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Filler to Killer: 5 Days To A Clickable Email Newsletter is a FREE five-day email challenge for everyone with something to say.

Every day, you'll get an actionable tip by email. Every tip is a simple step in turning your email newsletter from filler to killer. All you need is to set aside 20 to 30 minutes every day to work on each tip.

Day One: Starting with shine — we fix the #1 problem behind lacklustre newsletters. Chances are that this is the biggest weakness in your email game.

Day Two: Easy topic ideas — we answer the question nagging every email newsletter writer from the blank page, What should I write about today?

Day Three: Hooking the reader — your emails can’t be acted on if they’re not read, so let’s get the reader reading

Day Four: Making painless offers — no one likes to be salesy, and you won’t have to be when you know the email newsletter writer’s secret twist

Day Five: Conjuring action from interest — now you’ve got your readers’ attention, let’s get them doing what you need them to do as if by magic.

BONUS: You won't only discover how to do all this for yourself. We'll also show you how to make life even easier by using an AI copywriting assistant to do loads of the heavy lifting.

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Need more convincing? Here’s what you’ve heard right about email newsletters…

You’ve heard that nothing leads to more sales than email. And of course that’s true…

  1. You send 100 emails, they land in 100 inboxes. Because that’s how simple email is It’s not like social media, where every post is a spin of the algorithm wheel.
  2. Sending emails builds a relationship over time. Subscribers go from strangers to members of a community — YOUR community.
  3. Relationships built through consistency create TRUST. And trust is the topsoil of sales because people buy ONLY from people they trust. Send the right emails and they’ll trust YOU.

The simple way that email newsletters build businesses

Your email newsletter will build your business because it means sustained exposure to a genuine expert: YOU.

With an email newsletter, there’s no need to be salesy. When you’re a reliably useful presence in your reader’s inbox, you simply lay out your offer.

Your subscribers already know you can deliver. You just need to show them the value. A community you've built doesn’t need as much convincing as strangers.

Getting off the social media hamster wheel

With an email newsletter, you can forget the pressure to keep up with whatever social network is hot this week. You don’t have to dance for likes. You don’t have stay up-to-the-second on which post format is rumoured to be getting the most engagement this week.

Email is email. You send it and lands in front of everyone you sent it to. No algorithm to dance for.

And maybe the best part…

With an email newsletter, you get to be yourself, talking about what you know most about. No need to put on a show if you don’t want to.

Get 5 days of email newsletter secrets from a successful newsletter owner

If you’re already subscribed to the Taleist newsletter, you know:

  1. Our newsletter is not salesy.
  2. There’s nothing artificial about it.
  3. It's entertaining, it’s useful and it sounds like the person who writes it

And every day, it grows the Taleist business.

By the numbers

  1. 47.92% average open rate
  2. 82.26% of subscribers have read an email in the last 30 days

But more importantly...

Enquiries like this one:

An enquiry from the Taleist email newsletter

And this one:

Another enquiry from the Taleist email newsletter

If it’s this easy, why do you need 5 Days To More Clickable Emails?

If running a successful email newsletter is about nothing more than being yourself and talking about your area of expertise, how is this five-day email challenge going to help you?

Unlearning bad habits

First, between our teachers, professors and managers, most of us have plenty to unlearn when it comes to writing in ways other humans enjoy reading. Your scars will run even deeper if you’ve ever worked under the surveillance of a legal team or an employer with brand police.

Don’t worry. Everything you'll be asked to do is natural. Your talent to relate to other people has always been there; you do it every day. But you’ve been talked out of using it in writing.

Discovering the right things to talk about

Second, you need to know what to talk about and how. You definitely have all the ingredients already, but how do you serve them up as infotaining treats?

Again, you’re not alone in struggling to think of topics for emails or working out how to translate genuine expertise into engaging emails.

This isn’t something most people get taught. You’ve been busy learning to be good at what you’re good at — not to mention having your natural writing style brutalised by every place you ever studied or worked.

This challenge is for people

It doesn’t matter if your business is B2B or B2C, everybody does business with people. So this challenge is for you if your email newsletter comes from a person — if your name or someone else's is going to be at the bottom of it.

This challenge is NOT FOR YOU IF if your newsletters:

  1. Have to come in the name of the company, not a person. Subscribers can't build a relationship with Telstra or Microsoft or even Louis Vuitton, but they can build a relationship with a person who works there.
  2. Have to look like a page from Vogue. Those emails can build a brand, but not a relationship.
  3. Have to come across like an ecommerce product page. There's a place for those, but that's not what we're talking about either.

We're going to show you how to write human-to-human email newsletters that build relationships that lead to sales.

If that's not your newsletter...

What will happen in our 5 days together

  1. You’ll receive an email every day with instructions. We’re not talking Mission Impossible instructions or, worse, assembling an Ikea desk instructions. We’re talking about a short task that will take you 10 or 15 minutes.
  2. Each day’s email will build on what you did the day before. That’s why you’ll want to make a five-day commitment to getting the most from the challenge. You’ll also want to commit to working through the tasks in the five-day window because…
  3. During the five days of the challenge, we'll be available to answer your questions.
  4. As a BONUS, we'll show you how to have an AI copywriter take the grunt work off your hands.

Five days later, you’ll have…

  1. Crystal clarity on why most email newsletters don’t live up to their promise and how to make sure yours is killer, not filler.
  2. Topic ideas for at least your next six months of emails
  3. A mechanism for coming up with killer topics whenever you need them
  4. The foolproof formula for writing emails that move readers to action without being salesy
  5. The inside track on how professional copywriters have AI copywriting assistants do all the grunt work
  6. Massive confidence that you will earn your place in your subscribers’ inbox every time — the kind of confidence that will propel you to go out and promote your newsletter because you know it’s valuable

Sounds good?

Here we are at the bottom of a long page, which tells us you’re a thorough person who needs a fair amount of convincing. Good for you! Now join us for Filler to Killer: 5 Days to A Clickable Email Newsletter…