Is Your Website Missing This Basic Promotion Chance?

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Updated 10 November 2018

So many websites are making this basic mistake. Is yours one of them?

Being immersed in reviewing so many different websites has given us some insights.

Businesses often forget to show their products on their websites

One website oversight we’ve noticed with small businesses is forgetting to show the product. That means they waste precious opportunities to turn website visitors into clients.

Can you imagine a page on, say, Hyatt’s website that doesn’t have a picture of a hotel, a spa, a golf course or some other aspect of their product?

But we see many businesses that either don’t show their product on their website at all or show it far too little.

If you offer a service through your website, the product is you

If you’re, say, an MC, a business coach or a wedding celebrant, the product is you. You should be pictured on every page of your site to let people see the quality of what they’re buying. (Preferably these will be shots of you with people enjoying your work.)

If you’re an architect or a lawyer, you might not want a picture of yourself on every page — a bit egotistical even for a lawyer — but you should at least have a picture that represents your work .

Stock pictures are not the answer

You might have to get creative about how you do that. By creative, we don’t mean using a stock image. Stock images can’t show the product you’re trying to get your website visitor excited about buying. (Would you be excited about going to a restaurant that used stock images of food on its website?)

Every. Single. Page.

And we do mean every page should have a picture of the product.

Why, for instance, wouldn’t you have pictures on your contact us page? If you’ve got the visitor to your contact page, you’ve got them interested. It’s not the time to throttle back on persuasion.

If every single page of your website isn’t affirming and selling the quality of your product, you’re missing a trick.

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