Website copywriting example for a property investment advisory firm

Website copywriting example for a property investment firm

This website copywriting example for a property investment advisory firm offers a side-by-side comparison of a website before and after engaging with our Sydney copywriters.

Property investment is serious business. With hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line, investors want to minimise the element of chance. They’re going to be attracted to a firm with a winning strategy.

Our client, whose name we’ve withheld because the website isn’t published yet, is a property investment advisory firm that deals exclusively with new properties. And they have a unique, research-driven approach to identify the best properties for their clients’ investment strategies. The firm’s multifaceted process minimises the client’s greatest fear: buying an underperforming property.

Copywriting challenge: widespread distrust

However, before the firm gets to meet a potential client, the firm has to overcome a widespread distrust of property investment advisors. People worry their property investment advisor is in cahoots with the property developer. Alternatively, a commission-driven advisor could recommend a property because it’s in their best interest, not their client’s.

To make matters worse, many people — parents, neighbours, even the mailman — is eager to share their opinion on property investing. The level of noise can be paralysing.

Financial advice website copywriting that builds trust

Widespread distrust of financial advisors of any kind is why these property advisors comes to us for a website. They wanted to make a first impression that built trust while effectively conveying their unique investing strategy.

Before we begin our copywriting process, our copywriters review the client’s current website. That’s where we find the copywriting mistakes that are leaking clients. From there, we work on crafting persuasive content that showcases our client’s unique value proposition.


A website headline that makes an assertion without proof

The property investment specialists you can trust

Original website headine

The first words the reader sees on the old website is an example of copywriting that makes an assertion without proof. Also, it doesn’t say anything that the client’s competitors wouldn’t say.

Why does this matter? Because when it comes to converting leads, trust is everything. People buy from people they trust. But just because a company claims they’re a trustworthy company doesn’t make it so. (Would any business say it wasn’t trustworthy?)

So if you’re going to lead with how trustworthy you are, you need to back it up. Immediately. That didn’t happen on the old site.

Now compare this website headline with the new website headline.

A new website headline with a purpose

Property investment specialists for wealth builders

Headline on the homepage of the new website

This website headline doesn’t lead with trust, so the copywriting doesn’t need to prove trust immediately (although the copy does that soon afterwards).

Instead, the new approach is to call out the target audience — wealth builders. Instantly, the reader knows that this is a service for them if they want to build wealth. At that same time, it filters out readers who aren’t the right fit.

The copy is also a nod to the target readers’ hidden desires, which is to increase their wealth.

A long sentence with an unclear message

Example of a long sentence that says almost nothing
A long sentence that says very little on the original website.

[We are] a team of independent property investment professionals, who specialise in researching and identifying the best residential investment opportunities, real estate investment properties Australia-wide that have a higher likelihood of providing consistent income and long-term capital growth.

A long, unclear positioning statement from the client’s original website.

Now try reading that ten times fast.

Readers are impatient. The introductory sentence on our client’s old website is a mouthful and difficult to understand. Readers need to invest more effort in reading web copy like this. They’re likely to have to go back to the beginning of the sentence more than once to make sense of it. This will result in many of them moving on to greener, easier-to-read pastures.

Despite all the words, the web copy says little of weight. It doesn’t offer any proof to back up the assertions made. The terms used are confusing and don’t paint a picture of what prospects can expect if they pick up the phone.

On the other hand, when you take a look at the new homepage introduction…

Website copywriting that introduces pain points

Demonstration of how web copy can attack pain points

You live in a country of 25 million property experts. Your friends flipped a townhouse and are now quick to offer advice. Your parents still keep an eye on the market. Your barista can name the nest hot auburn with absolute confidence.

New introductory copy on the website

Instead of leaping straight to our client’s process, our copywriters use the website’s introduction to build a relationship with the audience. They do so by calling out prospects’ pain points. And one of those pain points is the noise.

Everyone in Australia views property investment as a sure-fire way to get rich. And everyone has an opinion on this topic, from your parents to your barista. The barrage of conflicting “expert” opinions can be overwhelming. Also, it piles on the pressure to get your property investment right when you think everyone you know is making a mint from investing in property.

With this new introduction, our copywriters demonstrate empathy by letting readers know they understand what their problem is. The same copy also agitates the problem…

Website copywriting that agitates the problem

Everyone has an opinion, but you’re not just talking anymore; you’re staking part of your future on property investment.

The new website agitates the readers’ problem so that they’ll take action in the direction of the solution, which would be calling our client.

Our copywriters are intensifying the pain by stirring the pot. One wrong move could mean a devastating blow to prospects’ future goals. We do this with copywriting to give the reader the sense of urgency that they need before they will take the action we want — in this case, picking up the phone.

You’re looking for guidance from experts with a proven, repeatable process – experts who could set you up with a carefully selected investment opportunity right now.

Having laid out the problem and agitated it, we describe the solution.

The web copy communicates urgency. Prospects could receive expert advice on property investment right now if they wanted.

Testimonials that diminish trust

Not all testimonials build trust
The old website demonstrates that not all testimonials build trust

It’s a well-documented fact that people trust recommendations from other people when making a purchase. That’s why client testimonials are an essential component to establishing trust in a product or service.

However, the testimonials that were used in our client’s former website don’t do much to inspire trust. Instead of a picture of the client, there is only a grey silhouette. The client is referred to only by their first name, with no mention of their title or relationship with our client. Lack of transparency doesn’t make the testimonials fake, but it makes them smell fake.

During our copywriting research process, we learned that despite agreeing to their testimonials being used on the website, the clients wished to remain anonymous. Wealth is personal. That’s unfortunate, and it doesn’t mean the testimonials are worthless. It does mean you don’t want the website design to highlight the lack of transparency.

Here is how our copywriters build trust using client testimonials while respecting the clients’ desire for privacy.

Testimonials that state the value proposition

Demonstrating how a testimonial can unline the value proposition
A testimonial on the new website reinforcing the value proposition

Buying an investment property is a tactic. Investing in property with Binary is a strategy.

A great testimonial from a client

This is an example of a client testimonial on the new website. As mentioned earlier, the property investment advisor’s clients don’t want their picture or name displayed on the website. By removing the suspicious-looking silhouette, the web design no longer draws attention to the lack of supporting information. Instead of only a first name with no title, these people are referred to as a client of the property investing company. Which is true and feels less thin.

This testimonial also strategically reinforces the client’s positioning. Anyone can invest in property. But what makes this firm stand out is that they have a strategy to ensure the maximum return on your property investment.

The unique mechanism unexplained

We use our unique property insight, comprehensive research and detailed analysis to identify the best places with the strongest opportunities to suit clients’ investment strategies.

Copy from the old website

The web copy implies to readers that the property investment advisory firm has something unique up its sleeve. In copywriting and marketing circles, this is known as a unique mechanism. Companies with unique mechanisms deliver their products or services to their clients using methods that are distinct and more effective than their competitors. A unique mechanism is a form of proof in copywriting — we’re more likely to believe someone can deliver if they have a special way of guaranteeing that.

Every property is subject to a rigorous assessment process to determine the long-term strength os the investment.

The old copy only hints at a mechanism. But what is this rigorous assessment process?

Unfortunately, when it comes to our client’s unique mechanism, the old web copy doesn’t go beyond letting you know it exists. But how does this unique mechanism work? What makes this process different from all the other property investment advisory firms? More importantly, how does this mechanism benefit the clients?

On the old website, if readers want to know more, they have to click to find out. However, the web copy doesn’t do nearly enough to arouse the reader’s interest to be sure they would take that action.

Compare that with how our website copywriters in Sydney explained our client’s unique approach in their new website.

Website copywriting that simplifies the process

3 things you need to know about the Binnari approach to property investment

The new copy highlights the mechanism, but doesn’t make it complicated

The web copy doesn’t make the company’s approach overwhelming for readers. There are only three things readers need to know to understand how this property investment company works.

Breaking down objections with persuasive copy

We’re independent of any developers or builders.

#1 objection tackled head-on

The web copy takes care of a common objection to taking advice from property investment advisors. The objection is that the advisor might be in the pocket of developers or builders.

By airing this immediately, we get it out of the way, building trust as we do.

We only recommend new properties because we believe they offer considerable advantages to investors.

Another potential objection to this advisor is that they work only with new properties.

The web copy continues to refute the idea that prospects will be led to buying anything less than the best. Concentrating on new properties is how this advisor ensures that every property is top-notch.

On the other hand, some people might object to only having access to a smaller portion of the housing market. If an existing property has investment value, why shouldn’t clients be introduced to those prospects? Our copywriters counter that follow-up objection by building further desire on what our client has to offer.

They’re lower maintenance and involve fewer unforeseen issues, which reduces cost and management time.

A little explanation goes a long way to building trust.

This is an example of website copywriting that builds desire for the client’s service by diminishing the alternative.

  • New properties are better because they are lower maintenance.
  • They are cheaper and don’t come with as many problems.

Again and again, the web copy reinforces the argument that our client’s solution is what prospects need to solve their problems.

Our research team is on the road 11 months of the year.

There is information that you can get only when you’re on the ground. They can’t be seen on paper.

The depth of our knowledge and experience is how we help serious property investor build their portfolios efficiently and with confidence.

Another reader objection is: What are you doing that I couldn’t do by reading Domain or making the odd weekend trip to look at property?

Another objection prospects might have is they can do it themselves. They can read property listings online. They can travel to different regions and look at houses. However, who has the capability to survey and compare the housing marketing in every corner of Australia? Our client does, and they send researchers on the road 11 months of the year.

Our investment options range from off-the-plan through to completed.

We know better than anyone that every property looks brilliant in the plans and artist’s impression. That’s why our selection process is ruthless and time-consuming (for us, not you).

Website copy needs to keep smashing reader objections out of the park.

Once again, the web copy highlights a common objection. Property investors worry about buying an unbuilt property. They don’t know for sure how the property is going to turn out. There is always a fear that the artist’s impression is a PhotoShop illusion. Investors worry they’ll end up with something that’s nothing like what they were expecting.

The web copy lets readers know that these property investment advisors understands their fears. Being property investment specialists, our clients will ensure these concerns don’t manifest. Even if it means screening hundreds of properties through a rigorous and time-consuming selection process. But our client will be the one undertaking all the stress and strain. Not the prospects.

Copywriting that builds intrigue

Our comprehensive research and 23-point test along seven dimensions are proven to mitigate your risk and maximise your potential to unlock wealth.

This copy from the new website will have the right people interested enough to click for more.

Here, our copywriters explain our client’s unique mechanism in a way that’s easy to understand. The web copy also highlights how the company’s unique mechanism will benefit prospects. Of course, prospects want to maximise wealth in a relatively risk-free way. The website copywriting sows the seeds of curiosity by tapping into prospects’ hidden desires. By teasing readers with a hint of what this unique approach can do for them, the copy compels them to want to click to read more.

Website copy that focuses on the “me” instead of “you”

Our commitment to clients extends far beyond property selection.

Once a client decides to purchase a property, we continue to work with them throughout the purchase process, ensuring that their experience of buying and managing an investment property is seamless.

Bland writing doesn’t excite the reader.

This is an example of website copywriting that focuses attention on the property investment advisory firm instead of their clients. When it comes to website copywriting, the clients need to be in the spotlight. It may sound harsh, but prospects don’t really care about the goals and aspirations of the company they’re buying from. What they’re interested in is how the company can help them solve their problems.

Copywriting that offers features without benefits

Our service includes:

Developing your investment strategy with you and your advisors

Researching and sourcing residential & real estate properties to fit your strategy

Facilitating the purchase with vendors, developers and agents

These are all features. What are the benefits?

This is an example of website copywriting that lists the firm’s features without tying them to benefits for the clients. Businesses often think the corresponding benefits will be obvious to prospects. But that’s not always the case or the prospects won’t take the time to make the connection.

By allowing prospects to make their own assumptions about a company’s benefits (or not think about them at all), that company risks prospects not arriving at the desired conclusion. That could mean driving prospects to competing websites.

Now let’s compare the current website copywriting with the new copy.

Website copywriting that showcases features and benefits

Our clients have access to our research, our on-site inspections, and our end-to-end service – from first presenting suitable properties to working with industry professionals like finance brokers, lawyers, and rental agents until your property has been rented.

These are still just features, but the camera is on the client.

This is a clear example of website copywriting that focuses on “our clients” instead of the company itself.

But what’s the benefit?

Our properties are in high demand: it’s why they don’t stay on our list long.

There’s the benefit: you get first access to properties that other people really want

Compared to the previous website, the copy here highlights the features and benefits clients will receive from working with this property investment advisory firm. The features offered by the firm is their research, on-site inspections and end-to-end service. The benefits clients receive are first looks at highly desirable properties.

Communicating urgency in website copywriting

Our properties are in high demand: it’s why they don’t stay on our list long.

Not only does this line convey the benefit of working with our client, but it lights a fire under the reader

Once again, words like “exclusive” and “high demand” communicate urgency. And to really drive the point home, the web copy lets readers know the properties don’t stay on the market for long. So if prospective clients hesitate, the property of their dreams could be snapped up at any moment.

A website with no Contact page – A race with no finish line

A Contact Us call to action on a website
Every page should ask the reader to take action, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a Contact Us page

Contact us for a complimentary, no obligation meeting.

The old website skipped the Contact Us page in favour of calls to action on every page

At first glance, a Contact Us page might not seem as important as the homepage or a services page. But it’s an essential part of a user-friendly website. It’s what readers are trained to look if they have questions about your location or they need a way of contacting the business to find out more. Yes, you might have your phone number on every page, but readers look where they look.

Here is how our copywriters crafted a persuasive Contact Us page for the new website.

A Contact Us page with a purpose

An example of an effective Contact Us page

Our expert property-investment advisors are available in the Sydney CBD, by phone, or during our regular travel schedule to discuss how you can grow your wealth with investment property.

They’ll be able to present you with extensively researched options that are available right now, only through Binnari.

The new website doesn’t just say “call us”; it reminds the reader why they would want to make that call.

The Contact Us page is not simply a place where prospects can find your contact information. It’s valuable website real estate that can be used to reinforce a company’s value proposition. Here, our copywriters remind readers of what our client does, and what could be achieved if prospects pick up the phone.

The results

Property investment is one of many industries where the stakes are eye-wateringly high for the consumer. Doubts run rampant. If you hope to succeed in such an industry (or any industry, really), you’ll need more than to say to prospects “Just trust me. I’m an expert.”. What you need is expertly crafted content that highlights your unique advantage in a way that strikes a chord with your prospects. Website content that not only makes you the best choice for prospects but the only choice.

We’ve been writing website content for a long time. 25 years to be exact. So if you’re looking for an expert opinion on how to turn your website copywriting into a lead machine, let’s have a conversation.

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