee no-pitching even to people who pick up the phone to call them.

4. Social proof above the fold

The client brand logos featured above the fold are a form of social proof. These are recognisable brands from large multinational corporations. That adds to the credibility of Digital Spotlight and its ability to deliver results.

What’s happening above the fold

Prospects won’t buy unless they have confidence in a product or service. So our job as copywriters is to dispel the negative stereotypes attached to Digital Spotlight’s industry. And as you can see, the above-fold copywriting is already hard at work doing exactly that. Now, it’s time to scroll on…

5. A text-heavy web page

An example of the deliberate use of heavy text on a website
An example of the deliberate use of heavy text on a website

Think of a typical example of a digital marketing agency website. You might expect eye-catching images, complex graphs and important-looking charts. There are none of those on Digital Spotlight’s homepage.

Instead, there are paragraphs of text. Visually and in what they say, these paragraphs deliver the key message: Digital Spotlight is not like other digital marketing agencies.

The team at Digital Spotlight are consultants. They have no intention of distracting prospects with stock images or charts. Instead, this agency aims to understand their prospects’ business and have a conversation. Using words instead of pictures underscores that point.

6. The unique mechanism explained

Google and Facebook might be the biggest online advertising platforms in the world, but those two companies don’t speak “advertising” or “marketing”. They’re run by engineers and mathematicians who speak an entirely different language — advanced statistical analysis, modelling, multi-variant testing…

Demonstrating how copywriting can deliver the promise of a unique mechanism

This is an example of copywriting that reinforces Digital Spotlight’s unique mechanism: Advanced maths.

Unlike typical digital marketing agencies, the team at Digital Spotlight doesn’t solve their clients’ problems using a “creative” approach. (Creativity being notoriously hit and miss.) Instead, this team employs the same statistical language as Google and Facebook to dominate for their clients.

7. Proof in specifics

They’ve invested millions of dollars for 1,812 businesses across 355 niches over the last decade.

Specificity improves copy, especially web copy

The specificity of these numbers adds to the credibility of Digital Spotlight.

A vague “over 1,800 business across more than 350 niches” sounds speculative at best. At worst, it sounds made up. Specifics are far more convincing.

Specific numbers make it seem like someone actually keeps track of the data and updates them frequently.

8. Copywriting that communicates desire

An example of desire in web copy
The sub-heading on this website speaks to what the reader really wants

How would you like your new leads?

Sub-headings should always be more than they seem

This website heading speaks to the clients’ desires. Prospects don’t wake up in the morning wanting a strategy for SEO or Google ads. What prospects desire is fresh traffic and leads.

This heading expresses confidence that Digital Spotlight can deliver what prospects want most. The only thing prospects need to worry about is which platform they would like their leads to flow in from.

9. Copywriting that addresses client concerns

Building a relationship with words
The words on this site are working to build a relationship so it’s easier for the reader to make an approach

Some clients might be put off by the idea of having to deal with mathematicians. After all, it’s hard not to imagine they’d be meeting cold, calculating individuals. Not many of us immediately fancy chatting to someone who pores over statistics for hours. This web copy example is focused on relieving prospects of this concern.


That’s why we’re always here to listen to the results you’re getting so we can continuously refine our work for you.

The word choice here is not accidental

Words like “people-to-people” and “listen” were selected to emphasise the relationship-oriented nature of this agency. Digital Spotlight’s team are people-people. They’re not interested in cold-calling prospects to bully them into buying. They’re not interested in sending detached SEO strategy reports to clients. Instead, the team at Digital Spotlight wants to listen to their clients’ concerns and build a relationship with them.

10. Website case studies

An illustration of effective case studies
Case studies are a powerful form of social proof

Case studies are a great form of social proof for prospects who don’t know yet what to expect from you. They’re looking for proof that your product or service will solve their problems.

A case study belongs to the same family as a testimonial, but a case study is a story with a beginning, middle and end.

A case study on a website gives prospects a risk-free trial of what would happen if they become clients. (The trial happens in the prospect’s imagination, but it’s a kind of trial nonetheless.)

Digital Spotlight’s case studies offer additional proof of the agency’s expertise and experience in dealing with problems that are similar to the ones their prospects are facing.

We’ve got more advice on writing case studies in How to write case studies that sell.

11. Copywriting that expands on the value proposition

A strong call-to-action
Getting someone to call you takes work in your copy

This call-to-action further elaborates Digital Spotlight’s no-pitch promise.

We take on clients only when we know we can get results for them.

Reinforcing the value proposition on a web page

The web copy informs prospects that Digital Spotlight will only work with clients they believe they can help. This reinforces the idea that Digital Spotlight doesn’t hard sell everyone who crosses their path.

This is an agency that isn’t afraid to turn down businesses that won’t benefit from their services.

That’s why no one listens more carefully than we do in those first conversations.

We don’t pitch; we learn, we advise, and we demonstrate exactly how we’re different.

“Listening” is a power word in a world in which suppliers are known more for talking

Once again, our copywriters use words like “listen” and “conversations” to highlight Digital Spotlight’s goal of establishing a connection with their clients.

Digital Spotlight is not interested in delivering sales pitches. Instead, they want to listen and learn from the needs of every client in order to give them the best advice.

12. The unique mechanism elaborated

It won’t cost you a thing, but it could unlock results your competitors won’t be able to understand.

Just because your copywriter has mentioned a proof point once, doesn’t mean it isn’t worth mentioning again

This web copy example repeats Digital Spotlight’s unique mechanism. The team at Digital Spotlight are mathematicians and speak the same language as Google and the other platforms. This allows them to hack Google and Facebook to deliver results that most marketers can’t.

There’s an excelling chance your unique mechanism or your unique selling proposition will be what gets your prospect over the line. You don’t want to whisper them.

11. Testimonials that deliver more proof

Demonstration of using testimonials on a website
Another illustration of the power of a testimonial on the web

Client testimonials are a vote of confidence in a company. But not all testimonials are created equal. Testimonials like “The company had great service” are flattering to the ear of all who work at the company. However, they don’t help much to build trust with future prospects.

On the other hand, testimonials such as those above are gold. They prove that Digital Spotlight is different from the questionable SEO agencies that take their clients’ money and offer nothing in return. These testimonials are a soft guarantee to prospects that they will see a return on their investment with Digital Spotlight.

Client turned partner

When we began working with Digital Spotlight, we didn’t imagine that our collaboration would blossom into a beautiful, long-lasting friendship. But it is true that many of our referrals come from other agencies that have relied on us to do their copywriting.

Working together on their websites can sometimes spark a new partnership with them to create great outcomes for their clients.

And that’s what’s happened with Digital Spotlight, who have referred us to their clients across Australia and the USA.

Digital Spotlight is committed to ensuring their clients are in the optimal position to benefit from the traffic sent their way. That’s why Digital Spotlight encourages their prospects to work with us first to build a website that can convert those leads with persuasive copywriting.

It’s that kind of frankness — the willingness to turn away businesses they can’t help — that makes Digital Spotlight a completely different kind of digital agency.

Does your website sound like everyone else’s?

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