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Joanne Tan, direct response copywriterJoanne is a direct response website copywriter  for Sydney copywriting agency Taleist.

Joanne has extensive research experience, having worked at a global professional service firm after earning her master’s degree in International Affairs at the Texas A&M University. She has applied those skills towards writing proposals and research papers for multinational companies and NGOs, including PwC, USAID, and the Responsible Business Alliance.

Prior to joining Taleist, Joanne’s wrote on topics ranging from politics to lifestyle, and she had been featured in publications and brands in Southeast Asia and the United States, such as Parkson, The Battalion and Tatler.

Today, Joanne blogs on copywriting topics, including persuasion, direct response, SEO and content marketing.

Recent posts by joanne tan

How to market a coaching business

Starting an online coaching business is an exciting venture. You’ve got the expertise, the drive, and the will to help others. But how do you make sure your voice rises above the noise? How do you reach those who could benefit from your coaching, and better yet, turn them into dedicated clients? The journey from…
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How AI copywriting can improve internal communications, transform conversations and skyrocket performance

As an internal communicator, the pressure is always on. You’re expected to constantly come up with new, sparkly ideas and content topics that not only adhere to company standards, but also keep your colleagues from dozing off mid-memo. And you have to do it all while managing multiple communication channels and the expectations of business…
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How AI copywriting can help improve HR communications

“How could an HR manager use an AI copywriter to be more productive or get better results from HR comms?”  This is a good question to ask as you put together your next company-wide email, intranet post or job ad. When you work in HR, you need people to read what you write, understand it…
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A guide to SEO marketing for law firms

Law firms are businesses. And like any other business, law firms need to market themselves to the right client base. Enter SEO marketing, a cost-effective and targeted way to get your law firm seen by potential clients. With the right SEO strategy, your law firm will benefit from increased website traffic and higher brand visibility…
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About Us page examples for law firm websites

The legal system can be a tough business. People embroiled in disputes are staring down at the possibility of losing thousands of dollars and years of their life. All for an outcome that might not even favour them. That’s why the right tone of voice can make or break a law firm’s About Us page.…
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How to write a services page for a law firm

As a lawyer, you know the importance of having a great website. A law firm website isn’t just a great marketing tool. It’s also a way to show potential clients that you’re a credible source of information.  But a website without a services page would be like a car without its engine – It might…
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