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Financial planners don’t always have it easy in their marketing, but a good About Us page can help. As copywriters, we’ve written websites for many top-ranking financial planners. In this post, we break down good examples of financial planners’ About Us pages. These examples of About Us pages are a follow-up to our popular article on how to write an About Us page

Based on Taleist’s research into marketing a financial planning firm, many prospects regard financial planners with caution. There is a general lack of trust among the public, accompanied by a lack of understanding of what financial planners can do for them. This results in would-be clients hesitating to take the next step in engaging a financial planner.


So how can financial planners use an About Us page to turn doubts into certainty, and potential clients into leads?

One of the ways to start overcoming prospects’ uncertainty about financial planning is by writing a striking About Us page. Readers will often look on your website at what you do then head to your About Us page to know more about who will be delivering the service. The About Us page allows readers to better understand your story and form a personal connection with you. That makes the About Us page the best source for building trust and establishing a long lasting relationship with a financial planner’s target clients.

Below, we analyse a few About Us pages from financial planners’ websites across Australia. These financial planners were among the 30 best-performing financial planner websites, and they were included in our report into financial planners’ marketing.

Each of these financial planning websites has its own strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what they are from these example About Us pages can give you a kickstart for your own lead-generating About Us page.

Sydney Financial Planning

Sydney Financial Planning’s About us page makes a strong case for the features they offer, but fail to translate those features into benefits for their clients. While some clients may be able to infer the benefits, an About Us page should never leave the clients to connect the dots themselves. Instead, Sydney Financial Planning’s About Us page needs to shine the spotlight on how their clients’ lives will improve with their financial advice and services.

1. Image choice on the About Us page

About Us page example showing real pictures of the financial planners

Using a real picture above the fold of the About Us page adds a more personal touch, allowing clients to place a face behind the financial planning firm.

2. Financial planner features should be tied to benefits

Features and benefits on a financial planner's About Us page

The paragraph elaborates on a feature in the headline – Sydney Financial Planning’s financial advisors are patient and takes the time to understand their clients’ financial issues. However, the copy need to explain the benefits of having a financial planner who is attentive to their clients’ needs.

The next paragraph introduces another of the company’s features — their tried and tested financial strategies. But what makes Sydney Financial Planning’s methods better than other financial strategies in the market? They would make a stronger argument if they could explain how their strategies are more effective in solving their clients’ problems.

About Us pages are easier to write if you’ve created your unique selling proposition (USP) so you’re weaving that into your About Us page.

3. Unrelated stock image in the About Us page

Example of stock images on a financial planner's About Us page

Sydney Financial Planning’s About Us page is organised into different sections. All of the sections feature a team picture except for “Our Planning Team”, which uses a stock image. Using a team picture for the financial team section would make more sense and would appear consistent with the rest.

4. Punctuation mistakes in the headline

The headline for Sydney Financial Planning’s About Us page reads:

“Our passion is knowing we’ve made a fundamental difference in your life Get in touch with Sydney’s financial growth specialists.”

While clients may not be looking for grammatical errors in a financial planning website, a mistake in the headline would be impossible to miss. Giving your copy a once-over after the final draft is always recommended. (Although few of us are above reproach in that regard.)

5. Vague wording might put off clients

Sydney Financial Planning’s About Us page uses the term “real people”, which is somewhat vague. Who are the “real people” in this instance? Using ambiguous wording like this creates confusion and may unintentionally alienate your clients. When in doubt, it’s always best to stick to plain writing.

Montara Wealth

We’ve used Montara Wealth as a website copywriting example for a financial planner. The firm has the perfect example of an About Us page that makes sure every feature is tied to a benefit. They also establish themselves as a trustworthy company through various forms of social proof, such as testimonials and featured publications. (See our article on Six Shortcuts to Persuasive Copywriting.)

Another trust-building strategy the company uses is by having an honest conversation about the company’s drawbacks. Not only does it signal to clients that they have nothing to hide, Montara Wealth managed to present this weakness as a benefit to their clients.

1. Connecting features with benefits

Example of a financial planning About Us page

A feature of Montara Wealth is that it is a privately owned company, which is shown above the fold. This is followed by a benefit, where they are able to design custom strategies for their client.

2. Showcasing features in well-known publications

Publications in which Montara Wealth has been featured in also appear above the fold. Recognition from known publications strengthens the financial planners’ credibility and authority with their clients.

3. Client testimonials above the fold

A link to the company’s 5-star Google rating is available above the fold. This allows clients to see the link as soon as they click into the About Us page. These various forms of social proof are what establishes Montara Wealth as a trustworthy company.

4. Honest and transparent copywriting

Example of copywriting on a good About Us page

Montara Wealth does not shy away from informing their clients that they are not a fully independent firm. However, it is presented as a benefit that allows the company to negotiate better rates for their clients. So not only does Montara Wealth present themselves as an honest and transparent company, they also managed to turn what was initially a disadvantage into a benefit for their clients.

5. Building trust in their financial planners

“Our advice is to insist on a frank conversation about fees and commissions with any financial planner you are considering engaging.”
“As a matter of policy, this is something we will bring up in our first meeting with you.”

Statements like these assure clients that there will be avenues for them to bring up their reservations. This further cements the idea that the company is open to listening to their clients’ concerns.

6. Addressing client objections

Example of objection-handling on an About Us page

Prospective clients want reassurance that the financial planner they choose has their best interests at heart. Statements like “Philosophy of partnership with our clients” and “We work for you” is meant to communicate to clients that Montara Wealth deems their clients to be a top priority.

7. Clear call to action on the About Us page

Financial planner's call-to-action on an About Us page

The call to action gives clients a clear idea of what to expect when they get in touch with Montara Wealth.

Tribeca Financial

Good copywriting is as long as it needs to be in order to capture the attention of clients and persuade them to do what you need them to do. For that reason, Tribeca Financial’s About Us page would be more effective if they expanded on their team’s respective backgrounds and how their combined experience enhances their financial expertise. (If you’re interested in knowing more, we have an online course on writing a persuasive webpage.)

1. Building trust with financial team’s real pictures

Example of images on a financial planner's About Us page

Using real pictures of the financial planner team adds a personal touch and is a good way to inspire trust with clients. It shows them that the financial planners have nothing to hide.

2. Client testimonials above the fold

Specific feedback by past clients like “Approachable”, “client-focused” and “committed” bring to attention the quality of Tribeca Financial’s financial services.

3. Expanding on the financial team’s backgrounds

Example of a financial planner's bio on their About Us page

The About Us page is a chance for clients to get to know a bit more about your background and motivations. Here are a few quotes from Ryan Watson’s bio:

“Since 2010 Ryan install this ethos to challenge the status quo, be brave and authentic in helping clients improve their financial wellbeing.”
“It came from a steely determination and unwavering belief that the financial planning industry could do more.”

Much of Ryan’s bio leads to more questions, not fewer. What led Ryan to believe that the financial planning industry wasn’t doing enough? Why did he decide to help his clients improve their financial wellbeing? Ryan could improve his bio by answering those questions and digging deeper into how his experiences led him to better serving his clients.

4. Choosing the right testimonial for your About Us page

Testimonials help on a financial planner's About Us page

Having client testimonials strengthens a financial planner’s credibility and helps to build trust. But different testimonials can create different impressions. The testimonial Tribeca Financial chose for their About Us page is nice, but it doesn’t say anything about the quality of their advice or service. If you want to overcome client objections on value, choose a testimonial that addresses specific details about your financial services and why your clients liked it.

My Wealth Solutions

A mistake that financial planner websites make is writing an About Us page that is about them. But the About Us page should really be about your clients, and how your backstory and values will help solve their problems. My Wealth Solutions could strengthen their copy by relating their personal story to how they can help their clients achieve what they want.

1. Relating features with benefits to clients

Another example of a financial planner's About Us page

My Wealth Solutions’ introduction in their About Us page kicks off with several company’s features. For example:

“Providing achievable financial advice that is tailored to your personal financial situation.”

They then tie those features with client benefits:

“To help you achieve your dream financial future by empowering you to make smart financial decisions.”

2. Know who your clients are

“We understand exactly what everyday families want when it comes to financial advice.”

It is not clear in the About Us page whether My Wealth Solutions’ ideal clients are families. If they gave financial advice to individuals as well, they risk alienating certain clients by only mentioning families.

3. Be specific in your copywriting

“You want a financial advisor who understands the challenges you’re facing.”

My Wealth Solutions does not make clear what they think their clients’ challenges are either. Addressing the specific challenges would make the copy feel more personal to their clients, as though the company is speaking directly to them.

4. Selling financial planner features rather than benefits

Weak copywriting on a financial planner's About Us page

Unlike their introduction, My Wealth Solutions explains company features without connecting them to client benefits this time. For example, there should be clarity on how having a dedicated financial advisor would help their clients achieve their financial goals.

5. Be client-centric, not you-centric

As implied in the closing statement, most of the company’s About Us page has been focused on the company itself. Instead of talking about ‘we’ all the time, the copy would have been far more effective if it focused on ‘you’. Rather than hearing how the company came about their core values and mission, clients would be far more interested in knowing how the financial planners at My Wealth Solutions would help them with their problems.

Writing an About Us page? Take the masterclass…

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Once they believe they want what you have, they need to believe you can deliver it. Create that confidence.


Tupicoffs’ About Us page showcases their financial awards and certifications as ways to build their credibility with clients. However, like several other financial planners, Tupicoffs concentrates on selling their features rather than the benefits that clients care about.

1. Explaining features of a financial planner without its client benefits

Example of an About Us page

“Tupicoffs has been providing financial advice for over 50 years.”

Tupicoffs highlights their long years in operation as a key value to their clients. While this may set them apart, it would be useful to explain further how their many years of experience helps them to better serve their clients.

2. Building financial planner credentials

Use of credentials on a financial planning About Us page

One of the client objections is in not knowing whether financial planners are sufficiently qualified to give financial advice. Here, Tupicoffs explains the certification system for financial planners and the value of receiving that certification. For clients less savvy about the financial industry, this assures them that the financial planners at Tupicoffs are properly certified.

3. Building trust through recognition by accredited financial organisations

Tupicoffs reinforces its credibility by saying it’s the first to be recognised by a accredited financial organisation, the Financial Planning Association.

4. Displaying financial awards

Example of awards being used on a financial planner's About Us page

Awards are a way to prove that you are ahead of your competition in the financial industry. Even if clients are not familiar with financial awards, stating that Tupicoffs is Australia’s most awarded financial planner is still an impressive achievement.

5. Strategic placing of testimonials

Use of testimonials on an About Us page

Although it’s great that they incorporated their five-star Google ratings in their About Us page, Tupicoffs chose to place it at the bottom of the page. Placing their testimonials higher up would increase the chances of their prospects seeing it.

Flinders Wealth

You could argue that it’s easy to deduce the benefits tied to Flinders Wealth’s features (That their financial advisors are highly educated). Nonetheless, a compelling About Us page should always connect the dots for readers, not leave readers to draw their own conclusions (or read on without drawing any conclusions).

1. Picture of the financial planning office

Good use of banner image on an About Us page

Having a picture of Flinders Wealth’s office area would appeal to locals, which may be the clients they are targeting. Alternatively, having a picture of the team might be more effective at building trust and connecting with clients.

2. Painting a picture for clients

About Us page copywriting example

“Michael and Nick have worked together for nearly a decade and through their experience have seen firsthand the positive impact quality advice can have on a client’s financial affairs.”

Flinders Wealth could strengthen their copy by giving a few examples of what a ‘positive impact’ looks like. This would paint a picture in their clients’ minds of what they can look forward to if they engage the financial planner.

3. Building credibility for the financial planners

Example of building credibility with an About Us page

Flinders Wealth’s About Us page establishes that Michael and Nick are certified financial planners. The About Us page also goes into detail about the value of having a Certified Financial Planner status. It also tells us Michael and Nick are members of recognised financial institutions. This builds the financial planners’ credibility even among clients who may not be as familiar with the CFP designation.

4. Real pictures of the financial team

Real pictures of the team add a personal touch in the About Us page. Flinders Wealth’s imagery also shows the team spending time and laughing together. This shows a warmer side of the financial planners and makes them seem more approachable to clients.

5. Benefits of a higher education

Flinders Wealth does a good job explaining how having a university degree sets their financial planners apart from the others, who may only have financial planning diplomas. However, it still doesn’t explain how a university degree improves the quality of their advice. For example, are Michael and Nick better qualified than financial planners with more than 10 years of experience?

6. Expanding on the financial team’s background

Example of poor copywriting in a bio on an About Us page

The only information provided by the financial team’s bios at Flinders Wealth is their titles and educations. Michael and Nick’s bios would be more effective at building a personal connection had they elaborated on their experiences, motivations, and how it helped them to better serve their clients today.

Verse Wealth

Verse Wealth chose a different structure for their About Us page by using videos as their main copy. Although this most certainly makes their page stand out, they also run the risk of their clients simply ignoring those videos.
It’s also important to remember that the purpose of an About Us page is for clients to get to know you better. Verse Wealth’s shortened copy of their team’s background and accomplishments might not be enough for clients to form a positive opinion about the company.

1. A vague headline risks losing traffic

Vague headline on a financial planner's About Us page

“We started Verse because we knew people needed a new kind of financial advice”.

“Us” seems like a waste of a headline. It’s not helped by a vague companion paragraph. How did Verse Wealth know people needed a new kind of financial advice? What sort of financial advice do they mean? It’s important to remember the headline’s role is to get clients to read the rest of the page. If the headline fails to grab clients’ attention, they might click away, especially if the sentence that follows is under-powered.

2. Google reviews above the fold

Linking Verse Wealth’s five-star Google rating above the fold makes it clearly visible to clients and helps to build the company’s credibility.

3. Using videos instead of copywriting on your About Us page

Example of video used on an About Us page

Something to keep in mind when uploading videos onto a financial planner website is that clients may not always be interested in playing those videos. If your About Us page consists of mostly videos, clients who choose to skip over them will learn nothing about you. A more effective structure for your About Us page might be to have a main copy, with a video or two to complement it.

4. Explaining the values of a financial planning firm

Verse Wealth describes their values as:

“Total transparency. Team first, team last. Client obsessed. Make it simple. Never settle.”
The company’s values need to be explained more thoroughly. What do they mean? And how do these values help their financial planners better serve their clients?

5. Using real photos for the financial team

Real profile photos on an About Us page

Using real pictures of the financial team allows clients to see the faces behind the company. This helps to establish a foundation of trust.

6. Highlighting aspects of the financial team’s backgrounds that benefit clients

The information provided for each financial planner is scarce and invites more questions. For example, here is Corey Wastle’s bio:

“Brady and Charlie’s dad. Golfing tragic. Lifelong learner. Foodie. Diehard Saints fan.”

What is Corey Wastle a lifelong learner of? Anything useful to his clients? How does being a foodie make him a better financial planner?

Your About Us page should highlight your personal background in a way that presents you as the best choice for solving your clients’ problems.

7. Say no to abbreviations

“CFP, B. Bus & Com, B. Comm, Grad Dip FP.”

When abbreviations are used for your certifications as a financial planner, there is a risk your clients might not understand what it means. There should never be anything on your About Us page that might create confusion for your clients. All certifications and degrees should be listed in full, if they are something you wish to highlight.

Build trust, convert leads and grow your financial planning practice/business

The best financial planning websites should always consider who their target audience is and what they are looking for when visiting the site. Prospective clients on your website are looking for two things – if you are trustworthy and whether you have the solution to their financial problems. An About Us page is a great tool for establishing trust and presenting financial planners as uniquely knowledgeable professionals capable of solving their clients’ financial worries.

More about writing perfect About Us pages

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