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Welcome, and thank you for watching Steven Lewis' LearnWorlds masterclass on copywriting a high-converting landing page for your online course.

With only an hour (even sneaking in those extra eight minutes), Steven didn't have enough time to pack everything into the LearnWorlds copywriting masterclass.

This is where you can get all the advanced extras...

39 Types of Proof39 Types of Proof

Overcome your potential students' doubts about investing in your course by knocking out those objections with the right kinds of proof.

Proof is the safecracker's secret weapon to unlocking the sale. Once you've overcome every objection, your students have only one thing left to do: buy your course.

Persuading Effortlessly With InfluencePersuading Effortlessly With Influence

Six videos on the role of Robert Cialdini's principles of influence.

Get a deeper understanding of how to use your student's mental shortcuts to persuade them that your online course is the irresistible choice.

Landing page teardowns

Online course landing page teardownsSteven breaks down the copywriting on three online course landing pages, showing you where the copy is working to reduce resistance and unlock the sale.

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