You’ve heard of FOMO but are you ready for FOBO?

You’ve heard of FOMO, but you need to know about FOBO. Your prospects have it and sales are suffering…

The guy who coined FOMO (fear of missing out) also coined FOBO — the fear of better options.

You can think of FOMO, the fear of missing out, as a marketer’s cattle prod…

⚡ ️”Tickets selling faster than an Instagram influencer’s moral compass…”

⚡️ “Georgio will make only 200 of these cow scrotum clutches…”

FOBO, the fear of better options, is the opposite. Fear of missing out prompts prospects to take action fast in case they don’t get what everyone else is having. On the other hand, fear of better options is paralyzing.

FOBO is why it takes you three apps and nine websites to book a hotel room.

That first Google search throws up five perfect hotels…

… but you don’t book…

… because you’re worried you haven’t yet found the one that is also throwing in half a million frequent flyer points and butler who’ll follow you around with a silver platter of tiny fruit tarts.

FOBO is a marketer’s enemy. It’s another excuse for prospects to do their favourite thing — nothing.

But if you can address FOBO in your copywriting, your conversions will go up.

How to conquer FOBO with direct response copywriting

  1. Go long with your copywriting

    If your prospect is worried your options aren’t good enough, you need to lay them out exhaustively, layer benefits on benefits on feature after feature. Consider a special landing page designed to convert.

  2. Pivot to FOMO

    Your prospect is worried they’re going to find something better, so make them worry they’ll be missing out if they don’t go with you. Offer them something special to sweeten the offer.

  3. Throw in urgency

    Your prospect can’t procrastinate if they don’t have time to procrastinate. If the offer (or part of it) expires soon, your copywriting will focus the prospect’s mind on acting now.

  4. Make yourself scarce

    Limited offers are another way to turn FOBO into FOMO. Scarcity is another arrow in the heart of procrastination. (Read more and watch our video on using scarcity in copywriting.)

  5. Guarantee it

    Offer your FOBO-paralysed prospect a guarantee as a salve for their nerves. If they can buy you and keep shopping because they can always get a refund on you, they’ll relax. (Also, they’re unlikely to take you up on the guarantee because they’ll stop shopping once they’ve seen how good you are.)

  6. Point out the cost of not working with you

    “Every day you hesitate, you lose…” But what? What do they lose? … A month without a buyer’s agent costs thousands as house prices go up in the meantime? … A month of no gym membership means another kilo of weight gain?

Want some help curing your prospects’ FOBO? We’re here to help.