Website copywriting example for a strategic communications agency

Website copywriting example for a communiations and branding agency

This website copywriting example for a strategic communications agency is about selling a service to people who do not understand its value.

Effective communication with clients and prospects could mean the difference between success and failure. Having the right communications strategy can be invaluable for business growth and development. That’s why ambitious businesses think nothing of investing heavily in a communications consultant for that purpose.

Affinity is a strategic communications agency. The agency’s ideal client market consists mainly of men. They run businesses in physically demanding industries, such as mining or agriculture.

That means Affinity’s ideal clients aren’t necessarily urban entrepreneurs, people who’ve always worn suits to work. The natural habitat for this client isn’t a harbour-view boardroom, debating brand equity PowerPoints over piccolos.

Many of this agency’s potential clients don’t understand the need for strategic communications. Communications equals fluff. Even those who recognise the importance of having a strong communications strategy don’t always trust consultants. Consultants are talkers, not doers. Consultants drop a “strategic plan” — along with an invoice — then they’re nowhere to be found when the work needs to be done.

The jobs this website copy needs to do

Given this agency’s audience, our website copywriting needs to:

  1. Highlight the value our client offers. This isn’t a communications agency that talks a good game then disappears when they’re needed the most.
  2. Make it clear that this is a communications agency in it for the long haul. A communications agency that delivers practical, reliable communications advice in a way the client can understand and use.

A website headline that covers a wide range of services

A website headline that covers a wide range of services
A website headline that covers a wide range of services

Communications strategies for growing businesses

Our client is not your typical communication consultant. Rather than specialising in a single area, this communications agency works on a wide range of concerns. If the problem is beyond our client’s area of expertise, they’ll bring in other marketing and branding specialists to provide tailored solutions to that problem.

This is why our Sydney-based copywriters choose to keep the website headline purposefully abstract. Although “communication strategies” doesn’t fully explain the scope of our client’s services, the phrase captures the essence of who this strategic communications agency is and what they do. Plus, “growing” speaks to the target audience.

An introduction that expands on the website headline

An introduction that expands on the website headline
The web copy is clear about who you, the reader, is.

Our client is the Swiss Army Knife of communications and branding. That means we can’t let the reader know they’re in the right place by listing every service the agency can offer or every industry they could work for. The list would run for pages. What our website copywriters can do is tell the client they’re in the right place by calling out the problems the client might have. Those problems cut across many industries and possible solutions.

Are you a business looking for growth or transformation?

Are you looking for expert help turning your business strategy into the kind of communications, marketing and branding activities that will ensure success?

Or are you facing challenges with specific projects or stakeholders?

From our copywriting research, we learned these are typical issues faced by the target audience. By calling out the problems on a communications agency website, we’re connecting the dots between all these problems and the solution: better, more strategic communications — from our client.

Perhaps your market has changed… maybe your customers are making decisions differently…

Prospects are made to recognise they’re dealing with a communications challenge. Then we show them that they lack the expertise to navigate these waters smoothly. Through the web content, we then deliver the good news: our client understands what they’re going through and they can help.

Deliberately chosen copywriting language

Deliberately chosen copywriting language
Good website copywriting is about choosing words that do something: persuade the reader into action

Affinity is a strategic communications agency for businesses that are serious about growth or transformation.

Our copywriters purposely use words like “serious”, “growth” and “transformation” to deliver a message. Some prospects might think marketing and communications lack substance as a craft.

Some prospects think the main role of marketing or communications is to churn flashy ad campaigns that do nothing for a company’s growth or communications challenges.

But our client isn’t fluffy. Our client is a highly experienced communications consultant who delivers proven, results-driven solutions for the client’s communications problems.

Our clients want expert advice to help them find and amplify their voices.

“Voice” is another deliberately chosen word. Our copywriting research told us that our target audience often feels like their business is speaking in the wrong voice. That’s how they put it. They’re pitching to global giants and feeling like they’ve turned up in shorts and T-shirt.

The web copy lets them know that our client can help them find their voice (and confidence) again.

And they expect that expertise to come with rolled-up sleeves — an agency that sticks around for the doing.

One of the objections we came across in our copywriting research is that our target audience is wary of necktie-wearing consultants who are “all talk”. Stuffed shirts who’ll present our target audience with a proposed solution then leave them to carry out the hard work of implementing.

That’s why the web copy presents our client as someone just like their prospects. This is a strategic communications agency staffed by people ready to do what needs to be done. The appearance of the phrase “rolled up sleeves” is not an accident. Many of the readers of this website started their working lives doing manual labour.

We get those results by bringing together the right people working to proven methodologies that deliver measurable results.

This is our client’s value proposition laid out plain. They bring in marketing and branding experts to collaborate on developing a strategy to solve their clients’ problems.

Website copywriting that agitates the problem

Website copywriting that agitates the problem
Agitating a problem is a fundamental copywriting tool

You built a smart business, so it’s a tragedy when you’re the perfect for the work but you lose out because the market doesn’t see that capability.

It’s no good being the best provider or the best employer if the right people don’t believe that’s the case.

This is an example of website copywriting that agitates the pain points prospective clients are feeling. Prospects may have the best machinery or the most expertise in their field. But it’s meaningless if they’re unable to communicate their brilliance to the right people. So they find themselves losing pitches to companies that aren’t as good but that are capable of communicating their expertise far more efficiently.

Communications, marketing, branding…they’re all about getting the right messages to the right people at the right time.

The web copy explains our client’s value proposition in layman’s terms. Not only is the copy easy to understand, but it also demonstrates to readers that it’s possible to be a great communicator without resorting to flowery jargon. All the time through the copy, we’re smashing the reader’s preconception that all communicators are fluffy.

That translates to bottom-line significance for every business.

The web copy presents our client’s value proposition as something concrete. The value of this communication agency will be seen and felt in their clients’ bottom line.

Copywriting that speaks the audience’s language

Copywriting that speaks the audience’s language
The language on this site reflects the audience.

They need to punch at or above their weight

They’re under threat

This is an example of visceral copywriting language. Our target audience works in physically demanding environments. So our copywriters deliberately choose words that resonate with this audience.

Do you want to work with experts who can deploy in any environment?

We work with proven methodologies, and our services run the full gamut of communications, marketing and branding – from arming your crisis defences to building a new website.

Once again, this is the kind of language that hits the target for our audience. Words like “deploy”, “arming” and “defences” are chosen to communicate to readers that this is a strategic communications agency that gets it. Our client isn’t a corporate machine programmed to spout brand values in a boardroom. Our client understands the manual nature of prospects’ businesses and is willing to get in the trenches with them. And our client isn’t going to waft out vaporous platitudes.

A communications agency’s unique mechanism

A communications agency’s unique mechanism
A unique mechanism is a classic form of proof in copywriting

This is an example of website copywriting that showcases our client’s process. A communications agency such as our client may offer the same services as their competitors. But what makes them unique is in the “how”. The method in which a company delivers its product or service is what helps them stand out. Our client’s unique mechanism lies in their tried and true methodology for delivering effective communications strategies.

Having a unique process also informs prospects of what to expect if they decide to engage with the company. This helps establish transparency and trust with prospective clients.

Website imagery that supports the company branding

Example of website imagery supporting the brand

A strong portrait photograph reinforces the brand message projected throughout the website. Here, director Melissa isn’t dressed like a corporate businesswoman. Instead, she’s wearing a casual shirt and a pair of jeans. In other words, Melissa is dressed quite literally like someone prepared to roll up her sleeves and solve her clients’ problems.

Establishing authority with proof

Melissa has worked for household names (MTV, Microsoft, ESPN, Telstra) and brands that are rock stars in their industries.

This is social proof that demonstrates Melissa’s authority in marketing and communications. Melissa has worked with some of the most well-known brands and corporations in various industries. This clearly establishes her expertise in strategic communications.

She knows how to work with CEOs, CMOs and boards.

If you have a problem and the solution is in marketing, branding or communications – internally or externally – chances are Melissa has seen it, mapped it and solved it in her 31-year career working for ambitious companies of all sizes.

The web copy informs prospects that Melissa is used to working with C-level executives and board members on high-level communication strategies. Once again, the website copywriting reaffirms Melissa’s credibility by establishing her as a board-level strategic advisor.

Melissa is well known for her rare ability to balance tact and tell it like it is. Although she’s always on her client’s side, she knows that sometimes means having to tell a home truth.

The web copy sets Melissa apart from corporate consultants. The copy lets readers know that Melissa won’t use corporate jargon or doublespeak when talking to her clients. She will tell them like it is. And this is something that her target audience will appreciate.

Using testimonials to strengthen your credibility

Using testimonials to strengthen your credibility

Client testimonials are a classic example of social proof on a website. When it comes to making a purchase, people will mitigate the risk of making a bad choice by mimicking others around them. Testimonials offer proof to prospects that there are consumers like them who enjoy this product or service.

The first testimonial comes from the CEO of Queensland Mines Rescue Service. This is an example of a testimonial provided by someone with the same role and responsibilities as our target audience.

She’s a breath of fresh air.

The agency’s website has been building a case for how it’s different from typical communications consultants. Now our target audience is hearing the same argument being made by one of their own.

Affinity gave us the expert marketing focus, international subcontractor management and team leadership that we needed to build a brand and product set from the ground up.

Their work was consistently outstanding – combining expertise with the hands-on skills needed to make our strategy a reality.

Feedback like this addresses objections using the same tone of voice as prospective clients. Melissa’s former clients confirm that she is indeed someone who’ll roll up her sleeves and implement communications strategies alongside her clients. Unlike other consultants, this strategic communications agency will stick around and help their clients build their communication plans from the ground up.

Using website copywriting to screen prospective clients

Example of using copywriting to screen potential clients.

Does your business sound the part?

Do you need to persuade a board or convince a community?

Are you having trouble attracting top-shelf employees because the best people don’t (yet) know who you are?

This is more than just an example of website copywriting that agitates a client’s pain points. Our client is also using the web copy to qualify their prospects. Providing prospects with a description of the issues this communications agency handles helps to filter out those who don’t fit the description. Prospects who don’t fit the description will also realise this isn’t the sort of business they’re searching for.

Or are you in an industry targeted by activists who know how to make a noise in the media?

This is an issue that will strike a chord with the communication agency’s ideal clients. For many mining firms, dealing with social activists is just another day at the office. By highlighting this issue, the web copy illustrates once again to prospects that this is a communications agency that understands what they’re going through or might go through.

The results

What makes your business different from others? What makes you better? And how do you convince prospective clients you have what they’re looking for?

Prospects are people looking to solve their problems. The road to conversion starts with understanding who your prospects are and what they need. Your ability to effectively communicate your value as the solution to their problems means the difference between prospects hitting the exit button or becoming a customer.

Our copywriters can help you too

Are you having trouble communicating the value of your product or services? Do you find yourself trying to sell yourself until you’re blue in the face, only to have prospects stare back with the same narrow-eyed scepticism? If you’re looking for a website that effectively gets your message across, then give us a call today or use the form below and we’ll call you.

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