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"I didn't want to take the lunch break." — Training session attendee

Your marketing team has heard of ChatGPT, Jasper and other AI copywriting assistants.

They’ve opened ChatGPT, blown into the microphone and typed, “Testing, testing”. The results were impressive, although a little flat and not quite human. So how do you proceed BEYOND using AI copywriting as a gimmick and instead use an AI copywriter to make you a more CONFIDENT and EFFECTIVE writer?:

Steven Lewis, direct response copywriter

Steven Lewis is a Sydney-based expert in AI copywriting for marketing and communications professionals.

How can AI copywriting make your day-to-day more productive by working with you on real:

  • emails
  • web pages
  • social media posts...

... PLUS all the other material your team is expected to produce?

Steven Lewis has those answers because he is an Australian expert in AI copywriting, a 25-year copywriter, and the co-owner of specialist copywriting agency Taleist in Sydney.

Taleist's corporate training clients in Australia include

Training clients

When it comes to AI copywriting...

❌ DON'T waste time:

  • guessing at the right tool for your needs
  • hoping you'll stumble onto the most effective ways to maximise your productivity with AI copywriting
  • staying millimetres from a game-changing feature that you never find
  • getting sucked into avoidable pitfalls you don’t even realise you’re in.

✅ DO be sure to:

  • save time and frustration
  • maximise your gains

WITH guidance, insight and training from a professional copywriter who understands:

  • What an AI copywriter CAN do
  • What AI copywriting CAN'T do
  • How best to bring an AI copywriter into your workflow
  • How an AI copywriting assistant can turn everyone on your team into better, more confident writers, even if they don’t think of themselves as natural writers

Frances Letters

Award-winning author

"Steven is a born teacher and a great fund of information and inspiration. I started the course with trepidation and self-doubt and finished the day punching the air and grinning ear-to-ear. And even more telling, days later my confidence hasn't waned."

Anonymous attendee feedback

"Steven has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he delivers in a generous, practical and engaging manner — with a wonderfully wicked sense of humour."

John Porter


"I've been involved in educating adults and teenagers for some thirty years, and I found Steven to be a natural teacher. His presentations are informal, well constructed, structured to suit all levels, and the information presented is precise and relevant. His responses to questions are approachable, honest and fair when comparisons needed to be made."

Steven Lewis, copywriter and AI copywriting expert

Steven Lewis has three decades of professional experience as a journalist, copywriter and early adopter of communication technology.


AI copywriting masterclass from a professional copywriter

Your AI copywriting speaker and trainer, Steven Lewis, has been using an AI copywriter in his own agency, Taleist, since early 2021.

In 1994, Steven built some of the first websites in the world, including an ezine (what would later be called a blog, after someone thought up that word).

He was running an email newsletter before most people had email.

What followed was a 29 year pattern of discovering, learning then teaching.

From the ezine, Steven became one of the first journalists to go from digital to print instead of the other way around. As a journalist, he covered the internet widely, writing for publications as diverse as GQ and the Financial Times.

In 2004, Steven started producing podcasts for his own business, as well as clients like Tourism Tasmania and Virgin. (It would be another year before Apple included podcasts in iTunes and a full decade before Serial shoved podcasts into the mainstream.)

In 2011, Steven gained a worldwide reputation for training authors to use Amazon’s technology to publish to the Kindle. Research that he co-authored was featured in publications like The Guardian, The New Yorker and The Bookseller.

Today, Steven runs Taleist, a specialist copywriting agency in Sydney. Taleist first incorporated AI copywriting into its processes in February 2021.

As a speaker and trainer in AI copywriting, Steven draws on his track record of spotting groundshifts early and Taleist's real-world experience.

When Steven speaks at a conference, runs training or is interviewed for a newspaper or podcast, everything he talks about is something Taleist is doing for its clients in Australia and internationally — clients who need results they can use every day, not gimmicks or theories.

Anonymous attendee feedback

"Steven was great, very knowledgeable. His personality was the most enjoyable element of all."

Anonymous attendee feedback

"What I enjoyed most was the brilliant sense of humour in Steven's delivery and interaction."

Anonymous attendee feedback

"Steven was brilliant — funny articulate and left you feeling inspired but also armed with practical steps to take. Get inspiration and actual useful tips in a course is so rare and this one had it in spades!"

AI copywriting topics

Steven has a strict no-bullshit policy, so whenever he speaks you’re getting the reality:

  • What’s hype and what’s real
  • What’s going to work for you
  • What’s not going to work for you
  • How you can get the absolute best results

When it comes to a conference talk or training session on AI copywriting, that’s likely to cover:

  1. What AI copywriting is — and how it differs from the human kind
  2. How AI copywriters work and:
    1. Where that makes them amazing
    2. Where that leave them needing adult supervision
  3. Why everyone will have an AI copywriter in a few years
  4. How can you squeeze the most advantage from of your AI copywriter
  5. How can spend less time “learning” AI copywriting and more time getting the words you need
  6. How to write the prompts and workflows that will shape an AI copywriter to your needs

Anonymous attendee feedback

"Steven is honest, realistic, approachable, fun and a walking Wikipedia with a brilliant sense of humour."

Anonymous attendee feedback

"Truthful. Precise. Applicable. And based on obvious practical experience."

Anonymous attendee feedback

"Steven was brilliant — funny articulate and left you feeling inspired but also armed with practical steps to take. Get inspiration and actual useful tips in a course is so rare and this one had it in spades!"

Book Steven to talk AI copywriting at your conference or event, or to train your team

AI copywriting keynote speaker, conference speaker or guest speaker

As a keynote speaker, conference speaker or guest speaker, Steven is uniquely placed to introduce an audience to the real potential of AI copywriting. Steven combines a 29-year history of exciting audiences about new technology with his role as the owner of a copywriting agency.

AI copywriting trainer

When it comes to running training sessions, Steven is someone who understands how AI copywriters are built. He knows how the outputs are formed, and as a copywriter, he can expertly assess those outputs. He can show your team what’s good (and why), as well as what can be improved (and how).

Steven can develop the workflows and specific prompts you need for your specific circumstances.

At the end of training, everyone on your team will be a better, more confident and more productive writer — someone who will again be frozen in front of a blank page.

Steven Lewis presents webinars for law firms

Used well, the right AI copywriting assistant can make anyone a more confident, effective and productive writer.

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A fast-start course in AI copywriting

Taleist has the perfect lunch-and-learn with our masterclass AI Copywriting: The No-Hype Guide to Supercharging Your Website, Landing Pages, Emails, Social Media and Everything Else.

This 60-minute session is practical, entertaining and engages the audience as they work with Steven and the AI copywriter to create content on the fly. The session is delivered live online or in person.

AI copywriting masterclass from a professional copywriter

AI Copywriting Training: The No-Hype Guide To Supercharging Your Website, Landing Pages, Emails, Social Media and Everything Else

A 60-minute online masterclass in AI copywriting, delivered by a professional copywriter Every business owner and marketer knows the time-sucking pain of staring at a blank page. What will be smart enough and fresh enough to make clients and customers take notice? The moment you conquer one blank page, another appears. Blogs, email newsletters and…

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