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Snappy online marketing advice from our experts

Recorded live, these masterclasses feature our director of copywriting, Steven Lewis, delivering practical advice you can apply immediately to give your marketing a turbo charge.

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The cheat's guide to successful email marketing

AVAILABLE immediately

60-minute video + slides

We pull back the curtain to tell you how we cheated our way to an email list with:

  • An open rate 56.5% higher than the industry average
  • A click rate 53% higher than the industry average

Packed with tips you can use to turn your email list into a lead machine.

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Make them want you with a perfect about us page

Available immediately

60-minute video + slides

Your About Us page is the second-most popular page on your website. Why? Because your prospect has decided they want what you have. Now they're deciding whether they want to get it from you.

Discover how to write an About Us page that has your prospects choosing you.

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The power of social proof

available immediately

60-minute video + slides

Nothing converts like social proof, but there's an art to using it. Most people waste even testimonials, but after this masterclass you'll know exactly how to gather social proof and deploy it to high-converting effect.

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turn website visitors into customers

available immediately

60-minute video + slides

You're getting traffic to your website, but they're not taking action. How do you make those visitors click, download, call, email and buy? We'll lay out the simple things you can do in a couple of hours to turn those browsers into buyers.

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Who runs our masterclasses?

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacher

Steven Lewis has 25 years' experience in direct response copywriting

There aren't many people with 26 years of experience writing websites for businesses around the world, but that's how long Steven Lewis has been writing websites for businesses.

Steven promises to pack these masterclasses with insights that come from building and writing websites since 1994.

Steven has written professionally as a journalist and copywriter. He has lectured in PR and journalism, and his book on persuasive storytelling has been taught at Sydney University and translated for international distribution.

Steven's journalistic, research-based approach to copywriting informs our unique process. His copywriting regularly delivers triple-digit increases in conversion rates for our clients in Australia, the USA and the UK.


Copywriting course guarantee

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We're so confident you'll leave our masterclass raring to make changes in your online marketing, so confident we guarantee your investment. If you're not taking notes and planning your changes by the end of the masterclass, just email us and we'll give you a full and friendly refund.