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how to run Work-Winning webinars for law firms

Some law firms effortlessly turn webinars into client work. Others struggle just to get sign ups. Which firm do you want to be?

No face-to-face meetings... No travel... No problem... We can do a webinar... Except...

... When every law firm in the world is replacing its face-to-face BD activities with webinars...

In a locked-down world, the law firm that wants to be out front in its business development has to:

  1. Promote its webinars so well that clients feel lucky to be chosen — even as other lawyers beg for their attention.
  2. Construct each webinar in a way that convinces clients that engaging your legal expertise is the essential next step.

What difference will it make to your business development webinars when:

  • You know how how to pack your webinar with clients who stay until the end?
  • You have the presentation skills to shape legal expertise into engaging webinars that make clients want to take the next steps?
  • You are confident moderating a webinar that will bring out the best in a presenter or a panel?

Winning client work from high-value webinars is simple. All you need is someone to show you how...

Google is bloated with bullet points about running webinars. And those bullet points could be all you need, but only if it doesn't matter whether your webinar leads to client work.

If your firm doesn't accept a hit-or-miss approach to investing fee-earner time, you need more than a PowerPoint, a webcam and the firm's CRM.

Taleist's webinar course is for law firms that expect growth from their webinar programs.

"The MBA of webinar training..."

Described by one law firm as "like an MBA for webinar training", Taleist's webinar training for law firms is a three-part online course delivered  in 50-minute modules.

The modules can be delivered pre-recorded, live or a combination of both.

What about promoting an indispensable in-house webinar expert...

We can run the webinar training as outside experts, upskilling fee earners and BD.

Alternatively, we can train a member of your team to run the course in-house. Your team member becomes the firm's indispensable webinar expert, running training on tap for anyone who needs it. We provide all the supporting materials (slides and workbooks), which you can deliver in your brand.

Law firm webinar training with broad application

Anna McMurtrie testimonialThe training was accessible, enjoyable, and it made me look forward to running a webinar!

Plus, even if I never run a webinar, the key messages apply to content writing and audience engagement more broadly.

A few past emails that sprung to mind during the last session made me wish time travel was real!

Anna McMurtrie, Business Development Manager, A&O Consulting (APAC)

What lawyers and business development teams will learn about running webinars for clients

Module 1: How to develop a work-winning webinar topic for law firms

The topic and content of your webinar are critical, not just to keeping clients in the webinar but to having clients sign up in the first place.

Then, if you want clients to stay, you have to make your webinar sticky. And there’s more to keeping an audience engaged than meets the eye.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • How to craft a webinar topic that clients will jump at.
  • How to structure a presentation you deliver with confidence, expertise and authenticity.
  • The six essential beliefs your clients must have about you before they'll give you their work.
  • How to create that mindset in your clients authentically.
  • A repeatable framework for developing  webinars that win work.
  • How to turn your expertise into client work without "selling".

Module 2. Presenting and moderating your work-winning webinar

You'll discover the simple things you can do to  keep attendees in their seats and taking notes. Then we'll show you exactly how to turn that attention into client work for you.

We cover:

  • Keeping your audience engaged so they stay with you through the whole presentation.
  • How to set the scene and nail the often overlooked details that will make a big difference.
  • Dancing backwards in heels — The gentle art of moderating webinars so that every presenter or panellist shines.
  • Preparation — There's no need for nerves when you're perfectly prepared thanks to the nothing-missed checklist we give you. (The checklist isn't limited to the webinar itself — we cover the lead-up, too.)

Module 3. Packing the house and maximising client action from your webinar

We’ll make sure you don’t waste a minute of the effort the firm puts into creating a high-value webinar.

You’ll discover how to pack the house and maximise the resulting client work. This module includes proven ways to:

  • Write an email invitation that guarantees attendance.
  • Optimise the guest list.
  • Set the correct target for webinar attendance.
  • Nudge your clients into action with techniques that are incredibly simple, often overlooked and highly effective.
  • Follow-up in ways your clients will welcome.


Discover all this and maximise the potential of your webinars now and in the future.

You can access the full course and be a webinar expert in just a few hours. All for only $495...

Your webinar expert, Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis presents webinars for law firms

Steven graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Jurisprudence, and he began his career instructing law firms like Clifford Chance and Simmons & Simmons in Hong Kong, Dubai, the UK and the US on matters concerning intellectual property, defamation, franchising, contracts, employment and property.

Steven was the commissioning editor of two pan-Asian legal publications before moving into freelance journalism, writing for publications as diverse as Esquire and the Financial Times.

In Australia, Steven worked in-house in public relations for Clayton Utz. And his book on public relations is taught as part of Sydney University's Master of Strategic Public Relations. His agency, Taleist, counts many law firms as clients, national and global.

Recently, Steven has spoken on digital marketing for law firms at legal conferences in Sydney and on the Gold Coast.

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