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Our copywriters are curating a selection of landing pages from coaches. Our copywriters want to show how those pages could be tweaked to bring in more coaching clients.

If we choose your landing page to review, you'll get an expert copywriter's suggestions, suggestions that could bring you more clients.

Those suggestions are free.

Soooooo, you're asking yourself... What's the catch? What do they want to sell me?


Yes, we have nothing to sell you.

What we have is a soon-to-be-announced live version of our landing page copywriting course, The Landing Page Template™. This version is for coaches only, which is why we're looking for landing pages from coaches to use as examples in the course.

So, if your page is selected, you get free advice on how to get more clients from your website. You don't have to come to the course to get the advice — we're going to send our suggestions to you in return for your permission to use your page as an example.

Brian Donvan

Brian Donovan

Executive Coach, Speaker and Author

Taleist has a depth of understanding of persuasive copy that I have not experienced before.

Glenn Tranter

Glenn Tranter

Productivity Coach

Taleist has a great ability to communicate  deep knowledge of copyrighting in a way non-copyrighting folk like me understand and are able to implement.

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