"They stayed through the whole webinar!"

Presenting and moderating high-value webinars

How to run webinars that stick… AND sell

Remember the Voice that whispers to you during a dud presentation?

This is no good. You should leave

But the presenter will see me go…

Who cares?

But the boss is in the room…

Say you had to go to the bathroom

But everyone will turn around…

So you stay — even though you’ve heard nothing over the hissing of the Voice for the last half an hour.

Good news!

The Voice doesn’t need to speak during a webinar. That's because you can walk out whenever you want. Invisibly. You don’t have to worry about catching the presenter's eye or squeezing down an aisle. Even if you “stay”, you can hit mute while you get on with something else.

Great news for attendees. Bad news for presenters and moderators.

In a webinar, there’s no social pressure to keep the audience in their seats.

The pressure is 100% on you as the presenter or moderator.

You have to know how to grab your audience’s attention from your first invitation.

You have to know how to keep an audience’s attention right through to the end of the webinar.

Some people think they’ll have no problem running a webinar because they’ve delivered presentations in person. (So they weren’t the ones hearing the Voice.) Or they’ve attended webinars so they “get the idea”. How hard can it be? Fire up the camera; run through the slides.


Easy until their stats are served like an ice-cold dessert — how many signed up, how many turned up and, most chilling of all, how many stayed.

By the time these people realise that presenting a webinar is harder than they thought… it’s too late.

Presenting a high-value webinar is easy when you know how

Presenting and moderating sticky, high-value webinars is a skill you can master — even if you’ve never run a webinar before.

There are easy-to-follow techniques for promoting, presenting and following up your webinar.

These techniques will increase attendance, attention and action.

Your webinar audience will be…

  • Excited to attend. (They’ll even wish you’d bring the webinar forward because your topic is so vital to them.)
  • Lined up in front of their screens on time (and ready to take notes).
  • Hanging on every word during the webinar (and wide open to your pitch at the end).


Jo Grabyn“LOVED your webinar! Short, sharp, doable — opened the door as to how much I have to add & reconstruct.” — Jo Grabyn, Bounce Matters, Sydney


You can master all these techniques before your first webinar.

However, most webinar hosts and moderators don’t even know these techniques exist. So once you discover the secrets of high-value, sticky webinars, your webinars are going to stand out even in an increasingly crowded field.

That’s good for you and good for your audience.

Taleist’s training for webinar presenters and moderators

Taleist's webinar training course is delivered as a series of friendly video lessons that lay out the entire framework for you. You also get a workbook, so you can develop your webinar to a proven blueprint.

(The course is also available to be run live if you prefer.)

Rouba testimonial"You have worked really hard to prepare a presentation that sifts through all the unimportant details and zooms in on the items that people really need to know." — Rouba. D, wedding celebrant

Module 1. Developing a high-value webinar

The topic and content of your webinar are critical, not just to keeping attendees in the webinar but to having them sign up in the first place.

Then, if you want attendees to stay, you have to make your webinar sticky. And there’s more to keeping an audience engaged than meets the eye. This is why so many webinar presenters never work out where their webinars come unstuck.

However, coming unstuck isn’t something you’ll have to worry about because in this module you’ll discover:

  • The foolproof way to structuring a presentation you can deliver with confidence, sustained energy and no hiccups on the day.
  • The six qualities you must show your audience to earn their attention. (This is pure science.)
  • Two magic questions that will transform your webinar from a maybe to a must-attend.
  • Swedish Webinar Design — unpacking the European design secrets behind guiding your attendees invisibly from unconvinced to ready to act.
  • Crafting an irresistible offer. End your webinar in a crescendo, not a whisper, by making an offer your audience will race to take up.
  • The counter-intuitive reason why most audiences don’t take action. (This is so easy to fix, you’ll kick yourself for not having done it before.)


"So much valuable food for thought.” — Bron Chapman, Chapman & Associates, Brisbane


Module 2. Presenting and moderating your high-value webinar

What does it take to keep attendees in their seats and taking notes while you prime them for an irresistible offer?

  • Pre-flight checks. Anything can happen when you’re live. This 4-part checklist will make sure it doesn’t.
  • 6 simple ways to keep your audience engaged. (Running polls is not one of them.)
  • Mastering the details that presenters often miss but audiences never do.
  • Dancing backwards in heels — how to moderate a webinar so that even average presenters shine.
  • What presenters and moderators must agree on so the wheels don’t come off mid-webinar.
  • The single sentence that will create enough energy to power your whole webinar.

Joe testimonial

I love the fact that you don't muck around. Lots of useful tips. — Joe Vabolis, Germane Leads, Seattle

Module 3. Promoting your webinar and following up

A webinar goes live on the internet. Does it count if no one is there to watch it? No, it doesn’t count. So we’ll make sure you don’t waste any of the effort you put into creating a high-value webinar.

You’ll discover how to achieve maximum attendance and action, including:

  • The #1 thing you must get right before you invite anyone to your webinar. (Get this wrong and everything else is wasted effort.)
  • Sold out! How to write an email invitation that guarantees sign ups.
  • The 4 characteristics of the perfect audience (and who you don’t want at your webinar).
  • The 1784 Technique to Maximise Webinar Attendance.
  • Reasonable expectations — what’s a reasonable target for webinar attendance?
  • Tipping points — 4 incredibly simple (and often overlooked) things you can do to nudge your sign-up rate skywards.
  • Crafting a follow-up your audience will welcome — You’ve done it! You’ve presented the perfect webinar. Don’t stop now! We’ll show you exactly how to capitalise on your hard work with a brilliant follow-up strategy.

Your presenter

Steven Lewis presents webinars for law firmsSteven Lewis has been working online since building his first website in 1994. An expert in communication, he has lectured in PR and journalism at the University of Technology, Sydney, and his book on persuasive storytelling has been taught at Sydney University and translated for international distribution.

As the head of a copywriting agency, Steven knows all about using words to create action, whether through presentations or through the emails and landing pages driving sign-ups.

Steven has presented at conferences around the world, and his webinars have become a popular alternative since the world went into lockdown.

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