open invitation to agencies and creatives on the peninsula. . .

Rozelle/Balmain Agencies' and creatives' drinks

You couldn't flick a paint brush on Darling Street without splashing the ironic T-shirt of an agency-type or creative.

Over the last six years running a copywriting agency in Rozelle, we've met a palette of colourful peninsula people working in branding, design, PR, marketing, web, video, storytelling, social media, photography...

Back in 2019, we thought we could invite the people we know who work in those sorts of areas... They could invite the people they know... And who knows...

Worst case, we thought, it's a pub with four exits.

Turns out creatives love to drink and talk about work. Who knew?

If you're a creative on the peninsula or you're working for an agency in Balmain or Rozelle, you're welcome to join us.

(You're also welcome to join us if that isn't quite you — we've been joined by architects, a masseuse and a supplier of fire suppression systems without serious incident.)

All we ask is that you please let us know you're coming using the form below. It helps us to manage the venue. (Also, you'll be notified of future meetups.)

Any questions, email Steven Lewis at Taleist, otherwise...

Where and when...

When: The apocalypse is over

Where: The Welcome Hotel, 91 Evans St, Rozelle NSW 2039

Price: Free, all welcome

The deal: Buy your own drinks, and any food, at the bar

If you'd like to know when we resume normal service, please add yourself using the form below.

Let us know you're interested

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Got a question?

If you have any questions, email Steven Lewis at Taleist, but this is very relaxed and you'll be very welcome.