Discover how to write a winning LinkedIn profile and how to grow your network on LinkedIn.
All without being salesy.

ONLINE LinkedIn courses from expert copywriters

The opportunities on LinkedIn for lawyers, accountants and others in professional services are enormous. LinkedIn has 740 million members and 55 million businesses rubbing together on one professional platform. Members and their companies create a billion interactions every month. Even a tiny share of that is a flash flood of opportunity every day for consultants and advisors who know:

  • How to ride the current of business being done on LinkedIn
  • How to stand out as leaders in their areas of practice

The good news is that standing out isn't about pulling stunts, being flashy or coming across as salesy. The easy-to-follow recipe to winning at LinkedIn is about being noticed by the right people. The right people need what you offer, which means they’ll be glad to join your network.

And working LinkedIn doesn't have to mean finding spare hours every day. With the right framework to follow, you can grow your network cleverly and efficiently.

What would writing a winning LinkedIn profile mean for you?

Do you want to be more visible to clients in the industries you serve? Are you looking for more speaking engagements or invitations to participate in associations? Would it help if you attracted more quality applicants to join the firm?

Whatever the goal for you, your firm or your practice area, every connection you could ever need is on LinkedIn. And those connections are logged in right now. Of the platform's 740 million members, 130 million of them use LinkedIn every day.

To make your move, all you need to know is how to push yourself into this rushing current of opportunities. That won't take going "viral" or uncomfortably selling yourself. LinkedIn's true winners are professional, smart and consistent. They apply qualities you probably use every day already.

Our LinkedIn training courses cover the two most essential areas of growing your influence:

1. The cornerstone: Writing a winning LinkedIn profile

2. The magnet:  Writing winning LinkedIn posts

You can invest in each course individually or save when you invest in both courses.

ONLINE LinkedIn training 1: writing a winning LinkedIn profile

A good example of a LinkedIn profile

The cornerstone of your success is developing the skills to write a profile that conveys your value. When you convey your value, you’re guaranteed to stand out because so many members are stuck because of their dated thinking about writing resumes for recruiters. Meanwhile, you'll be thinking about shining as part of worldwide online business community.

LinkedIn is no longer an online filing cabinet that recruiters dip into for resumes to throw at jobs. LinkedIn is a vibrant digital network for businesspeople making connections, so you need a digital profile that conveys your value.

LinkedIn learning from expert copywriters — You'll discover…

Excellent headline in a LinkedIn profileTaleist's copywriters charge thousands of dollars to write a single LinkedIn profile. (Don't tell anyone, but even professional LinkedIn profile writers come to us to write their profiles.) Now, the same copywriters whose clients are moving up or getting booked solid through LinkedIn have poured their secrets into an easy-to-apply model you can follow to put yourself into the path of opportunities.

Through our online videos, downloadable PDF guides or face-to-face training, you'll learn:

  • Why most profiles gather dust (while their authors mistakenly think LinkedIn "doesn't work for people like them")
  • How to leave “salesy” profiles to the attention seekers. Instead, you’ll have the tools to frame your experience and expertise with authority. It's your quiet authority that will draw the right attention.
  • The three-part recipe that makes what you do and what you know desireable to the people you want to talk to
  • A shortcut that will unlock what you need to say, to whom and why. You won’t recognise the profile you write after asking yourself these easy questions.
  • A foolproof writing process that takes you from first draft to polished profile — because you know the answers already

What’s included in this LinkedIn training course…

1. VIDEO OR LIVE PRESENTATION: How to stand out as you in a crowded market

In this punchy LinkedIn training, you’ll discover the reasons why most LinkedIn profiles fail to deliver results. Plus we'll show you the simple fixes that would have made those profiles unrecognisable. In less than an hour, you'll know what most people don't: why LinkedIn is working for others but not for them.

2. STRUCTURED GUIDE: Your guide to writing a winning LinkedIn profile

A guide to writing When you know how to frame yourself with quiet authority, you don’t need to be salesy or showy.

In this comprehensive guide to writing a profile, you’ll be walked through the structure that will generate your winning profile. You’ll set the goals that guide your approach. And you’ll be given the tools and frameworks to shape what you offer in ways that are compelling, marketable and authentic to you.

BONUS: A breakdown of winning LinkedIn profiles

Learn from our breakdowns of expertly written LinkedIn profiles in multiple industries. Uncover the techniques that work for everyone from the CEOs of global businesses to sole traders booking themselves solid through their network. We take the profiles apart, revealing formulas you can follow to write your own stand-out profile.

online LinkedIn training 2: Writing winning LinkedIn posts

The secrets to growing and reaching your network

A successful LinkedIn postWhile you can’t increase the number of people searching for your profile, you can increase the number of people who see your profile.

Now you’ve laid the cornerstone of your LinkedIn success by locking in a winning profile, it’s time to maximise the return on that investment. You'll do that by creating posts that work like magnets to draw people to you, growing your reach and your network.

That consistent posting of valuable content is the secret to growing a community on LinkedIn and being recognised by that audience for your expertise. Consistent posting might sound time-consuming to a busy person, but reaching the right people with valuable posts has proven surprisingly manageable for even the busiest person who follow our smart approach.

Your LinkedIn goal might be one or more of:

  • Expanding your word of mouth by reminding connections that you’re around
  • Prospecting for new clients
  • Positioning yourself as an employer of choice

Whatever you’re looking to achieve with your posts, we’ll show you how to match your specific goal to how you post on LinkedIn thoughtfully and with maximum results. When you have a clear plan and an understanding of what will get results, you have leverage.

When you have leverage, consistent posting on LinkedIn is a pleasure, not a chore — especially when you start getting feedback. Perhaps most importantly, achieving that leverage won’t be anything like as time-consuming as you thought it might be.

Online training in writing LinkedIn posts that deliver credibility and results

This Taleist course shows you how to write LinkedIn posts that deliver visibility, credibility and results that you can measure. You’ll discover:

  • The Reach Myth — how people think LinkedIn handles posts, how LinkedIn really handles posts and how to use the difference to your advantage
  • Setting up your process so you get maximum results for the minimum possible investment of time
  • How to write high-quality posts 3x to 4x faster
  • The 10-minute way to generate post ideas that will keep you rolling in ideas for the next 6 months
  • How to free yourself from the unhelpful pressure to “do it all”; instead uncover how to be more effective by keeping your LinkedIn activity manageable
  • The secret to winning over an audience on LinkedIn with quiet authority, so you never have to be “salesy”
  • The piggyback technique you can use when you can’t think of anything else to post
  • Strong openings — it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your post is if you can’t get the reader past the first line. These simple techniques will have your audience reading every word.
  • How to increase your reach and the return on your time by getting your posts in front of people who are not your connections

VIDEO OR LIVE PRESENTATION: LinkedIn myths plus all the shortcuts to growing your reach on LinkedIn

So many people put wasted effort into posting on LinkedIn. Their posts sink without a trace because they don’t know how to get LinkedIn to amplify their content. In this fast-paced presentation, we’ll debunk the myths that hold people back and give you simple, actionable things that you can do to make sure the effort you put into posting on LinkedIn is rewarded.

Stuck for ideas for original, valuable posts? We’ll give you a 10-minute system that will give you post ideas to keep you going for the next 6 months.

Running just under an hour, these LinkedIn training videos are punchy, fast-moving and packed with information you’ll use immediately to increase your reach.

WORKBOOK: Writing posts that reach the right people

How to write brilliant LinkedIn postsIn these structured exercises, you’ll clarify exactly what you need to do to reach, influence and convert your ideal reader.

We’ll give you easy-to-emulate techniques for writing thought-provoking posts that get results — without spending hours a day on social networking. By breaking down the techniques behind successful posts, you’ll have a library of inspiration and approaches you can use.

Take our LinkedIn courses however suits your firm

Our LinkedIn courses are available:

  • Online to go at your own pace
  • Live (in-person or via Zoom) with the opportunity to ask questions
  • As a flipped classroom. With a flipped classroom, you take the course online then work in a live or virtual classroom with a professional copywriter. Having a professional copywriter with you as you work on your own profile or posts helps to embed the training

Invest in growing your practice by taking our linkedin training

Individual Course Access

  • Video guides to the core concepts of winning on LinkedIn
  • PDF guides with a professional copywriter's secrets to writing winning LinkedIn profiles and posts
  • BONUS: Examples of excellent LinkedIn profiles and posts that you can use as models for your own

live presentation

  • Live presentations of the core concepts of the course plus the opportunity to ask questions
  • BONUS: PDF guides with a professional copywriter's secrets to writing winning LinkedIn profiles and posts
  • Examples of excellent LinkedIn profiles and posts that you can use as models for your own


  • Video guides to the core concepts of winning on LinkedIn
  • PDF guides with a professional copywriter's secrets to writing winning LinkedIn profiles and posts
  • BONUS: Examples of excellent LinkedIn profiles and posts that you can use as models for your own