About Us page examples for law firm websites

The legal system can be a tough business. People embroiled in disputes are staring down at the possibility of losing thousands of dollars and years of their life. All for an outcome that might not even favour them.

That’s why the right tone of voice can make or break a law firm’s About Us page. In an industry where people’s fates rest on a razor-thin balance, many law firm websites can sometimes feel overly formal and detached. 

The cold hard facts stated in the About Us page of a law firm website may be true. But it doesn’t help lawyers form an emotional connection with potential clients. Sure, prospects want a qualified legal expert. But they also want a legal expert who cares about their legal problems. Someone who will stand by their clients’ side and fight on their behalf.  

Law firms have a unique challenge when it comes to writing an About Us page. A good law firm website needs to communicate the breadth and depth of their experience. At the same time, they need to appear trustworthy and credible. It can be a difficult balancing act, but with the right approach it can be done well. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some About Us page examples from law firm websites across Australia. We’ll discuss what makes these About Us pages successful and some common mistakes made by law firm websites.


Mills Oakley Law Firm About Us page

One of the main issues with Mills Oakley’s About Us page is that it’s dominated by their social responsibility initiative. This could either be an oversight or a deliberate choice regarding their About Us page content strategy. It all depends on the type of audience they wish to attract with their law firm website.

A law firm website that tells but doesn’t show

Our people are pioneering, incisive, accountable and fearless in our commitment to create success for our clients. 

We provide a new level of legal services that bridges the gap between the law and modern business reality. 

These are assertions made without the proof to back them up. In order to break down the barriers of distrust among prospects, it’s not enough to make a statement and hope for the best. 

Tiger Woods doesn’t go around telling people he’s the best golfer. He walks out on the golf course and scores a hole in one. Likewise, the best law firm websites show – not tell – prospects that they can deliver on their promises. 

For example, this law firm website claims to offer a new level of legal services. Explaining what this service is and how it’s different from a law firm’s standard practice areas helps Mills Oakley gain credibility and trust.

Cutting the confusion in copywriting

The term “missing middle” describes the growing number of low to moderate income earners in Australia who are ineligible for means-tested Legal Aid services but are unable to afford a private lawyer. 

The About Us page does a good job defining the phrase “missing middle”. This law firm website takes into account that website visitors may not be familiar with the term. The About Us page avoids reader confusion by explaining what it means.

Explaining features and benefits in an About Us page

Everyday Justice has developed a specialised model whereby free legal services can be provided to eligible clients through the use of technology irrespective of location, making the service completely accessible to people living in regional rural and remote areas, as well as those living in cities.

This web copy does a good job of showcasing Mills Oakley’s features followed with their benefits to clients. The feature is the specialised model that delivers legal advice to clients, regardless of location. It’s benefit is that clients living in rural or remote areas will gain access to legal expertise without having to travel for miles. 

Knowing their target audience

Mills Oakley has a proud tradition of assisting vulnerable members of the community to protect their rights. 

After many years of collaboration and building expertise in this space, Mills Oakley took the step in January 2021 of launching our own not-for-profit law firm dedicated to supporting the missing middle. 

The About Us page is heavily focused on its social responsibility program. So much so that it leaves little room for potential clients to learn anything more. But learning more about a business is the main purpose of having an About Us page. 

Given the competitive nature of the legal industry, participation in social initiatives is a good way to stand out. However, prospects who click on the About Us page also want to know about the company’s mission statement, history and success stories. More importantly, prospects want to know how it can help them in solving their problems. 

Everyday Justice operates in collaboration with the College of Law and many charities across Australia. If you’re interested in working with Everyday Justice or you need pro bono advice, please visit the Everyday Justice website at this location.

There could be several reasons why this law firm website chooses to focus on their social responsibility program. This might be something of interest to new clients. Or Mills Oakley could be hoping to recruit new lawyers through their not-for-profit law firm. 

The not-for-profit firm would offer a platform that allows the law firm to observe and screen the best candidates to join them. This would imply the About Us page isn’t just a calling card for prospective clients. It also serves to attract qualified lawyers looking to join the practice.

Using awards to build trust

Awards are one way for law firms to demonstrate their competitive advantage. Awards provide evidence of a firm’s authority and successes to prospective clients. 

Mills Oakley’s About Us page showcases awards from the past five years. This is an endorsement of the firm’s long-standing reputation and quality of service. 

Slater and Gordon Lawyers About Us page

The copy on this website makes bold claims without the proof to back it up.

Making promises are easy. The hard part is getting a skeptical audience to believe you. Especially when the same claims are being made by every law firm website across town.

If everyone is a leader, then nobody is

We’re one of Australia’s leading law firms.

Here’s a test. Search for “leading” and “law firm” on Google. You’ll likely see a list of law firm websites claiming to be the “leading law firm” in Australia. 

Any law firm website can claim to be the best. But what many law firm websites don’t do is offer evidence to support their claim. How do potential clients know who to trust, when every law firm website is declaring themselves to be “leaders” in their field? What can help establish trust with potential clients is by showing exactly why your firm is better than all the rest.

Delivering useful information above the fold

The firm provides specialist legal and complementary services in a board range of areas, including:

The content above the fold clearly states the firm’s practice areas. This informs potential customers whether this law firm is able to advise them on the legal challenges they’re facing. The information also helps with SEO by ensuring keywords related to the law firm appear in the text on their website.

Building trust using a guarantee

No win no fee means that you will not be liable to pay legal costs unless your case is successful.

This is a good example of a guarantee made above the fold of this law firm website. 

Nothing puts off a prospect more than a bad decision. That’s why first-time purchases are so inherently scary, because of the risks they carry. If a customer has never tried a product or service before, how can they be sure it’ll deliver on its promises?

That’s why customers love guarantees. Guarantees transfers the risk of a bad purchase from the buyer to the seller. If there’s no risk to the prospect, the objections they have towards the purchase dramatically decreases.

The firm’s guarantee signals their confidence in their ability to win their clients’ legal claim. So much so that they’re willing to assume all the risks associated with it.  

Lander & Rogers About Us page

Many law firms overlook the most important thing about writing a compelling About Us page – it’s not about them. This is the copywriting mistake Landers and Rogers makes.

An About Us page that’s all about the law firm

Lander & Rogers is a leading independent Australian law firm, comprising over 600 people including 85 partners.

We have grown organically, resulting in a highly cohesive firm sharing a strong work and client service ethic, as well as a high staff and partner retention rates.

This is an example of an About Us page that shine a spotlight on the law firm, rather than their clients. Contrary to what people may think, the About Us page isn’t really about the law firm. It’s about their potential clients. Or rather, it’s about the law firm in relation to what potential clients want.

Prospects aren’t necessarily concerned about a firm’s high staff retention rates unless it benefits the prospects. A copywriter’s job is to connect the features of a firm to its benefits. Not leave prospects to connect the dots themselves.  

So when the web copy presents the law firm as a highly cohesive practice with a strong work ethic, it’s easy for prospects to ask, “So what?”.

Our firm is global in approach, but we remain fiercely independent and truly Australian.

Once again, the web copy doesn’t explain how a global law firm would be in prospects’ best interest. 

We work closely with international firms that do not have an Australian presence, and we are the exclusive Australian member of the international referral network TerraLex.

It’s not entirely clear if the law firm’s website readers are familiar with TerraLex. And even if they were, the question still remains – How does this help solve a potential client’s legal challenges?

The curse of knowledge

All experts, including lawyers, are intimately familiar with their industry. But that familiarity isn’t always shared by a potential client. 

 When lawyers unknowingly use jargon that’s not common in prospect circles, their expertise becomes a curse. This curse of knowledge becomes a barrier preventing law firms from effectively conversing with their audience. 

2019 is when we launched our LawTech Hub, the first of its kind in Australia. 

The word “LawTech Hub” is one such terminology that prospects are probably unfamiliar with. Without explaining to prospects what “LawTech Hub” is, the web copy fails to effectively persuade its audience.

Addisons About Us page

Addisons’ About Us page does a good job establishing the firm’s authority and expertise. The web copy also works hard to overcome potential objections prospects may have about the law firm.

Longevity as a social proof

Delivering bespoke legal solutions drives us every single day – and has done for over 140 years.

The law firm website signals longevity. This is a law firm that has existed for over 140 years. That is a great form of proof that demonstrates the law firm’s experience and expertise. Because only a highly skilled law firm would be able to stand the test of time for over a century.

A law firm that’s committed to its clients

Our immersion approach facilitates intimate understanding of your business, culture and operations so we can support your commercial opportunities and help you navigate market challenges.

The law firm website lets site visitors know this isn’t a law firm that’s indifferent in their clients’ business challenges. These lawyers are committed to understanding their clients’ businesses, operations and company culture. All so they can offer their clients better legal advice.

Website copywriting that destroys objections

Our partners actively lead every engagement proudly supported by our lawyers to ensure you experience the ultimate levels of accountability and service.

Many traditional law firms operate with a pyramid-like structure. Legal partners sit at the top of the pyramid. Those partners are supported by teams of law associates with varying degrees of seniority. 

Prospects might object against being charged obscene fees, while knowing their legal case will end up being delegated to junior lawyers. The law firm website overcomes this objection by assuring potential clients that their partners will play an active role in each case. 

Informing clients who the company is

We provide advice to clients in various sectors, from ASX-listed and international corporations to not-for-profits, direct-selling organisations and startups.

We provide advice on establishing local operations and act as an external in-house Counsel for Australian operations for leading international organisations.

Here, the web copy informs site visitors what the law firm does and the types of clients they serve.

Accreditation as a social proof

Committed to a culture of excellence, we’re proud that many of our team are acknowledged by Chambers and Partners, WorldTradeMark Review, Who’s Who of Legal, Doyles Guide, Legal 500, IP Stars and Best Lawyers. 

The law firm website showcases the firm’s accreditation by ranking organisations, publications and research companies. This acknowledgement offers great social proof of the law firm’s reputation for excellence. 

Twomey Dispute Lawyers About Us page

This is a law firm that approached Taleist for persuasive website copywriting.

Twomey Dispute Lawyers is unique in that they’re confident in who they are and whom they want to attract. This certainty shines through in their law firm website’s About Us page.

A keyword-rich subheading

Top-tier advice on the Gold Coast and Northern Rivers about disputes and commercial litigation Australia wide

The subheading is optimised for search engines. And it clearly states who the company is and what they do. 

We might be litigation specialists on the Gold Coast, but you won’t notice our water views (We don’t have them). 

And you won’t feel lost in a boardroom suitable for a Security Council meeting.

This law firm serve a particular client market – entrepreneurs who built their business from the ground up. 

In other words, their ideal clients are shrewd business people. They know exactly who pays for their lawyers’ water views and opulent offices. And they resent that.

The law firm’s website copywriting meets this concern head-on. The About Us page assures prospects this isn’t something they’ll need to worry about with our client.

Breaking down objections one after another

Like medicine, the law is broken into specialist disciplines. You wouldn’t want your heart surgeon having a red hot go at your knee reconstruction. Similarly, disputes should be handled by an accredited specialist in litigation.

This web copy takes care of yet another objection. A prospective client may want a lawyer who handles everything under one roof. But our client specialises in commercial litigation. The website copywriting overcomes this objection by convincing prospects that they don’t want a Jack of all trades. What they need is a master of one. 

Commercial litigation is a specialist area of law because disputes are never “just” about the law. 

They’re never only about who’s right and who’s wrong. There’s strategy; there are moves to select and counter moves to anticipate.

Our experienced litigators see the whole board.

Our client understand that litigation is a primarily grey area. It’s never as cut and dry as it’s made out to be in law lectures or movies. As entrepreneurs, potential clients understand strategy, anticipation and counter moves. The law firm website communicates its value proposition by speaking in a language that prospects understand. 

The web copy demonstrates to potential clients that this is a law firm that understands them. This is a law firm that can deliver what prospects need.

Are you staring down the barrel of a dispute that has – or could – turn nasty? 

You need a lawyer with rolled-up sleeves – and the resolve to stare down whatever the other side throws at you.

This website copy effectively paints a picture of what prospects can expect if they engage with this law firm. A prospective client can almost envision themselves standing on the opposite side of their opponent, pistols drawn. 

For prospects, litigation is a battle. And they want a legal expert who’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them and face down the barrel of that gun together.

Problem. Agitation. Solution.

That said, not all lawyers are as easy as we are to get rapid legal advice from.

They might advertise a 1300 number then be as hard to catch as leprechauns. And the only place you can catch them is sitting on a fence – “On the one hand this… But on the other hand that…”

This is an example of how the law firm website first identifies a client’s pain point, then agitates the pain. Prospects want answers fast. Prospects don’t want a lawyer who hems and haws while they’re being charged by the minute. 

We understand you can’t get your bearings from a spinning compass.

You need a lawyer who can steer a route around or through the problem. 

That route should be something your lawyer can lay out in plain English.

The web copy assures prospects this law firm will be focused and straight to the point. They know how to bring their existing clients up to speed without resorting to complex legal jargon. They prove that through the copywriting language used in their law firm website.

A strategic website image choice

The team bios are carefully crafted to reinforce the core values being communicated throughout the law firm website. The pictures used in the bios look genuine, warm and approachable. 

Reinforcing the brand message in plain English

Litigation challenges Rina in the same way that sports does. It’s about strategy, execution and being able to think on your feet. As Mile Tyson said, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

The tone of voice used in the About Us page is relaxed and carefree. The law firm website doesn’t use legal jargon designed to confuse its audience. The bio doesn’t offer a monotonous rundown of the lawyer’s experience and qualifications.

Instead, the copy juxtaposes the lawyer’s litigation experience with one of her other passions – sports. The copy helps to build a connection between the lawyer and her prospective clients using a language everyone understands.

Just as in sport, part of the equation with litigation is unpredictability.

Also, unpredictability means the underdog always has a shot at getting the best results if they stay focused. 

Using easy-to-understand copywriting language, the law firm website shows prospects why this is the lawyer they want on their side. 

Kent Law Group About Us page

Kent Law Group is yet another law firm whom Taleist had the pleasure of working with. Their About Us page mirrors their company story perfectly – A community lawyer who values long-term relationships with their clients.

A law firm who cares

Lawyers who invest in relationships

Right off the bat, the About Us page headline makes it clear to audience who this law firm is and what they care about. This is a community law firm that cares about forming lasting relationships with their potential clients. To further drive this message home, a team picture is displayed above the fold of the About Us page.

A law firm website that effectively communicates its core values

We believe that legal practice is about relationships, not transactions.

The best legal advice is given by a lawyer who has invested the time to get to know you.

The web copy further strengthens the personal brand message that this is a relationship-oriented practice. These are lawyers who’ll take the time to get to know their clients. These are lawyers who understand having a strong relationship with clients is critical to delivering good legal advice.

We’re proud to be part of the stories of so many Central Coast families and businesses.

These guiding principles are the “secret” to why so many of our clients have been with us for years, often across multiple generations of the family. 

The Central Coast is home to small, tight-knit communities where personal relationships mean everything. Prospects trust a law firm that has served their community for generations. Prospects want a lawyer who knows their children and joins them for Sunday brunch every weekend. A lawyer who has a vested interest in helping them overcome their legal challenges.

Turning an objection into a strength

One of the challenges our copywriters faced when writing the firm’s team bios is the fact that founder Ivan Kent isn’t your average lawyer. He doesn’t have the years of experience one typically would expect from someone who owned a law firm. In fact, he didn’t even begin his career in law. Ivan Kent held multiple roles in different industries before he began his law practice. 

This signals a potential objection from potential clients. That means our copywriters had to jump forward and address this issue head on. 

In his earlier career as an IT project manager, Ivan was trained to consider multiple points of view, while assessing the strengths and weaknesses of competing positions. It was his job to bring all that together and come up with the best course of action.

He brings that experienced, pragmatic eye to his legal practice.

Rather than his past experiences being a concern, the web copy showcases it as a strength. His past experiences is what allows him to think outside the box and consider different perspectives when offering legal advice.

He combines his knowledge of a client’s situation and goals, with legal expertise filtered through a commercial sense which he has honed over years in business.

In addition to being a solicitor, Ivan is a nationally accredited mediator and a notary public.

Ivan is currently the President of the Central Coast Law Society.

The web copy depicts our client as a skilled lawyer with an intimate knowledge of business. At the same time, he has all the necessary legal qualifications and expertise to offer sound legal advice. This allows him to offer legal counsel tailored to each of his client’s unique business needs and situations.

Law firm websites that get results

The About Us page is the second most visited page after the home page. So as far as your first impression is concerned, it is crucial to get your About Us page right.

The goal of your About Us page should be to come across as trustworthy and professional. At the same time, your About Us page should convey the idea that you’re an authority in your field. This will instil confidence in potential clients and encourage them to contact you for legal services.

Unlock trust with a winning About Us page

Trust is an essential component in any business transaction. But it’s especially vital in the legal industry, where emotions run strong and stakes are sky-high. Clients want to have a professional they can trust to be in their corner. For legal experts, building that trust starts with having a compelling About Us page.

We’ve written hundreds of About Us pages for law firms of every size and practice type, from solo practitioners to global corporations. So if you’re looking for an experienced hand to help you craft the perfect About Us page for your law firm, give us a call today.

Or maybe you’d like to give it a shot at writing your own story. If so, you might be interested in our masterclass on how to write an About Us page that people can’t help but be drawn to. Drawing from 25 years of copywriting experience, our masterclass is packed full of tips and tricks to give your About Us page the edge it needs.

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