What services does a good copywriter provide?

What services are typically provided by a good copywriter?

A good copywriter will talk to you about strategy and research. If you don’t have a marketing strategy, your copywriter should be able to help you to create a marketing strategy, even if it’s a simple plan-on-a-page. Without a strategy, it will be hard for your copywriter to know what they’re trying to achieve and for you to know what, if anything, you’ve achieved.

A good copywriter will also do research. How does your market look? What is the competition doing? What drives your ideal client to take action?

At Taleist we have a seven-step process for copywriting. Six of those steps are to do with research. We can also produce a marketing strategy for you.

What will a copywriter write?

Copywriting is the art and science of using words to persuade your prospect to do something. So a copywriter will write anything that includes a call to action, from a coupon to a TV commercial.

Not all copywriters provide all services, but the sort of services you can find a copywriter to provide include:

Video scripts How do I find a good copywriter? Taleist has a comprehensive guide on finding the right copywriter for your website.

How can Taleist help?

If you’re looking for words to persuade, contact us about your copywriting, whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia or the world. We’re copywriters in Sydney, but we have clients everywhere.

Even if we can’t provide the service, we’ll be able to recommend someone.

Concise copywriting tips

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