chatgpt mastery FOR School Marketers

Discover how to tap into the power of ChatGPT to make your school stand out with consistent, persuasive, effective marketing

Go beyond the hype and unlock ChatGPT's full potential to supercharge your productivity and influence. Become a more persuasive writer, communicator and marketer under the guidance of a professional copywriter and AI copywriting expert.

This online ChatGPT course is like getting an insider's tour of ChatGPT. Because who better than a writing expert to pull back the curtain and show you the secrets to squeezing every drop from an AI copywriter?

On this course, you get beyond-the-hype access to ChatGPT because your guide has:

  • A 26-year track record of delivering high-converting copy
  • Written action-driving copy for everyone from solopreneurs to the Fortune 100
  • Blended AI copywriting tools into Taleist Agency's processes since early 2022
  • Trained individuals and corporate teams to become highly effective writers (with and without AI) — including hundreds of business owners and marketers who never imagined they'd be able to call themselves writers — and say it confidently

This session of ChatGPT Mastery is for school marketers, so we can keep the focus on the specific challenges you face.

Steven Lewis, copywriting teacher

Steven Lewis has taught everyone from global law firms to business coaches how to write effectively with ChatGPT.

When we ran a version of ChatGPT Mastery for the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), the peak body had a record number of sign-ups.

📊 37.5% of those who came rated the course "very good"

📊 Another 50% went even further and rated the course "outstanding".

Geoff Davies AI copywriting training review

ChatGPT Mastery trained me on an actionable process and showed me what a fully primed chat could do — like asking research questions of your client persona with AI. Now, I have a real foundation to build on instead of a vague "I really ought to learn how to do this one day..."

Geoff Davies

Founder, DSSI MKTG

Step-by-step ChatGPT training to use ChatGPT to its full potential

You'll see step-by-step how experts train ChatGPT to deliver writing that's...

  1. Well-researched (you won't believe what ChatGPT can tell you once you know how to ask it)
  2. Attention-holding (writing only works to pass on information or create action if someone reads it)
  3. Persuasive (the hardest writing of all is writing that needs the reader to act)

Using ChatGPT the way the experts do (which you'll learn in this course) means you'll never again:

  • Despair of "bland" or "derivative" outputs from ChatGPT
  • Stare at a blank page for half an hour you didn't have to spare

Writer's block and frustration with ChatGPT shrink in your rear-view mirror once you're trained to work ChatGPT the way a copywriter works an AI copywriter.

With your new insider skills, you'll know exactly how to:

  1. Start every writing project without hesitation
  2. Finish every project with writing that moves your readers to act
Sue Woodward's review of Taleist's ChatGPT training course

Totally enjoyed and received lots of ideas from ChatGPT Mastery. It’s fast-paced, and Steve was generous in providing tools, ideas and prompts that he has used, tested and shaped. He shared real examples in a hands-on course.

Sue Woodward

Director, Brand, Marketing and Communications, MinterEllison

The shortcut that guarantees ChatGPT brilliance

You'll leave the course with your own library of prompts. These prompts are nothing like the half-baked prompts anyone can scrape off the web. These are professional copywriting prompts for ChatGPT — prompts you'll pull out every day.

Pasting these prompts into ChatGPT guarantee copy that's vibrant and readable regardless of your own writing ability.

Ask anyone who has taken this course, and they'll tell you they're blown away every day by how these prompts reliably give them writing that drives action, clicks, downloads, replies, sales...

These prompts have been:

  1. Honed (and guarded) by working copywriters over years and hundreds of thousands of words
  2. Adapted to your specific needs during this hands-on ChatGPT course

Every minute of Taleist's ChatGPT course is packed with information you can use to:

  • Access game-changing insights into your audience
  • Develop a bottomless source of content ideas
  • Turn writer's block and procrastination into memories
  • Race through your to-do list with a sidekick that never gets bored or tired

Ready to get the most from the AI revolution and discover how anyone can write like a pro WITHOUT having to spend years mastering psychology, frameworks and techniques?

Carla Ellerby ChatGPT online training review

I took what I learned from Taleist's ChatGPT course and used it for a client. My client was mind-blown by the results. It gave her the sort of stuff that’d take a team of suited humans with a pack of Post-its, fistfuls of Sharpies, a smudged whiteboard and several sessions of mint-sucking workshops to come up with.

Carla Ellerby

Composed Communications

How the course works

Taleist's ChatGPT course is a full-day course divided between a live session (half-day) and self-paced learning that you take when its most convenient to you. You also have weeks of email access to an expert.

  1. The foundations — in this self-paced section of the ChatGPT course, you'll pull into the AI fast lane. The AI fast lane is where you'll discover things about ChatGPT that few people understand, following:
    • video lessons
    • step-by-step instructions
    • purpose-written prompts
    • hands-on exercises
  2. Live session — after absorbing the foundations in the self-paced section of the ChatGPT course, you'll have insights and skills to take to the next level in our half-day live session (Zoom). You'll be led by a professional copywriter as you go from AI insider to ChatGPT master, building on the foundations we've laid. You'll discover how to make ChatGPT do things that most people don't even know are possible. We guarantee it (see below).
  3. Extended question time — from start to finish and beyond, we're here with the answers to your questions. Whatever you're working on, you can email questions from the moment you register for the course ALL THE WAY through a full 14 days after your life session. That's weeks of being backed up by a professional copywriter and AI expert.
Grant Butler testimonial for AI copywriting training

A valuable course that really changed the way I think about using ChatGPT.

Grant Butler

Founder, Editor Group

Part 1: ChatGPT foundations (self-paced)

Even before the live session of our ChatGPT course, you’ll have instant access to essential scene-setting information. Take this part of the course before our live session, whenever is most convenient to you.

Over 60 to 90 minutes, these videos, step-by-step guides and custom prompts will show you things few people understand about harnessing the full potential of ChatGPT.

And this is just the start of your working copywriter’s tour of ChatGPT.

The self-paced portion of Taleist's course on ChatGPT will take you beyond the basics to get comfortable with ChatGPT’s most advanced features.

You’ll get the all the essential information you need, including:

  • GPT-3.5 vs GPT-4 (the paid version of ChatGPT), an expert guide to when you should use one or the other
  • A prompt engineer's guide to writing winning prompts for generative AI
  • How to structure your chats to keep ChatGPT on-task and delivering the best responses
  • Advanced features, including GPTs

Hands-on exercises

You'll get exercises to practise, including crafting the first permanent entry in your prompt library.

ChatGPT course testimonial from Ivan Kent

The ChatGPT Mastery course was excellent, immediately practical, well researched, structured and executed. It's one of the best courses I've undertaken. Steven imparted great value in the course, with considerable passion for providing real value.
I was able to use what I learned immediately.

Ivan Kent

Kent Law Group

Part 2: Live session (3.5 hours)

In your live session, you’ll be working with a copywriter with 26 years of experience. He’s turned that experience into prompts that reliably produce outputs from ChatGPT that far exceed what you’d get on your own.

That’s because ChatGPT defaults to bland, over-excited copy that’s seldom fit to share. However, when you know the secrets to great copywriting, you can instruct ChatGPT to apply those secrets to produce superior results.

Those results are persuasive, readable emails, social media posts, web pages

On your screen and ready to use in seconds.

Every time.

LIVE SESSION Part 1: Building and talking to (yes, really) your first avatar

Cara Dickman ChatGPT course testimonial

The avatar I learned to create in the ChatGPT Mastery course presented us with some great info, a lot of it spot on. Also, it was incredibly useful to learn how to use ChatGPT to define and apply a tone of voice — especially as it’s my role to look after all of our external communications. Because of this ChatGPT course, I’ve gone beyond using ChatGPT to assist with writer’s block and making my content more succinct. Now, I see there is a whole lot more I can be doing, which is really exciting!

Cara Dickman

Senior Marketing and Communications Advisor, FB Rice

All communication, especially marketing, is about convincing a person to think, feel or do what you need them to.

You can be more convincing to that person when you know everything possible about them.

And you won't believe how much deep, useable information about your readers you can acceess with ChatGPT.

This first part of the course has been described by multiple attendees as "mind-blowing", "awesome" and "unbelievable"

You’ll discover how to:

  • Build the closest thing possible to a flesh-and-blood avatar of your target audience in ChatGPT
  • Let that avatar guide you to influence your real, human readers

Your detailed (you won't believe how detailed) description of your avatar becomes the second killer prompt in your prompt library.

You’ll use this prompt over and again to shape ChatGPT’s output in ways that others don’t even know is possible.

More than that, ChatGPT will give you the kind of profiling information on your avatar that you’d expect from an FBI behavioural analyst.

You’ll use this information to:

  • Inform all your marketing
  • Inspire dozens (more likely hundreds) of social media posts, emails and other content
ChatGPT course review from Yamini Naidu

This ChatGPT course is brilliant. I've already done 2 avatars and can’t believe how accurate they are!

Yamini Naidu

Keynote speaker and bestselling author on storytelling

LIVE SESSION Part 2: Maximising your content investment

You work with blog posts, reports, PDFs, announcements, podcasts… and you need to maximise their value by promoting or repurposing them in email newsletters, LinkedIn posts and other channels.

In this part of the ChatGPT course, we'll lay out for you how to create your own reusable workflows to:

  • Transform your long-form content into multiple social media posts
  • Use proven copywriting techniques to earn clicks from social media like LinkedIn or Facebook to your long-form content like blog posts, PDFs, ebooks, videos and podcasts

You’ll get hands-on with:

  • Training ChatGPT on your content — have ChatGPT read your material, understand it and tailor it for your audience in different channels, whether it's emails or social media
  • Building workflows you can use repeatedly to fill your social media channels with quality content irresistible to your audience
  • Having ChatGPT promote your content from multiple angles in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it on your own
Narelle Johnson speaking about an outstanding ChatGPT course

The Taleist Agency Chat GPT course is outstanding. Steven Lewis is experienced and makes the subject matter interesting. It gave me a deep insight into the power of ChatGPT to understand my audience and tailor my message to resonate so that they take action to get in contact. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to cut through the noise and supercharge their business.

Narelle Johnson

Virtual CFO and Business Coach

LIVE SESSION Part 3: Writing new content With Chatgpt

By this stage in our very practical ChatGPT course, you have:

  1. Nailed prompting ChatGPT to write in your tone of voice
  1. Used ChatGPT to find out more about your ideal reader than they know about themselves
  1. Used ChatGPT to write multiple pieces of short-form content to maximise your investment in long-form content

To finish off, we bring together all your new skills and you’ll use ChatGPT to write first drafts from scratch

  • In your tone of voice
  • In ways that are guaranteed to appeal to your target audience

You’ll discover how to use ChatGPT to draft incredible:

  • Subject lines and headlines
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Invitations
  • Follow-ups

Yes, you’ll have to edit these drafts to make them perfect. ChatGPT is not ready to replace your expertise in your audience and your goals.

However, you'll save extraordinary amounts of time because you’ll be freed forever from the curse of writer’s block. No more staring at a blank page ever again.

ChatGPT will get you started and accelerate your production every time.

And not only will you get results faster but you’ll get better results because you’ll be working from drafts that you’ve structured with prompts by a professional copywriter.

Your ChatGPT outputs will be in your tone of voice and they’ll follow proven copywriting formulas.

All you have to do is add polish and get ready for the clicks to come.

Lisa Hayes ChatGPT course testimonial

Participating in ChatGPT Mastery is a valuable experience. The course is a great introduction to AI with hands-on experience with ChatGPT. I walked away with a range of prompts that I'm using every day.
Thanks again for a great course.

Lisa Hayes

Marketing and Business Development Manager, Arnold Bloch Leibler

Extended question time

Your exclusive access to your own expert in copywriting and AI continues long after the live session.

We know you'll go back to your desk after the live session excited to apply what you've learned. And you'll have questions.

Instead of wishing you'd thought to ask them during the course (how could you have known what to ask), you'll can simply email us your questions.

For a full 14 days after the live session, you can email any questions to Steven and he'll be there to help.

And that's not all — you can start asking questions from the moment you register for the course. So as soon as you lock in your place, you'll have:

  • Access to the self-paced learning material
  • The ability to email your ChatGPT questions whenever they come up

The ability to ask questions is absolutely central to making sure you lock everything you learn into your daily practice. That's how you'll get the most value from this ChatGPT course and from ChatGPT itself.


What it means for you to qualify as a ChatGPT master

At the end of this course in ChatGPT, you’ll have mastered writing with AI (skills you can transfer to an AI copywriter. That means knowing how to squeeze every drop of possibility from ChatGPT when your create content.

Hear all about it from past participant Trudy Rankin from Online Business Liftoff...

This ChatGPT course will give you...

  1. Prompts you’ll use every day, including the incredibly valuable:
    • tone of voice prompt (so ChatGPT writes like you)
    • avatar prompt (so ChatGPT writes in ways your audience will find persuasive)
  1. Extraordinary insights into your target audience, insights that will:
    • Inspire content creation (because you’ll have endless ideas for what your audience needs to hear from you)
    • Make your marketing more persuasive (because you’re talking to their needs with laser precision)
  1. The expertise to get the most from ChatGPT through:
    • Effective priming (focusing ChatGPT’s attention on your goal, making sure its attention doesn't wander off your point)
    • Applying proven persuasive writing techniques (so your writing moves readers to act)
    • Excellent prompt writing (we’ll give you many prompts, but more importantly, you’ll have the skills to write your own prompts for new situations and uses as they arise — that's what being a ChatGPT master means)

More than “Ikea skills”

This is not a course about acquiring “Ikea skills” — you’re not learning just enough to assemble the same thing in the same way every time.

ChatGPT Mastery gives you the understanding of ChatGPT and the skills you need to apply your knowledge to new situations, situations you’ve not even thought of yet.

Past attendees email us all the time about the new ways they've found to apply ChatGPT Mastery.

Sandra Rucins testimonial for ChatGPT online course

Learning how to master ChatGPT with Taleist's Steven Lewis has been an absolute delight. A unique blend of humour and professionalism made each lesson engaging and informative. There’s a lot to navigate with generative AI, but Steven broke it down into manageable pieces, using witty examples that made everything click.

You’ll come out of Taleist’s course armed with knowledge and tools that can help you create quality content, fast. Essentially, you’ll learn how to tame the beast (that’s ChatGPT, not Steven!). I even used ChatGPT to help write this review…

I recommend Taleist to anyone looking to master generative AI in a fun and effective way.

Sandra Rucins

Group Marketing & Communications Manager, NDY

ChatGPT course — public dates

As soon as you register, you'll receive your log-in and access to the self-paced foundations material. You can begin using that material and asking questions immediately.

ChatGPT training testimonial from Diana Ioppolo

My mind is blown! I think what made the course so powerful was your copywriting/marketing expertise weaved into the priming and prompts. It has really opened my mind to different ways I can use it now - for my business and clients - but also where things may be headed in the future.

Diana Ioppolo

Freelance B2B content writer & strategist

Next session of ChatGPT Mastery for School Marketers

Tuesday 11 June 2024

Perth – 7 am to 10.30 am

Adelaide — 8.30 am to noon

Sydney / Melbourne/ Brisbane – 9 am to 12:30 pm

ChatGPT course for teams

ChatGPT Mastery is available for teams, including options to:

  1. Tailor the course to your company or group's material
  2. Run the course in-person

Yes! We run the course inter-state and internationally. We have run ChatGPT Mastery for teams in the UK, across the US and throughout Asia.

To discuss how we can help turn your team into ChatGPT masters and confident, influential writers, please email Steven Lewis at [email protected].

ChatGPT Mastery testimonial (1)

This is a no-risk investment for you

We’ve been running popular training for a long time, so we know that we’ll deliver everything you’re expecting. However, we appreciate that this might be your first Taleist training so we want you to be as confident as we are. That’s why we GUARANTEE that this course will leave you:

  • Confident with ChatGPT specifically (and AI copywriting generally)
  • A more productive and persuasive writer

And if take this ChatGPT course and YOU don’t feel that’s what you got, we’ll give you a full, friendly and immediate refund.

That’s a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t feel confident, productive and persuasive as a writer after working through the course.

Copywriting course guarantee
Rea Abella's testimonial for ChatGPT Mastery course

This course is jam-packed with value! Steven is a brilliant instructor, he presented the course very well - honestly I feel the 3hr live session flew by!

Rea Abella


ChatGPT course summary

When you invest in Taleist's ChatGPT Mastery, you're getting:

  1. The foundations, self-paced video modules that you can access immediately after registering for the course. These modules cover:
    1. Understanding the difference between the free and paid versions of ChatGPT
    2. Writing powerful prompts for every situation
    3. Keeping ChatGPT on-task and delivering quality answers
    4. Detailing a tone of voice
    5. Using plugins
  2. The live session, a 3.5 hour Zoom with a professional copywriter, where we build on the foundations and:
    1. Deeply research an audience
    2. Build an avatar you can use again and again to write content to that audience (this exercise will blow your mind)
    3. Learn how to use this research to direct our content marketing — effectively giving you a bottomless well of topics for emails, social media and other channels
    4. Design workflows to break existing long-form content into social media posts and emails
    5. Create more workflows to write content drafts from scratch — in your tone of voice and sure to be loved by your avatar (because we've told ChatGPT in great detail about your ideal reader)
  3. Extended question time: A professional copywriter is only an email away from the moment you register for the course for a full 14 days after your live session. That's weeks of access to an expert whenever you have a question.


Course requirements

This is a hands-on course, so we recommend that you:

  1. Have a ChatGPT account
  1. Come ready to use ChatGPT during the session

Paid version strongly recommended

ChatGPT has a free option, which runs GPT-3.5. The paid version of ChatGPT runs GPT-4. The outputs of GPT-4 are significantly better than the outputs of GPT-3.5.

Additionally, ChatGPT Plus offers features that are not available in the free version.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend you invest in a ChatGPT Plus account to use while you take the course. (It’s only USD20 for a month.)

If you don’t want to pay the USD20 for one month of access to ChatGPT Plus, we’ll give you workarounds where possible. However, some things we’ll be doing aren’t possible in the free version, and users of the free version won’t get the same quality of output as participants with a ChatGPT Plus account.

That’s especially true of this course because we’re showing you how to push ChatGPT to its limits so you get the absolute best from the tool.

Why not take ChatGPT with your team?

Testimonial for team ChatGPT training