This Ikea “trick” will save your LinkedIn profile

When I say “Ikea”, do you think about the revolutionary thought that helped make Ikea a $57 billion company?

No, you don’t, and that’s what this “trick” has to do with writing a winning LinkedIn profile.

Ikea grew from a simple thought—how much cheaper it would be to make, ship and sell furniture if the customer assembled the furniture at home, instead of Ikea assembling it in the factory.

Selling flatpack furniture is what Ikea does, but when we think about Ikea, we think about what we want, not what Ikea does.

But most LinkedIn profiles don’t talk about the value of the person (what we want from them). The profile talks about what the person does. The profile essentially says, “I sell cardboard boxes of furniture.”

What your profile should be doing is painting a picture of the reader’s life after working with you. That’s what’s going to persuade the reader to make contact.

If you want to find out how to do that, check out our online course on writing a LinkedIn profile.

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