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As copywriters, we have written websites for dozens of dentists. That made a blog post of good examples of dentists’ About Us pages a natural companion to our popular article on how to write an About Us page

Why About Us pages matter for dentists

Choosing the right dentist can be tricky. Patients want a highly trained dental expert, that goes without saying. But they also want someone they trust and feel at ease with, who can provide them with a comfortable dental experience. Writing an About Us page that covers those needs and wants can mean the difference between a prospective patient giving you a call or moving on to the next dentist’s website.

An About Us page is your chance to build trust with prospective patients by anticipating and addressing their concerns. It allows patients to form a personal connection with you, while learning about how your qualifications and personal experiences make you the best option for anyone seeking exceptional care.

In this post we’ll look at five examples of About us pages from dentist websites in Australia. You’ll get a sense of what makes the copy on each page appealing to prospective patients, as well as ideas for enhancing the About Us page on your own dental website.

Canley Heights Dental Care’s About Us page

Canley Heights Dental About Us page

Canley Heights Dental Care‘s About Us page does a great job at making sure that what they’re selling to patients are benefits rather than simply features of their clinic. They also address several patient concerns in their copy, including price and convenience.

1. Handling price objections

The high cost of going to the dentist is a common concern with patients. Canley Heights addresses this by assuring their patients of their affordable prices and offering no-gap dental treatments.

2. Using features and benefits on an About Us page

Rather than highlighting the features offered by the dental clinic, the page chooses to focus on how those features benefit their patients. For example, they state that they are open seven days a week, which is a feature of the clinic. The benefit provided to the patient is by knowing that treatment would be easily available to them whenever they need it.

“Always available when you need us”

3. Building trust in the dentist

By taking the time to explain treatment options to patients, Canley Heights boosts confidence and trust in their dentists.

Dentist's bio on About Us page

What also builds trust are the introductions to Canley Heights’ dentists. For example, in Dr Phan’s bio he says why he wanted to become a dentist, which starts to build a relationship with a potential patient.

5. Using FAQs on a dentist’s About Us page

FAQ on dentist about us page

Providing an FAQ in the About Us page establishes Canley Heights dentists as authorities in the field of dentistry, another way to build trust with their patients.

6. Making the dental clinic easy to choose

Insurance details on dentist about us page

The list of insurance companies working with Canley Heights assures patients that their insurer will likely be recognised at the dental clinic. It also plants the notion that going to Canley Heights might be more convenient for the patient than other clinics.

Cabramatta Dental Care’s About Us page

Cabramatta Dental Care's About Us page

Going to the dentist can be intimidating and Cabramatta Dental Care knows this. They address this concern by calling attention to the gentle and empathetic nature of their dentists. They also make it easy for patients to get in touch with them by providing all necessary contact information in the page.

1. Smoothing away patient objections

Cabramatta Dental Care relieves patient fears of going to the dentist by assuring them that their dentists are gentle, meticulous and treat their patients like family.

2. Putting patients at ease with the dentists

“ We want you to feel comfortable asking us anything about your teeth”.
Patients are reassured that their questions will be taken seriously, and there will be a discussion on treatment options. This generates trust in Cabramatta’s dentists, and makes them feel more approachable.

3. Real pictures of the dental clinic

Dentist About Us pictures

A real picture of the dental clinic helps potential patients to feel comfortable because they can see what to expect.

4. Addressing another patient objection on the About Us page

Cabramatta Dental Care assures patients they take all forms of private insurance. By putting this sort of information on the website, they save patients from having to ask about it. Thus, they remove the risk of patients clicking away to another website that does address this concern.

5. Contact information and opening hours

About Us page map for dentist

The more obvious information you have on your About Us page and elsewhere on the website, the easier you make it for readers to make a fast decision to contact your clinic, not another dentist.

Marketfair Dental Care’s About Us page

Dental care about us page

Marketfair Dental Care is a shining example of how to use the About Us page to target the people you want as patients. With a copy that highlights their convenient location and family-friendly booking system, Marketfair Dental Care makes it clear that they are the best option for patients seeking a family-friendly dentist.

It’s much easier to write an About Us page when you’ve developed a clear unique selling proposition.

1. Attracting ideal patients for the dental clinic – families

“Family life is a juggle.”
“We’re open 7 days a week.”
For people looking for a family dentist, Marketfair is probably the dentist for you. Their About Us page explains the ways they cater to families, one of which is being open seven days a week. This feature is followed up by how it benefits their patients – It allows them to easily book dental treatments and checkups.

What’s more, their location also offers further convenience by being inside a shopping centre and being pram accessible.

2. Alleviating patient concerns

Marketfair Dental About Us page

The copy highlights the dentists as compassionate experts who care for their patients as much as they would their own family.

3. Establishing dentists as qualified professionals

Marketfair removes doubt of their dentists’ qualifications by asserting that they are recognised as qualified dental practitioners by the Australian Dental Association.

4. Promoting a family-friendly approach

Dentist About Us page appointments

Marketfair adds another feature to their family-friendly approach, where patients can save time by booking appointments for the entire family all at once. What’s more, having the same dentist for the entire family might be more comforting for nervous children.

5. A stock image that reflects the dentist’s family-friendly profile

While stock images are less effective at trust-building than real pictures, the image here reinforces Marketfair as a family-friendly practice.

Toothsome’s About Us page

Periodontist About Us page

Toothsome encourages trust with their audience through an open and honest copy. Their About Us page clarifies the types of treatments available, as well as the dental specialities of their dentists. There is also frank conversation about why Toothsome chooses to practice in limited areas of dentistry, and this is framed as an advantage to their patients.

1. Using real pictures to build trust in the dentists

There is a real picture of Dr Willis and Dr Chou in the page. This helps patient visualise a face behind Toothsome, and form a more personal connection with their dentists.

2. A headline that clarifies available dental treatments

The headline introduces the types of dental treatments Toothsome specialises in – Periodontist, dental implants and wisdom teeth removal. Meanwhile, the opening paragraph goes into further details of what each treatment entails. This provides less room for confusion and gives patients a good idea of what to expect during appointments.

3. Establishing the dentists as specialists

The dentists are introduced in the copy with reference to their dental speciality. This reassures patients that they are indeed experts in the dental treatments offered at Toothsome. What’s more, it also clarifies to patients which dentist they should book appointments with.

4. Explaining Toothsome’s features

The second paragraph is an example of Toothsome’s features, including modern equipment and a convenient location. The copy would be strengthened by connecting those features to benefits, rather than leaving patients to connect the dots.

5. Establishing credibility through known dental organisations

Periodontist About Us insurance

The list of medical institutions and organisations that Toothsome is associated with once again build their credibility and further establishes them as experts in their field.

6. Being honest about drawbacks

Periodontist About Us page copywriting

By limiting their dental services, Toothsome may have indirectly created questions as to why they chose to specialise in such narrow fields. The page predicted that potential concern and resolved it by turning it into yet another benefit for patients – By focusing on fewer procedures, they are able to provide higher quality services for those treatments.

7. Visible clinic addresses and their practising dentists

The dental clinics’ addresses are clearly visible, as well as each practising dentist in those clinics. So if patients have a preferred dentist in Toothsome, they know where to go.

Write a perfect About Us page

Make them want you with a perfect about us page

Once they believe they want what you have, they need to believe you can deliver it. Create that confidence.

Hills Dental Care’s About Us page

Dentist practice photo on About Us page

Hills Dental Care’s About Us page calls attention to the clinic’s specially designed waiting area and modern dental equipment, a unique feature not found in the other dental clinics. Also unique to their page is that their contact information is available above the fold. This makes it impossible to miss for patients visiting their About us page.

1. Real picture from the dentist’s waiting area

Hills Dental Care claimed to have a reception and waiting area designed with comfort in mind. This picture provides evidence to the claim, and also gives patients an idea of what that looks like.

2. A promise of friendliness and empathy

Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for most people. Hills Dental Care addresses this patient objection by assuring them that they will be greeted with friendliness and empathy.

3. A unique reception and waiting area at the dentist

As mentioned earlier, one of the clinic’s unique selling points is their reception and waiting area. Those spaces are specifically designed to put patients at ease and make them as comfortable as possible.

4. State-of-the-art dental equipment

About Us page copywriting for dentists

A second feature for the clinic is highlighted here – State-of-the-art dental equipment. The benefits of this to the patients is also explained, for example a painless injection that helps reduce patient discomfort during the procedure.

5. Contact information and opening hours above the fold

About Us page dentist opening hours

The contact information for the Hills Dental Care is clearly visible, making it easy for patients to get in touch with them. Opening hours are also clearly stated, so patients know when they are able to make appointments with the clinic. Unlike the rest, the information is located above the fold, which makes it impossible to miss.

6. Building trust with client stories

Dentist stories About Us page

Patients feel more assured of the dentist’s expertise when they see or hear success stories from other patients. This is something Hills Dental Care tries to encourage by providing a client story in their About Us page.

Earning patients’ trust and removing doubts

Just like with any doctor’s visit, it’s normal for patients to feel apprehensive about going to the dentist. This is why building patient trust and confidence should be the number one thing on your mind when writing your dental website. Your About us page needs to paint you as a caring and compassionate professional who delivers quality dental care to your patients. In doing so, you not only provide peace of mind but also instill a long lasting sense of trust with your patients.

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Once they believe they want what you have, they need to believe you can deliver it. Create that confidence.