The great About Us page lie

The second most visited page on your website is a lie. Why? Because you’ve called it “About Us” and it’s not supposed to be about you at all. Change that in your copywriting and your conversion rate will go up. The reason is simple.

Your website visitors are looking for someone to solve a problem. The other pages on your website might have convinced them that you can indeed solve their problems. But we’re not just looking for someone who CAN solve our problem.

We’re looking for someone we TRUST to solve our problem.

That’s why your About Us page is likely the second most visited page on your website. Your visitors go there when they’re interested enough in your product and service to want to know who is going to be providing it. And why they should trust you to do that.

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So yes, your About Us page is about you. But it’s really about them… It’s about their problems and building their trust that you’re the right person to solve it.

Building that trust effectively is going to improve your conversion rate.

There’s more about how to do that in our guide to 7 things anyone can do to improve their conversion rate overnight. Download the guide for free here.