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Turn your advertising dollars into Profit

Why spend thousands on a professional copywriter when you can transform your website traffic into profit by yourself?

There’s only ONE reason to give Google and Facebook your hard-earned money. Whether you're spending on SEO or pay-per-click advertising, you're buying website visitors to CONVERT.

Without those conversions, you've given Google or Facebook your money with nothing to show for it.

For you, a conversion might be prospect taking the next step towards you — DOWNLOADING a lead magnet, CALLING you or EMAILING an enquiry. Or you might be looking for the ultimate conversion — TURNING A PROSPECT INTO A BUYER.

Every conversion goal demands your website works a certain MAGIC on your visitor. The magic that TURNS your ADVERSITING SPEND into PROFIT…

… is called COPYWRITING.

Copywriting is the beating heart of what's called "conversion rate optimisation" (CRO). "Conversion rate optimisation" simply means "making your website work harder to bring you more business".

Google and Facebook can send you all the visitors you're willing to pay for, but it's YOUR words that persuade visitors to TAKE ACTION. It's your words that optimise your conversions.


What is a landing page or a sales page? And why are they so important?

Landing pages are also called sales pages. Whether you prefer "landing page" or "sales page", we're talking about the same thing — a page of your website designed to stand on its own to earn a conversion.

These are "landing" pages because they're often the pages where a visitor "lands" after clicking an ad or other promotion.

They're also called "sales pages" because they're designed to close the sale or get the conversion. Their focussed nature is why you want them to stand alone. You don't want your prospects distracted by having to click elsewhere on your site for additional information.

Can ANYONE learn how to write persuasive website sales pages?

Sure, there's a reason professional copywriters have clients queuing to pay $6,000 or more for a single landing page. However, what if you don't have time to wait for a professional? Or what if you don't want to pay thousands?

Now, you can master the techniques of EFFORTLESS COPYWRITING for yourself. You can take charge of your conversion rate optimisation.

Copywriters use PROVEN TECHNIQUES to shape the flow of HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY.

Copywriters use TIME-TESTED FRAMEWORKS that are adaptable to any business.

The SAME TOOLS are available to you. All you need is someone to open the door...

When you know these techniques and frameworks, you can pull them out time and again to launch webpages that run like oiled CONVERSION CHUTES...

Use Google and Facebook ads to drop qualified prospects into a landing page. Then watch as your page SHOOTS out LEADS and SALES. That's conversion rate optimisation.

With copywriting training, you can PERSUADE PROSPECTS INTO ACTION ANYTIME you need to.

That’s because copywriting is a TIMELESS SKILL. Your prospects might come from Facebook today and somewhere else tomorrow. However, the way your prospects make decisions hasn’t changed since one caveman caught sight of another caveman’s club and grunted, “WANT.”

Landing pages that convert at 3x or more

At Taleist we use these copywriting techniques and frameworks to deliver triple-digit conversion rate increases for our clients. Recently, our landing pages have:

  • INCREASED CONVERSIONS by 433% for a medical centre.
  • SLASHED Facebook COST-PER-LEAD by 87% for a solar energy company.
  • SAVED a dentist FIVE FIGURES on his Google advertising bill.
  • DOUBLED LEADS and DOUBLED LEAD QUALITY for an aged-care provider.
  • Resulted in 300% MORE ENQUIRIES for a marketing agency (and that was just from rewriting in the headline).

Announcing the Landing Page Template, a course in sales page copywriting

In this sales page writing course, we'll lay out how you can follow our landing page template to deliver your own conversion rate magic.

After 25 years as professional copywriters, we’ve honed our sales page copywriting into a REPEATABLE PROCESS flowing into WINNING FORMULA built on a ROCK-SOLID FRAMEWORK.

Today, we’re sharing our copywriting process, formula and framework for the first time in The Landing Page Template, our sales page copywriting course.

We used this same approach to deliver conversion rate turnarounds for frustrated financial planners, dentists, surgeons, aged-care providers, solar installers, marketers, lawyers, course creators and others.

Our clients are frustrated because they've been pouring money into ads and SEO then watching helplessly as their prospects leak away from an unconvincing website.

Now, we'll show you the fundamentals of how we replace those leaky sales pages with watertight copy.

You’ll come away from this course with mastery of the same copywriting fundamentals.

We’ll lay out:

  • Our secret spreadsheet that NEVER FAILS to tell us precisely what makes a product or service IRRESISTIBLE to the ideal client. (And you get to KEEP the spreadsheet.)
  • How to structure your landing page to mirror the way your prospects think so you can UNLOCK THEIR BUYING DECISION. (You’ll be able to use the same technique to craft high-converting emails, presentations, webinars and other sales tools.)
  • The ROOKIE MISTAKES that RUIN CONVERSION RATES for even the best products and services. (Just correcting dumb mistakes can DOUBLE a conversion rate.)
  • How to make sure you NEVER have to STARE AT A BLANK PAGE not knowing what to write. Real copywriters always know exactly where to start. Now, so will you.
  • The DECODER RING you can use to find out what your prospects are  thinking. Applying our methods, you'll uncover EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW to persuade your ideal client to take action.

Your own brilliant landing page

During the course, we’ll show you how to assemble ALL THE INGREDIENTS of your own WINNING landing page.

We’ll also lay out a PROVEN STRUCTURE you'll follow with your own sales page.

After the third webinar, you’ll know STEP-BY-STEP how to write YOUR OWN IRRESISTIBLE LANDING PAGE.

Who should take our landing page copywriting course?

This course is for you if:

  • You're a BUSINESS OWNER whose website is (or should be) an important source of leads, enquiries or sales.
  • You're an ADVERTISER who demands maximum ROI on your ad spend.
  • You’re thinking about engaging a copywriter but you don’t know how to tell the “real deal” from someone with a website and a laptop. After this course, you'll know who's walking the talk.
  • You’re a marketer, SEO or PPC specialist looking to upskill. Even if you don’t want to write landing pages yourself, you’ll have the copywriting knowledge to make the sort of impactful suggestions that optimise conversion rates.

How is the course delivered?

This course is delivered LIVE in three interactive web lessons (60 minutes each).

Because the course is live, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions as we go.

And spreading the course over 10 days, gives you time to think through the concepts and pull material together between sessions.

Next course dates

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Your copywriting teacher

Steven Lewis runs the direct response copywriting agency Taleist. His background is in storytelling. He was a journalist for 20 years, writing for publications as diverse as Esquire and The Financial Times.

Soon after he began writing for newspapers and magazines, Steven was approached by multinationals looking for a new take on their copywriting. He has written for clients in a multitude of businesses, from lawyers to mobile beauticians. Better-known client names include Microsoft, Intel, Philips, Rolex, Coca-Cola and United Airlines.

Steven’s particular interest is in the intersection of copywriting and persuasive psychology. To him, copywriting is only great if it achieves the goal it set out to achieve. And he loves to show other people how to use the power of persuasion to grow their businesses.

What they say about Steven...

" I signed up with a lot of trepidation and self-doubt. I ended it punching the air and grinning ear-to-ear. And even more telling, days later my confidence hasn’t waned." — Frances Letters

“I have been involved in the educational process for both teenagers and adults for some thirty years. I found Steven to be a natural teacher.” — John Porter

“I’m a writer, so I figured I knew about words, but Steven showed me that wasn’t true when it came to websites.” — Rouba D.

“You don’t muck around!” — Jo Vabolis

Steven’s in-depth approach coupled with his humour and ‘show, don’t tell’ presentation style made the sessions engaging and interactive. But most importantly, I now feel confident to significantly revamp my website with the aim of attracting new people, retaining existing clients and building a reputation that will promote sales. This course has completely changed the way I view my online presence." — Jacqui Moreno

Ready to start magically turning your ad dollars into conversions?

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Everything in our landing page copywriting course has been tested over the creation of countless high-converting landing pages. We’re 100% confident you’ll find the course invaluable. However, if you take the course and don’t think it delivers, just let us know within seven days and we’ll give you a full refund immediately.