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Would you like to see ChatGPT take a doomed marketing project and transform it into high-impact marketing in just eight prompts?

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Testimonial email for this AI copywriting course

AI copywriting masterclass testimonial from Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller

Communications and marketing specialist

I enjoyed the level of detail in the prompts and activity plus the wrap-around info you provided. This is far further than I had gone in my ‘dabble’.

Just the right amount of info as I play and learn.

Chelsea Gouge AI copywriting testimonial

Chelsea Goudge

Bentley’s Chartered Accountants

I got a lot out of the session after struggling in the past with phrasing what I asked ChatGPT to do.

After your expert insights, I’m a lot clearer in getting the best answer. That’s a huge help in cutting down even more time by spending less time editing ChatGPT responses.

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