The direct response copywriter’s answer to writer’s block

Writer’s block: being paralyzed by the blank page. And you don’t have to be a professional writer to experience it.

We’ve all put off writing something until the last minute. (And sometimes even later.)

That blank page can be intimidating, but there’s a reason direct response copywriters spend less time with writer’s block that most people.

That’s because you’ll spend less time staring at a blank page if you’ve:

  1. Done your research
  2. Thought through your approach.

Get the research and planning right and the words might just feel like they’re writing themselves…

It starts with knowing who exactly is the ideal client:

  1. What does the ideal client know about the problem our client solves? 
  2. What do they secretly hope for?
  3. What does Google Analytics tell us about them from how they’re reading our client’s current website?
  4. How do they describe their own problems?
  5. How is our client uniquely placed to make their lives easier?

Research gives you the answers to those questions, which is why research is the key that unlocks that blank page every time.

When you can answer those five questions, you won’t have the same paralysis because you’ll have started thinking about what you need to say.

And when you know what you need to say, it’s much easier to get started.