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Joanne Tan, direct response copywriterJoanne is a direct response website copywriter  for Sydney copywriting agency Taleist.

Joanne has extensive research experience, having worked at a global professional service firm after earning her master’s degree in International Affairs at the Texas A&M University. She has applied those skills towards writing proposals and research papers for multinational companies and NGOs, including PwC, USAID, and the Responsible Business Alliance.

Prior to joining Taleist, Joanne’s wrote on topics ranging from politics to lifestyle, and she had been featured in publications and brands in Southeast Asia and the United States, such as Parkson, The Battalion and Tatler.

Today, Joanne blogs on copywriting topics, including persuasion, direct response, SEO and content marketing.

Recent posts by joanne tan

LinkedIn FAQ

Your LinkedIn questions answered

LinkedIn is a business networking bazaar, but it can be scary to navigate. Every move can seem high stakes when it’s happening in front of several hundred million people. However, LinkedIn looks more and more like an essential part of doing business online. So you don’t want to hesitate to get started. We’ve created this…
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Writing a professional bio

How to write a professional bio

Have you ever read a professional bio that left your jaw on the floor? You’re not alone. A polished professional bio on your personal website can make all the difference. That’s the between a door opening or remaining closed. Your bio represents who you are as a professional and what you hope to achieve. But…
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free online copywriting course for beginners

Website FAQs: Your burning questions answered

[toc] Why is content important in a website? A website is only as good as its content. Content is what makes your site stand out from your competitors. It helps you attract and retain traffic with a message that resonates. This leads to higher conversions for your business. Other elements of your website, like images…
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Choosing the right webpages

The pages every website should have

A global pandemic sped up an already dramatic shift in consumer behaviour. Stay-at-home orders temporarily closed most brick and mortar stores. People spent more time on their phones, buying products from their couches. You might have been buying products or services online for a long time. However, many people hadn’t made the leap before the…
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content writing course

Who needs a content writing course?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a content writer. Or maybe you want to start a business, and you think having a blog would be a great way to drive traffic. But when it comes down to actually writing content, you find yourself putting it off. Maybe it’s because of the doubts in your head.…
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writing a LinkedIn recommendation

How to write a brilliant LinkedIn recommendation

For some people, their LinkedIn profile is vital to their online presence. Your LinkedIn profile might be your first impression on recruiters, employers or potential clients. Your profile is almost certainly the first thing that comes up when someone googles your name. The first impression could be made golden by a collection of excellent LinkedIn…
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