Copywriting’s rocket fuel. Are you using it?

Copywriting and desire

Desire is to copywriting what oxygen is to rocket fuel

No one walks into a car dealership and asks which model will make them look the most successful — let alone the most virile. But no one spends $90,000 on a car because a Mazda wouldn’t hold the road well enough on the way to Woolies.

Copywriter’s copywriter Eugene Schwartz knew better than most that true desire is generally unspoken (sometimes even to ourselves) because it would mean owning up to our most human qualities.

But when you focus your copywriting on your client’s real desires, you’ll quickly see the difference in conversions.

And that’s true in every business.

What CEO would admit to bringing in the most expensive consultants because the CEO likes telling people they’re working with…? They might not even know it, but I’ll bet you’ve seen it.

Focusing your copywriting on your clients’ desires isn’t always about calling those desires out; it’s about your tone, your examples, your choice of words.

The level up from Uber X is “Uber Select”. It’s not “Uber You’ll Feel Better About Yourself Than You Will in a Yaris”.

Subtle but powerful.

So is desire something you thought about when writing the copy for your website?